This article is about the G.I. Joe pilot - for the Triggerbot, see Dogfight.
Lieutenant Dogfight
Personal information
Real Name

James R. King


Providence, Rhode Island


Lieutenant Dogfight

Military information
Service branch

Air Force

Primary MOS


Secondary MOS



First Lieutenant (O-2)



Organizational information

GI Joe


GI Joe Pilots

DOGFIGHT has uncanny depth perception, precise hand/eye coordination, and powerful arms. He uses those skills as a G.I. Joe pilot to destroy Cobra jets and tanks.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Dogfight has been permanently banned from every county fair and carnival in Alabama for using his skills to win an overwhelming number of stuffed bears in the wooden-bottles pitching booths.

Dogfight pilots the Mudfighter attack plane. The plane is slower than most fighter jets, but was still a threat with Dogfight in the cockpit.

In his first mission for the G.I. Joe team, he fought Cobra fighters over the tiny Central American nation of Punta del Mucosa.

He later participated the the Joes' largest operation yet, the Battle of Benzheen in the Middle East. Dogfight was serving as co-pilot when Ace's Skystriker was badly damaged during a night raid into Benzheen. Dogfight's ejection seat was damaged, and though he told Ace to eject and save himself, Ace refused. He managed to crash land the plane on the deck of the U.S.S. Flagg aircraft carrier. Both pilots came through the landing with only minor injuries.

MUX History:

Dogfight, like most former Joes, is currently a reserve member of the team.

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