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Leozak is a Decepticon Destron Warrior.

I hope Mr. Belding doesn't find out about our rascally scheme, Screech.

LEOZAK is the Commander of the elite Destron Beastforce and Deathsaurus' second in command of the Destrons. Like all of his team, Leozak has a triple-changing pet that takes the form of either his thick armour chest plate, a fierce, winged lion or his leocannon that unleashes rockets. Leozak is zealous, ruthless and skilled in the art of war, known for his imperialistic views. Commanding Gaihawk and Hellbat, he attacks from the skies. His final attack is the 'Jet Attack' - Unleashing a hail of ammunition groundward while flying in at supersonic speed, he then leaves a laser-beam contrail in his wake. A gritty and determined character, Leozak tries to behave honourably but has a cruel, mercurial temper. He is protective of his Beastforce and his pet, Leonida. Leozak is a stubborn opponent, a merciless fighter and a proud warrior. Every inch a Second-In-Command, he hates dishonor and strives for total victory in everything. In melee combat, Leozak trains his fellow Beastforcers regularly to be efficient ninja, and wields the paralyzing power of the Electromagnetic Nunchaku that he can summon from subspace, which also takes the form of a pikestaff or three sectioned staff.

The quality of victory is only marred by dishonor.



In 2020, Leozak helped rescue the Arcadia from the Dark Nebula.




  • 3/11 - "Disgruntled" - A day after the explosion over the communlink, everything is oddly

moving forward as if it's a normal day, with Leozak reporting to Deathsaurus.

  • 3/21 - "A Liokaiser Secret" - Deathsaurus bursts in to Goth's lab to start a giant-sized project secret

from even Megatron, that involves the Beastforce.


After being @emitted for a while by Calyhex, as of March of 2020, Leozak has a new player!

Foreign names

  • Mandarin: Leo Chen (Taiwan, 陳立鷗 Ch'én Lì Ōu), Sàng Shī (China, 丧狮, "Mourning Lion")
  • Russian: Lvinomord (Львиноморд, "Lion's Muzzle")


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