Kledji was a Quintesson ruler.

Lord Kledji

Lord Kledji was a ginormous five-faced Quintesson and the royal ruler of the Quintesson race. He resided in the Quintesson Royal Palace.


MUX continuity

Faced with the death of his world, Quintesson, from the time rift and the failure of the Trawler Project, Lord Kledji ordered Generals Ghyrik and Jolup to make preparations for their back-up plan: conquering Cybertron as a new homeworld for the Quintessons. The first phase of their plan consisted of an attack on Autobot City to distract the Autobots. Space Pirates! It is unknown if Kledji died when the Quintessons' planet was finally torn apart. In his "absence," the Quintesson refugees are led by the Tribunal.

In 2013, the Quintessons, led by warlord Acerbitas, invaded Earth and began a quintaforming process to turn it into a new Quintessa.

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