The Key to the Plasma Energy Chamber is a device from Cybertron.
G1 cartoon Plasma Energy Chamber key

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The Key to the Plasma Energy Chamber is the only thing which can unlock the Plasma Energy Chamber. As such, it could be the key to the end of Cybertron... or a miracle.


The Transformers cartoon

After the Quintessons were overthrown, the Key was placed in the stewardship of the leader of the Autobots, which he was to guard with his life.

MUX Continuity

However, the Key was eventually entrusted to Spike Witwicky, who hid it beneath an old drive-in theatre he used to visit with his parents. He only told his wife Carly and his best friend Bumblebee about the Key's location.

Later, when Dust Devil and Shockwave went to visit Vector Sigma, the super-computer eluded to the Key's existence, and hinted at who might know where it was hidden.

Snaptrap later sent the Seaclones to invade Autobot City to recover the Key to the Plasma Energy Chamber. Overbite led the attack on the city while Seawing infiltrated to steal the key. However, even though Seawing was able to overcome the Key's protector, Red Alert, Jetfire was able to grab and key and flee before Seawing could recover it.

Eventually Spike Witwicky was able to use the Key to unlock the Plasma Energy Chamber, which restored Cybertron to a new Golden Age.

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