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Leadfoot is an Autobot defense specialist.

Without this, there could have been no Cars.

Leadfoot is a speed machine who always manages to keep his cool no matter how fast he's going. Despite his function as a "defense specialist", he's most notable for using his incredible speed and sensor-deflecting armor for infiltrating enemy bases, then ripping them apart with his "rotoprop" weapon.

Well, maybe the best defense is a good offense. You know who said that? Mel, the cook on Alice. Leadfoot transforms into a Lola T93 Indy car with a giant rotor on top.


Marvel Generation 2 comic

"That car really motors!"
"'Cause I'm a transformin' rotor!!"
Erm, sure, Leadfoot.

Like the rest of the Rotor Force, Leadfoot was originally one of Megatron's Decepticons. He first saw combat on Tykos, when the Decepticons raided a rheanimum gas mine. New Dawn

Later, however, Leadfoot left the Decepticons, and signed up with the Autobots instead.


  • Leadfoot is unique among the Rotor Force in that his alternate mode is not one that would normally have a large rotor or propeller.
  • Maybe "defense specialist" means he's really good at getting through them?
  • In the Marvel Generation 2 comic, Decepticon speech bubbles were marked by triangles, while Autobots were marked by rectangles. Leadfoot and Manta Ray began with Decepticon bubbles, but were clearly Autobots in the last issue, once they switched sides.

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Leadfoot (リードフット Rīdofutto)[1]


  1. The Japanese rendition of "Leadfoot" misunderstands the "lead" in the name to be pronounced as the verb "lead" (リード) rather than the metal "lead" (レッド).