Grax is a Nebulan businessman.

Grax, in armor

A ruthless businessman and industrialist, Grax is willing to do whatever it takes to solidify his place at the top of Nebulan business world. A wiz at communication and electronic systems, he made himself invaluable to Zarak and then used those connections to crush all completion - except Hi-Q, on whom he's set his sights next. For personal security, GRAX has procured powerful armor that gives him enhanced strength and endurance. He also carries a metal-weakening ray gun in case any of his so-called allies turn on him.


Kedosh Grax is a handsome tanned-green Nebulan. He is wearing a fashionable shiny-green tailored suit with a matte black shirt and shimmering black tie. His white hair is cut just long enough to slick back. His black shoes cost more than you make in a year, and his watch cost more than you’re likely to make in a lifetime. His eyes are bright and his smile wouldn’t look out of place on a shark.


The Transformers cartoon

Grax is among several Hive members.

MUX History

After the Hive encountered alien Autobots on Nebulos in 2018, Grax modified his facility in an attempt to contact these "Decepticons" he heard so much about second-hand from the visitors.

Greed is the engine that drives the economy and therefore civilization itself.

In 2018, on orders from Zarak, Grax invited the Decepticons to Nebulos.



Grax is DEFINITELY Christian Bale from American Psycho, only green.

Foreign names

  • Japanese: Grax (グラックス Gurakkusu)


Grax is played by User:Bzero.

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