• Name: Kreezy
  • Faction: Unaffiliated
  • Species: Unknown
  • Function: Arms Dealer
  • Division: None
  • Sub-Group: None
  • Type: NPC


"Discount my size at your own peril, metalhead" "I object to any discounts, we're a for-profit business" "Overruled!" "Sirs, I have a rider I'd like to tack on to today's agenda." "I vote we adjourn for lunch!"


Kreezy is an ameboid arms dealer, well more specifically he's a colony of ameboids that happen to run Nitrous Armaments. Being a colony, the Kreezy in charge is generally referred to as a number. Kreezy-323, Kreezy-364. The colony can get extremely litigious and bureacractic if not kept in check, forcing Kreezy to devolve into red tape, which usually ends with one killing all the others with a tiny baseball bat or other comical weapon.


Kreezy is always accompanied by several goons, one of which carries the petri dish he's in. A holographic projector scales him up to size for his clients, but he does tend to be a foot taller than most of them when possible.



Created and played by Zero.

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