Jim "Justice" Hellwig, Dingo Warrior, Blade Runner Rock. He had many names.

There are Decepticon legends of an "Ultimate Warrior" and tales of the "Soul of Cybertron". Others say These are merely corrupted myths based on the truth — The Last Autobot!

According to legend, The Last Autobot is a guardian that Primus prepared against the day that he would no longer be able to guide his creations. A stoic being, it is said the Last Autobot awaits his destiny.


Marvel Comics continuity

Marvel The Transformers comics


According to legend, Billions of years ago, before going into his sleep, Primus prepared a Transformer called the Last Autobot. He gave the Last Autobot a measure of his power and set him to wait for the 'chosen one'.

Ultimate Warrior

Those that follow the Ultimate Warrior believe it represents the pinnacle of martial perfection. Followers of the Ultimate Warrior believe that those who conflate the truth of the Ultimate Warrior with the myth of the Last Autobot are blasphemers and deserve to die.


  • You might find that the Last Autobot's face looks familiar. Can you guess why? That's right, he looks a lot like the Autobot symbol!
  • Despite Primus being "neutral" in the war between the Autobots and Decepticons, the Last Autobot is pretty blatantly an Autobot -— most likely because he was created eons before the Decepticon movement began and all of Cybertron's inhabitants were Autobots.
  • Simon Furman meant to do more with the quest for the Last Autobot, but the cancellation put paid to that. He stated at OTFCC 2004 that he re-used some of his ideas in some of the War Within stories[1]
  • Vector Prime's design mirrors the Last Autobot in some ways, including their similar alternate modes and their Autobot symbol-inspired faces. Both also directly serve Primus. In addition, Vector Prime claims to have been called "The First Autobot" at one point in his life.[2] Vector Prime has also stated that the Last Autobot's true name is Autonomous Maximus, but that he abandoned it upon taking up his lonely vigil.
  • Some say the Last Autobot is a member of the legendary original Thirteen. They are obviously heretics.


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