Lionizer is an Autobot.

G'waaaaan, put up your duuuuukes.

Lionizer is the partner of the Autobot Rad. Where his partner is cool and capable, Lionizer is a loud, angry, violent knot of overheated circuitry just looking for an excuse to go off. Considering he transforms from a robotic lion into an atom-smashing blaster, his temper is something Rad has to constantly keep on top of, or Lionizer is likely to get them both into bigger trouble than either firepower or skill alone can get them out of.


Lionizer was assigned to the Kimia Facility on Cybertron. After the destruction of Kimia in 2017, he was re-assigned to Iacon proper.


  • Lionizer's name seems to be a pun on the word "ionize(r)", given his transformation into an "atom smashing" cannon. Ionizing Lion. Geddit? Hilarious.


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