King Poseidon is a Quintesson Combiner.

King of the Deep Blue Sea

King Poseidon (キングポセイドン Kingu Poseidon) is the combined form of the Seacons, created when the Seacon leader Turtler merges with one of each of the numerous Seacon drones under his command. As Turtler is the only sentient member of the team, it is his consciousness alone which controls the giant combiner, becoming even more cold and cruel as he tears through the battlefield with his massively increased mobility and destructive power.

King Poseidon is composed of:


MUX continuity

After the defeat of Piranacon at the hands of F-5, the Quintessons created a new combiner, King Poseidon.

In 2020, Devil Z took over the Seaclones that had been left on Earth.


Foreign names

  • Russian: Zhivodjor (Живодёр, "Flayer")
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