Transformers Universe MUX

"Fires burn in silence; hearts in anger bleed."

KHAN is a Kilite - a humanoid species similar to the tiger. He was born and trained to be a warrior, a master at hand to hand - or rather claw to claw combat. Despite this, Khan is a rather gentle being, who only fights when forced to. He doesn't believe in harming others unless they warrant it, such as annoying individuals. His temper is rather short. Khan likes raw meat and live prey. Conscious of his looks, he grooms his fur daily by brushing it out and always looks his best. He has a habit of flicking his ear when he's nervous and picking at the fur on the tip of his tail. As the only Kilite on Earth, he struggles to learn English, very often misunderstanding, although he strives to conform. After crashing on the planet, he managed to salvage some supplies from the ship, like his advanced battle armor, and weapons: his plasma cannon; a spear gun that pierces armor plates as thick as four inches; and a diamond-sharp hover disk that can rip an opponent in half. His favorite close-combat weapon is his retractable claw-like steel wrist blades. His combat suit has technologies that include a cloaking field, a limited hostile-environment survival mode, and a sense-enhancing face mask. But all of this advanced technology comes at a price: the combat suit's technology interfaces directly with Khan's central nervous system and prolonged use can cause serious neural damage.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

MUX History:

Khan arrived on Earth in 2001.

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Khan was played by his creator RiverWolf. The character is no longer on the MUX.