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Kolkular is a fortress on Cybertron.

The Decepticons' magic mushroom. Smurfs optional.

As the capitol of the city-state Kaon, Kolkular is where one of the Decepticon commands is located. Via the many monitors and other equipment in the Cradle, the fortress's command hub and throne room, contact is maintained with the outside world. Kolkular has artificially been lifted up far above the Kaon landscape to keep it out of reach of attacks and other harmful events, with extendable elevators allowing the inhabitants to enter and leave. In 2013 Cyclonus made Kolkular the center of Decepticon Intelligence Operations. At the time of Megatron's death and resurrection, he moved his Cybertron base of operations to Megatron's castle in Kolkular.


MUX History

With the destruction of Polyhex in 2013, Cyclonus moved his operations to Kaon and reactivated the Cradle.




  • Kolkular was first mentioned in Simon Furman's non-canon story "Alignment". After being driven off Cybertron, the Decepticons had made another planet their New Cybertron, where they had a complete "superbly detailed recreation" of Kolkular built. Kolkular is described as "a colossal fortress that spanned an entire continent and was clearly visible from outer space". It is home to the Grand Forum, "a vast open hall protected by a fiery energy dome", where the Decepticon High Council holds its meetings. An atrium lies next to it where "sculptures depicting former Decepticon leaders" stand. Interestingly, this sounds like a description of the Hall of Heroes, but any connection to it or the Decepticon stronghold is speculation. Kolkular was made official in adapted form a few years later in the pages of Dreamwave's comics.
  • The drill-elevator used to get down from Kolkular looks similar in design to the docking tower the Decepticons used to get in and out of their underwater base in the original cartoon — only, of course, upside down.
  • Although Decepticon Headquarters and Trypticon are currently located in Tarn, Kolkular serves as the center of Decepticon planetary administration.
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