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This article is about the human mecha pilot - for the weapon, see Katana (sword).
Personal information
Real Name

Mirumoto Hiroko


Camp Zama Army Base, Zama, Japan



Military information
Primary MOS

Mecha Pilot

Secondary MOS

Weaponry Design and Construction


0 (Civilian)



Organizational information


I am the blade who will defend the innocent.

Mirumoto Hiroko had a promising career in engineering and had been in the process of working her way through college again, this time one of the more prestigious technical colleges in Tokyo with a focus on robotics when tragedy struck and a Decepticon attack on Tokyo almost killed her parents. Since then, she has thrown herself into the 'Daisho' project with her twin brother, Shoji, as she decided that she would not leave their fate in the hands of Autobots again. Where her brother has the edge in robotics, she has the edge in weaponry design and construction. She is virtually never seen without her sheathed katana and a heavy pistol hidden someone on her person, even when she wears her standard shrine-maiden attire.


Japanese woman in her early 20s, 5'6", black hair with what looks like natural streaks of red scatted in it and is dressed in what seems like shrine maiden outfit that is slightly different as it looks armored at certain points along it that don't restrict her movement.. and has a sheathed katana across her back.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Mirumoto Hiroko and her twin brother Shoji grew up moving a great deal from one place to another, a mix of Army bases and robotic labs, they managed to blast their way through schooling and college and push hard towards their goal of creating things to help the world counter threats that are beyond the norm for Earth, giant robots, evil aliens and any other Bad Thing that might threaten earth again. So far they have not managed anything /great/ or outstanding that makes them stand out. Yet.

MUX History:

OOC Notes

Katana was trained in the sword by the Arashikage Clan, but never became a full member. She is younger than her brother by several minutes, but is an inch taller.

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Katana was created and is played by Agollo.


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