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Lady Jaye
Personal information
Real Name

Alison R. Hart-Burnett


Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts


June 10, 1966


Too many to list

Military information
Service branch

US Army

Primary MOS

Intelligence / Covert Operations

Secondary MOS

Personnel Clerk


(O-3) Captain


Javelin; M-16; M1911A1

Organizational information

GI Joe


G.I. Joe Intelligence

Lady Jaye is a gifted linguist as well as an accomplished actress and mime artist. She has participated in or led many undercover missions for the Joe Team. She is a believer in the saying that "less is more." When she puts on a disguise, she eschews complicated makeup and rubber masks. Instead, she becomes the object of her disguise, down to movement and mannerisms, dialect and accent. Her genes help her pass for a number of European and Middle Eastern natives.

Lady Jaye is educated in Bryn Mawr and Trinity College, Dublin. Aside from Airborne and Ranger training, she is skilled in cryptological linguistics, signals intelligence, and electronic interception analysis. She is equally adept at infantry field work and quite enjoys physical duty.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Alison R. Hart-Burnett was born in June 10, 1966, in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts. She was educated in Bryn Mawr and Trinity College, Dublin.

Lady Jaye combined her acting and lingual skills (she speaks French, German, Russian, Polish, Afghani, Italian and Portuguese) with her training in Airborne, Ranger and Intelligence schools to be one of the most skilled members of the G.I. Joe team. She is even an accomplished pilot. Before joining the team, Lady Jaye attended both Bryn Mawr and Trinity College in Dublin. It was her skills as an expert in covert operations that got her assigned to the Joe team.

Shortly after joining the team, Lady Jaye served as weapons officer on a Skystriker training flight. With Ace as pilot, the Skystriker had a run-in with a Cobra Rattler and a dogfight ensued. Lady Jaye's competitive nature made it difficult accept the dogfight's ending in a stalemate. On her next mission, Lady Jaye and a group of Joes raided a suspected Cobra hideout in Staten Island, near Joe headquarters -- The Pit. As she and Duke approached the front door of the house, they were hit by machine gun fire. Both escaped with little more than a cracked rib, thanks to their bullet-proof vests.

Lady Jaye's skills were impressive enough to allow her to command a training mission for a group of new Joes. The mission was more than they bargained for when the team was attacked by Dr. Mindbender's Battle Android Troopers and mutant plant spores. The team fought and thought their way out of Cobra's trap, and Lady Jaye passed them with flying colors. Later on, Lady Jaye was part of a small team of Joes that foiled the hijacking of an airliner. Lady Jaye was one of the many Joes to participate in the invasion of the Cobra controlled town of Springfield. After that mission, the Joe team was put on suspension and were forced to take up residence in Fort Wadsworth, rather than in The Pit itself.

Around that time, Lady Jaye's unique relationship with Flint began. Flint made his advances, but Lady Jaye was turned away by the warrant officer's display of arrogance. Flint was making a pass at Lady Jaye when they both happened upon a group of Cobra Eels -- the first wave of Cobra's invasion of Fort Wadsworth. As Lady Jaye went to warn the other Joes, Flint tried to single-handedly stall the Eels, and eventually stopped them after nearly being beaten unconscious by the Cobras. Flint's selflessness made Lady Jaye think twice about her opinion of him. The Cobra invasion of the Pit continued, however, while Lady Jaye, Flint and the rest of the Joe team engaged in a firefight in Fort Wadsworth above ground. The battle ended when the Pit was destroyed by Generals Hawk and Hollingsworth to keep Cobra from gaining the upper hand.

It was soon discovered that Destro, believed killed in the battle, had survived and was going back home to Scotland. Lady Jaye and Flint teamed with two British operatives in order to obtain the plans for Cobra's Terror-Dromes from Destro. They watched as Destro arrived at Castle Destro only to be met by an impostor posing as him, who promptly had Destro arrested. The Joes decided to break Destro out of jail and Lady Jaye used her undercover skills to pose as an elderly charity worker to get access to Destro's cell. Once inside, she got Destro to safety as Flint and the others blew a whole in the jail's wall, freeing the weapons supplier. Together, they exposed the impostor, and though Destro could have easily disposed of the Joes with his private army, but he decided to honor his deal with Lady Jaye, noting, "the problem with making a pact with a pretty that one is obligated to honor it." From that time on, Destro was less apt to see the Joes as his enemies.

Some time later, Lady Jaye had become closer to Flint and went with him, Scarlett and Snake-Eyes on vacation to Grenada. While there, Lady Jaye and Flint were horrified when Scarlett and Snake-Eyes were apparently killed by a landmine. In reality, they had faked their deaths so that they could undertake an unauthorized rescue of three Joes being held in a Soviet gulag in Borovia. When they returned, Flint could not keep his anger at Scarlett and Snake-Eyes in check. He blurted out that they could have included he and Lady Jaye in the mission and not make fools of them! Lady Jaye was so upset by Flint's outburst that she punched him, knocking him to the ground. She angrily told him that Snake-Eyes and Scarlett did what they did to protect their friends. The argument didn't last long, however, and Lady Jaye and Flint admitted to their feelings for each other.

After Lady Jaye returned from a dangerous mission in which she and other female Joes posed as a terrorist's hostages, she and Flint were interrupted during a tender moment by a Cobra infiltrator in the Pit. They sounded the alarm and chased the intruder, but he escaped. That infiltrator's stealing of a secret military "black box" sparked the Joes involvement in the Cobra Island civil war. Lady Jaye, Flint and Mainframe served as the Joes' operations team on board the U.S.S. Flagg aircraft carrier. They were disappointed that they never made it into the battle. After the battle ended and the Joes were withdrawing from Cobra Island, Lady Jaye got into a fist fight with Zartan's sister, Zarana. The Joes were all sure that Lady Jaye would've won, too, if the fight hadn't been broken up, although the Cobra's present still claim Zarana had the upper hand.

Months later, Lady Jaye was nearly killed in a botched undercover mission to free a family being held hostage in their home in rural Iowa. Lady Jaye was later teamed up with Flint, Scarlett and Snake-Eyes on an undercover mission into Darklonia. They posed as obnoxious American tourists to the eastern European nation in order to expose a traitor in the Wolkekuckuckland military, which was being advised by the Joes. Over the next few months, Lady Jaye took part in a battle with Dreadnoks on a Long Island expressway, stopped two brainwashed Joes from getting loose in Pit III and journeyed into the nation of Sierra Gordo, where a group of Joes teamed with the new Oktober Guard. Lady Jaye had to deal with Flint's jealousy as she flirted with the Guard's Lt. Gorky. The team eventually made it out of Sierra Gordo alive, but just barely.

Lady Jaye also took part in the Battle of Benzheen, a major operation in the middle east in which many Joes lost their lives. After Cobra had tried to have Destro killed, Lady Jaye and a team of Joes helped protect his castle in Trans-Carpathia from a Cobra assault. Afterward, the Joes were forced to find their own means of transportation out of the middle east via Borovia. During the attempt, Hawk was shot by Borovian secret police. Lady Jaye had to single-handedly protect her injured commander, and eventually got help from the Borovian freedom fighters Magda and the White Clown.

Hawk and the others made it back to the states in time for Cobra's attempted invasion of the Pit III. In retaliation, the Joes assembled a mission to sneak into the Cobra stronghold on Cobra Island. The small team consisted of Duke, Lady Jaye, Roadblock and Snake-Eyes. They discovered that Cobra had all but abandoned the island to Firefly, who attacked the Joes with a group of Battle Android Troopers and Red Ninjas. One of Lady Jaye's last missions for the Joe team before its shutdown took her back into eastern Europe with Flint, Hawk, Stalker and Snake-Eyes. The Joes were trying to stop Cobra's invasion of Wolkekuckuckland, advising the military once again. They succeeded in rescuing Snake-Eyes from Cobra's castle in Trans-Carpathia.

From her arrival at the Pit, Lady Jaye was a vital member of the G.I. Joe team, at times taking a prominent role in its command structure. After stormy introductions to both Scarlett and Flint, Lady Jaye developed a friendship with Scarlett and more than a friendship with Flint. Sometimes underestimated, enemies soon learn that Lady Jaye is one tough soldier combining her combat skills with a keen mind and highly trained Intelligence skills. She stayed with the Joe team until its disbanding. A few years after the Joe team was shut down, Lady Jaye and Flint were married and resided at Fort Meade, Maryland, not far from the Pentagon.

MUX History:

On the MUX, Lady Jaye has been promoted to Captain.

Lady Jaye out of uniform

Flint and Lady Jaye are married and the parents of Marissa and DJ Faireborn. She joined Night Force in 2013, and worked undercover in Cobra Unity until returning to the Pit in 2015.

In April of that year she was assigned to Alpha Strike Team along with Rock-N-Roll, Zap, Gung-Ho, Torpedo, Roadblock, Dial-Tone, Shockblast, Mutt, Wild Bill, Payload and Shipwreck. They led a team down to Sierra Gordo on a mission to rescue Grunt.

OOC Notes

Since post-Marvel comics continuity isn't canon, Lady Jaye is still alive and well.

As per the news on the game itself, due to limited amounts of the cartoon being allowed in, she is also very distantly related to Destro.

When American women were legally barred from combat, on paper Lady Jaye was officially G.I. Joe's personnel clerk.

Logs /Posts









Jul 30 - Potatoes Coming to Life

In Idaho there has been a large pileup of potatoes given supply chain and logistics issues from recent events. Recently several of these large piles vanished and in a small town that included injuries at a local hospital and at least two homicides in a delivery truck. An investigation team lead by myself including Cookie and Battleaxe went into the area.

Confirming enemy Potato presence we tracked the threat along the streets and cornered a squad of them lead by a larger 'hive' leader and smaller ones that seemed to act as drones. Quick acting allowed for the disabling of the 'hive' potato and the destruction of the smaller ones. The seeming 'hive' potato was taken relatively intact while the smaller ones were mashed. The live specimen and the remains of the smaller ones were taken for analysis.

Also a further sweep of the area found a large hypodermic needle, mostly empty but with some liquid left that was isolated and retrieved for analysis. No members of the field team show any signs of exposure and proper storage and decontamination protocols were followed. A pending request with the local PD for files on the investigation was left that may require follow-up.

Good job Joes! While we got jumped by potatoes we gave them a good mashing. Cookie is hereby authorized to requisition any remnants in the area to use for French Fries a the mess hall.

Oct 03 - War Games Round 1

Infantry engagement at squad level occurred with Red and Blue team engaging in squad level engagements through a spread-out area. Participants performed well, but we have a bit of rust we have to shake off. Red team won first simulated engagement.


  • May 31 - "Memorial Day 2021" - Evac hosts a small gathering of Joes at his parents' farm.
  • June 4 - "Baja Rally" - The Joes have a lead on who killed Private Martinez: The Chupacabras, a powerful Mexican cartel. Armed with this knowledge, they are headed into Baja California to attempt to gather intelligence that could lead them to the murderers.
  • Sep 17 - "Let's Go to the Mall" - Ebony goes to a Mall in San Diego for fun... Some Joes show up to stop her.

Sep 19 - Ebony

Ebony (alternate universe incarnation of Scarlett from the so-called 'Shattered Glass' world) was pretending to be Scarlett and engaging in public acts of vandalism, assault, and attacks upon civilians. Upon confirming her location via social media (where she was rampaging in a mall) myself and Snake-Eyes engaged her. She was moderately injured (alongside with myself and Snake-Eyes) and fled upon a short engagement. While there was some collateral damage, after she was engaged there were no injured civilians and area was left to the appropriate authorities to secure.

Dec 07 - Doppelganger

To: Command + Department Heads
Subj: Sci-Fi Doppelganger

Msg: Upon interaction with the 'Seymour' in the cells he confessed quickly that he was the doppelganger incarnation of Seymour from the.. OTher parallel dimension that we have had several skirmishes and invasions with members from. He stated that he was a refugee here and had been banished here by his.. Team. He said that he wanted to make a deal and to join us and help fight against Cobra.

He stated that however he baited 'our' Seymour, threatened him repeatedly, said that he would hurt Seymour and anyone who interacted with him. He said that he planned to use Sci-Fi to get home somehow and isolate him. But that our Seymour convinced him he had been abandoned here, and had nothing to go back there for. He further claims he has not committed any crimes here or killed anyone beyond his torment of Seymour which by his admission was very.. Extensive.

He's offered to help us and admitted rapidly who he was, what he had done to Seymour, and why he came. I have no idea whether to take what he's said with any sort of credence or not. I'm putting this up the chain for evaluation. I recommendt hat our 'guest' see a therapist of some sort to help us evaluate whether he's being direct or not. He still hs the very rough edges of someone from his reality and this needs to be taken into consideration. I.. Do not have anything to recommend tiehr way in considering his offer.


Jan 06 - Tele-Viper Raid

To: General Personnel
Subj: Cobra Raid

Msg: Was acting sa a courier for an encryption data-chip from a telecommunications firm. While going to take the chip found Cobra infiltrators. Two, one Tele-Viper and one Cobra infiltrator (tag: Ratcatcher). Engaged the two in a skirmish and they withdrew. Site secured, no further signs of infiltrators found. Chip taken and passed along.

  • January 30 - "Attack on the Pit" - The conventional Cobra forces mount their assault on the Pit.

Feb 07 - Cobra Attack

Memo: Cobra Attack

I also worry as to whether Cobra could launch another attack on the Pit. They clearly know our location know and were able to mass an assault team and an infiltrator squad to breach our defenses, and they were able to withdraw without pursuit. If they had hit us a week or so earlier they would have caught us shorthand on personnel before part of our team had returned from deployment to Nebulos. There is the possibility for them to launch a followup assault, even if we're on alert and sweeping since they were able to breach our perimeter. If we keep a large force on garrison duty then that severely cuts back our ability to deploy sizable forces in the field.

While this is very preliminary, given the high possible risk of followup Cobra attacks, particularly if they go for a sizable one of a conventional nature rather than a raid, we should consider the possibility of moving to backup locations for staging areas.

Feb 08 - Re: Dispersal

I think that it's a good idea we look for secondary basing sites. With Cobra having space assets and schematics for our vehicles, it makes it simpler for them to track us and our deployments, particularly if they've launched their own spy satellites and also probably have limited access to military and spy satellite broadcasts from various nations. Mobile units sound excellent and deployments. The US has a large number of secondary facilities that were built over the Cold War and never used and kept in mothballs that have likely been ignored. We could look into some of them to see what shape they're in.

Feb 23 - Satellite Recon

Dispatch to Space Force; requesting satellites be tasked to maintain flyover of Broca with suspicions of it being a forward Cobra base. Also analysis review available satellite records taken of Broca for the last two years to see if there's anything that looks to have changed.

Feb 28 - Anagram

To: Intel
Request: Acronyms

Someone from Intelligence write up a search program that will hit up public databases and look up various locations and individuals that have names or references based on anagrams of Cobra or other snake themed tags. We at least can from this look up locations in the future that they might be tempted to consider setting up facilities in.

Mar 02 - Replies

To: Scarlett;
CC General Hawk & Command

Scarlett, if you feel that you're compromised in the field, then you can hold back and call for backup. None of us are alone. If Cobra's up to something bigger, then we need to be all hands on deck. Good work on things. Don't feel like you have to compromise yourself.
       To: Intel
       Re: Anagrams
Msg: I'd like to request Intel follow up on all of those things. Do a full background check; corporate records, addresses of note, clients.. Anything that's been around for several years will have a paper trail that we can follow up on. If they're a newly established shell corporation then that will be obvious. I'd call this one low to medium priority, so don't redirect assets onto it but I'll defer to Intel's discretion on this and how probable they feel it is to get us hits.

  • 4-5 - "Extensive Liabilities" - The GI Joe forces attempt a risky infiltration of a possible Cobra asset, and are forced to pull their punches lest they may injure civilians.



For many years, Dunmurderin was the consummate Lady Jaye. However, the character is now open for application. In the meantime, she's occasionally temped by BZero.

Preferred Vehicles

  • A.W.E. Striker (2010)


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Shattered Glass

In the Shattered Glass universe, Alison R. Faireborn was Secretary of State from January 21, 2009 through February 1, 2013 after working as an assassin for General Colton for many years. In her position as the member of Cabinet most often abroad, she sometimes continued to use her assassination skills on Colton's behalf, or just to keep her skills sharp.

Secretary Faireborn

In 2013 she retired as Secretary of State to focus on gathering intelligence on Earth's alien invaders. As soon as she was back out of the public eye, she went back to her maiden name, Hart-Burnett.

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