Transformers Universe MUX

As of 12/04/2020 (User:Bzero), Kalis City is
under Decepticon control.
Autobots within the territory are seen as hostiles, Decepticons within the territory are in command, and Unaffiliated Inhabitants are enslaved.
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Kalis City was once known for its art galleries, stadiums, and its gleaming forums that shone like polished ivory. The long occupation by Decepticons eroded its glories, but the final blow was the use of the tunnels below the city in the creation of engines that pushed Cybertron into closer orbit around Citctus Minor. The power unleashed in that attempt blew a hole in the region, destroying a portion of the city and levelling many of the buildings that had remained. The radiation after prevented even scavengers from delving too deep, leaving buildings that slowly slumped towards the gaping mouth of Cybertron nearby.


MUX History

The Decepticons mopped up the radiation and resumed occupation of the area, but the old city remains in ruins, old support struts and defaced spires standing like the bones of a bleached carcass in the midst of inhospitable ground.

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