This article is about the G.I. Joe tank - for Autobot named after it, see Kodiak.

The Kodiak is a new assault tank first deployed by G.I. Joe in 2019.

The Kodiak is a weapons platform developed by the Autobots as part of cooperation with G.I. Joe. Unlike traditional vehicles the Kodiak possesses an energon fueled engine and weapons systems, giving it a technological edge over most Earth vehicles. In addition to standard armaments it also utilizes scramblers designed to disable drones and EMP pulse weapons for larger electronic targets making this vehicle a potential threat to Cybertronians.


The Kodiak


The Kodiak was first deployed by General Hawk in 2019 in defense of Milwaukee. The Kodiak was next deployed by General Hawk in 2019 during the assault on Washington D.C. It served not only as a weapons platform but as the control center for the modified Broadcast Energy Transmitter which rendered Cobra 's weapons and BAT s powerless. 

Later Hawk drove the Kodiak to Iacon via the Autobot City Space Bridge where he towed a supply of charged car batteries to assist the Autobots with their rebuilding efforts.   The Kodiak tank was then used as the basis to rebuild the Autobot Gridiron into Kodiak.

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