"The weak can become strong with a little aggressive encouragement."

The mother hen from hell, Kilafrost's strong maternal instincts and Dinobot aggression tend to override her common sense which usually results in her “adopting” other Autobots as her kids, much to their chagrin. She is sociable with others to a degree, but would be much happier spending her time wallowing in mudpits, doting on her nest, and hunting Decepticons for sport. In Allosaurus mode, her jaw strength allows her to bite through even the toughest steel while claws are able to tear through Decepticons like tissue paper. In robot mode, her ice rifle can fire a blast of near absolute zero cold energy to render her opponents superstructure as brittle as glass. Failing that, she an move in quickly and slash viciously with an Energon blade. Built for harsh climates, In either form Kilafrost's body is designed with internal insulation and an exchanger system to shunt heat from her power core to her extremities to protect her motors and servos from extreme cold. This does, however, make her quite vulnerable to overheating. Despite being what some would almost call friendly, Kilafrost is a Dinobot through and through. She's gruff, surly, clumsy, slow, and pig-headed. Her single-minded stubbornness can often make it difficult for her comrades to give her a hand.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Kilafrost was created some time after the original five Dinobots as part of an experiment to try to curb their overly aggressive tendencies by creating a female, but due to her primitive mind and prehistoric instincts this plan went very much awry.

MUX History:



OOC Notes

Kilafrost was introduced onto the MUX in 2012.



Kilafrost will be played by her creator.

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