Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: Kai The Mystery Spark

Characters: Arachnae , Blast Off , Swindle

Location: Arachnae's Lab

Date: Oct 14 2020

TP: Non-TP

Summary: Kai Spark who are you! Or What.. Swindle lets himself into Arachnae's lab to check on the spark-in-a-box that had been left there. Arachnae works more to discover who or what the spark now called 'Kai' is.

As logged by Arachnae

tfu Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Arachnae's Lab

This is a large lab space with separated areas for various works in progress. Small force field emitters are arranged all about, monitors abound, and there are several high-grade restraining tables visible.


Swindle snuck back into Arachnae's lab and is studying the spark in its life support chamber.

Arachnae walks out of the back office, rotors fanning out as she rouses, planning to continue her research on that spark. She stops, stares at the back of Swindle, looks around at her drones for a moment then, "I thought I'd locked the doors."

Swindle doesn't flinch, still staring at the spark with rapt fascination. "You did," he says, as if that answers the question.

Arachnae blinks, and waves at her drones. They move to swirl about her feet. "I see we're going to have to discuss boundaries Swindle. IF my door is locked, it means no entry." She pads closer, looking to check her scans.

Swindle doesn't turn from the spark. "Yeah, that's the general idea, but way I see it, if I can open it, the door's not actually locked, is it?" he says. "D'you think Kai knows we're here?"

Arachnae hmmms, looking at some results. She tilts her head, "I'll have to reset the locks then to actively discourage intruders then." Her drones click and chirr about her, "Kai? I don't know. There's a self present, but awareness? I'd not want to test that right now. It's more invasive."

Swindle flinches. "No, don't do that," he says, tone somewhere between a command and a plea. "I mean, just...just in case they're aware, we don't need to torture them. They don't deserve that." He pauses. "Nobody does."

Arachnae blinks, "It... Kai is a -patient-, Swindle. I don't torture patients." tone softer as she reviews results.. "Well... This is an older spark.."

GAME: Arachnae FAILS a TECHNICAL roll of Very High difficulty.

GAME: Arachnae PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Very High difficulty.

Swindle laughs, a shaky sound. "You're a rare one, then," he says, turning to finally look at Arachnae. "You know that, right? The word for 'scientist' and 'torturer' pretty much share a root in some old Cybertronian dialects."

Arachnae waves a hand as something alarm-beeps. Optics narrow, widen and she turns, movements a flurry of adjusting something here, toggling something there. Fine tuning the fields around the spark while muttering words that are not fit to print about half arsed equipment. Rotors flex-fan out aggressively as she works, soothing out the alarms. There's a moment of silence before, "There.. Some fluctuation when that last scan triggered but.. soothed out." She rests a hand on the trans-aluminum casing around the entire enviro-rig. "I know. But I've always treated my -patients- to the best of my skill and ability." She blinks, "My.. duty is to make others function better, and I can't do that if they run and fight me for repairs."

Swindle shrugs, shifting his weight. "Yeah, you'll excuse me if I have a hard time believing that, ma'am," he says. "I mean, I can tell you're sincere, but well, I'm really, really good at sounding sincere when I'm being a complete lying bastich, y'know?"

Arachnae shrugs, "Believe what you will. Patients are a priority for care." She turns, smiling behind that mask of hers, "Lab subjects, however, do not have the same.. rules." She waves to her labspace, "You're in my lab, Swindle. Willingly. Not many would come in here before.. I was put under. Oh, some would, knowing what was to be expected, the improvements.. but others.." She turns back to look at 'Kai', the spark, "Well, there's a reason I've been titled 'The Hand of Shockwave'. In the end, science is for the betterment of our race."

Swindle shrugs. "I wanted to see Kai," he says, flinching again as she mentions her title. ", why do you work for the flying purple people cannon? Because he lets you have test subjects?"

Arachnae pulls a seat up so she can work on adjusting her scans more comfortably. "I work for Shockwave because Shockwave leads the science division. And while I am a Doctor. I am also a scientist. We share ideals. Science in itself is a goal."

Swindle lets out a sigh, then nods. "I guess I can understand that," he says. "Not exactly SHockwave's biggest fan since, y'know, he was the one who executed us." He smirks a bit. "Not that I can blame him, I mean, we kinda were guilty."

Arachnae nods as she leans to peer through a scope at the spark and the casing it came with. "He put me into cryo. I understand not being a big fan to some degree. But.. if I want this.." she waves a hand at the lab, "I accept that I work for him to retain as such. Without it..." she hmms, adjusting the scope slightly, "The improvements and achievements I have already achieved would not have been as easy to accomplish."

GAME: Swindle PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of High difficulty.

Swindle nods, as understanding crosses his face. "I get it," he says. "It's like us being made into Bruticus. Maybe it's not what we wanted or would have sought out makes life easier. And being alive is a hell of a lot better than the alternative, that's for damn sure."

Arachnae is seated on a med-stool, a hand resting on a scope that she had been using to look at 'Kai' the spark in its enclosure. She's talking to Swindle. "Exactly. The... options for the level of work I do and can do.. are limited. For where to practice, the best places to do the best work." She shrugs, rotors swishing as she turns to look back through that scope. "Here, There are restrictions. I understand why, although I do not always -agree-."

Swindle is standing near 'Kai', as if he'd been studying the spark when Arachnae came into her previously locked lab. He chuckles, dryly. "Tell me about it," he says. "Being part of the Empire...well, it's good for three hots and a cot, as the humans say, but it's a gilded cage. Well, it's a gilded cage if you're of a high enough rank. For the rest of us, it's a chrome-plated cage at best."

Arachnae hmms, reaching to tick a sequence on the scope itself. "This is.. old." She leans back, tilting head to stare at the ceiling. "Very old." Rotors.. drooping somewhat as she stares upwards, mind poking at thoughts, trying to place something."

Swindle tilts his head, looking closer at Kai. ", how old?" he says. "Before the War old or before the before the war old?"

Arachnae blinks out of her thoughts, swiveling that seat to start keying in search queries on a terminal. "Old.. Pre-war.. I know I've seen.. I can't -remember- what this.. but I know I've seen it before..." Rotors vibrating as she agitatedly runs query after query, "No.. no.. No.. No... Cross reference.. gah.. where are -my- files.. Oh.. What would I have.. not that.. that's not it.. No... frag.."

Swindle steps back, knowing enough to get the hell out of the way when a fellow craftsperson is on a hot path to a breakthrough. "What can I do to help?" he asks. "I'm not a scientist, but I'm quick on the uptake."

Arachnae stands, letting the terminal run it's searches as she turns to the containment shielding. "Sorry Kai, I'm going to need to be a bit more handsy... And personal." She runs fingers across the system, disengaging the hardcase around the spark and its chamber. "I need a materials sample."

Swindle yelps. "No!" he says. "What are you doing? What the hell are you doing?! Don't hurt them! You said you weren't going to hurt them!"

There's a shadow on the door as a large figure knocks. "Swindle, I *know* you're in there, I can sense you. You're not bugging the nice Doctor, are you?" The snooty accent gives Blast Off away.

Arachnae holds up a hand, "I'm -not-! I need to analyze the casing material. And to do that, I've got to adjust for the containment and sterile fields. Which I -can't- do through the transparent metal hardcase. The phase variants in the fields I can calculate with the scope. The hardcase distorts and compounds the margin of error. And I need this to be -exact-."

GAME: Swindle PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Above Average difficulty.

Swindle backs off, fists still clenched as he watches Arachnae work. "...okay, okay," he says, sounding distressed and frustrated. "But...just be careful, okay?"

Blast Off peers in, "Swindle, what did I say-" He catches sight of the goings-on, though, and quiets. "..."

Arachnae levels a glance at Swindle, then blinks as one of the drones chirrs an alert. "Who.. the frag. is at my door.. now..." looking at the door, then the spark in the fields, "Chitter, answer the door." She turns the scope back on, calibrating it to peer through the generated fields of energy protecting the spark in its casing. "I will be careful. This is.. This is amazingly old and.. rare.. And.. I think.. If I can get.." she pushes her visor over her head, leaning to peer through the scopes lenses, making fine manual adjustments to the scans. "Why do I feel dread...." she mutters, "Something about this is...." trailing off as the scans start up again, this time calibrated.

GAME: Arachnae PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Very High difficulty.

As Blast off peers, one of those drones scrurries over and closer, unfolding to peer up at the giant shuttle-mech. "bsssszzztttt??"

Swindle looks distressed, his fists unclenching, his scatter-blaster whining querulously to life though not coming to full active status. He glances toward the door, looking almost unseeingly at the door. "What's wrong?" he asks. "What is it?"

Blast Off watches as Arachnae studies the spark, her intensity and words causing the shuttleformer to widen optics and look from her to Swindle. Then to the drone coming up to him, which causes a slight flinch. "What!?" He looks at Swindle again. "What? What's going on?" There's a whole lotta 'whats' going on here.... Talk about feeling like you stepped in at the very WRONG moment.... The shuttleformer looks about ready to just scoot back on out.

Arachnae's rotors rustle and flick as she adjusts, scans, and peers through that scope. One of the other scans running beeps completion as she raises a hand, "This is..." the terminal beeps. "This is..." and she slowly goes quiet, looking at the readings, then the spark in its casing inside the containment, then back at the terminal, "Why did I put those files under oilcakes..." she mutters absently.

Swindle looks over at Blast Off, his optics wide and starting to glass over, as if Swindle's on the verge of checking out of the situation. "Something's wrong with Kai," he says. "She doesn't know what but...Kai's old. Like, really, really old."

Blast Off blinks again, then ever so slowly eases in, eying the drone near him as he does so, then gazing at his bro and the spark. "...." He seems to frown a bit. "Older than" Pause. "Is the... is the spark viable, still?"

Arachnae reaches up and rubs the bridge of her nose, optics slit as she thinks, "Kai's very much viable.. Alive. Just.. Old. Pre-war old." She blinks then stands up, pointing at 'Kai', "Oh! That's why I didn't.. Someone's already disabled the self destruct! The pattern's all distorted with that out of the way. Pre-war.. Oh.. you old fragger you...."

Swindle blinks. "Self destruct?" he says, taking a step back from the table, despite what Arachnae said about it being disabled. "What kind of fragger puts a self-destruct on a spark!?" Sure, he had a bomb in his head but that's not the same thing as having one attached to your actual-factual *spark* (besides, he deserved it).

"Which pattern? The spark's pattern is distorted?" Blast Off looks to Swindle, nodding at the comment about self-destruct, "Indeed?" And he moves closer, trying to get more of a look.

Arachnae hrmphs and bats a hand at Blast off as he gets too close in her opinion. "back up. The hard containment is open." Turning to look back at the spark in its spark case, inside a containment field, hooked-up to all sorts of things. Inside of a sterile filed.. Inside of a transparent metal shield box. The good Doctor taps fingers on her mas before leaning in, reaching to run talontips along the spark casing, reaching through the fields and hmmming, "the sort with secrets black as the pit, Swindle. This is pre war. Military.. reinforced. I'm remembering a bit now. The notes match with the metallic composites used. And the self destruct.. was disabled.. Spec ops..."

Swindle blinks, his optics sparkling with anxiety. "Pre-War? Military?" he asks. " don't think it's like, from the...y'know, the Dwellers?" He makes a gesture intended to ward off evil.

Blast Off backs up the instant Arachnae motions him to- the shuttle is well versed on SPACE and the need for it. He lingers in the periphery, still craning his neck to see. "Dwellers?" Squint. "Special Ops? Was THIS one part of that, or disabled by it?"

Arachnae fiddles with the scans and adjusts the support system some. She closes the outer shielding box. "Kai's pre-war.. and this sort of setup. I'll have to cross reference to confirm but.. Last time I remember seeing it was black ops.. Tamper resistant, self destruct. All to keep the.. person from being compromised." She steps back, "Amazing work to disable and contain whomever this is."

Swindle shivers, making another warding gesture. "Freakin' Kyr'am'ade?" he asks. "Forget what I said, kill it. Kill it now."

Subtitle: Kyr'am'ade = Death Children

Blast Off frowns. "What are the chances we don't *want* this person freed?" Though he flinches again at Swindle's comment, his scowl growing under the faceplate. "I beg your pardon, what happened to all your *sympathy*? Save it to kill it, that fast, hmm?"

Arachnae flexes rotors and turns, padding to a counter and making herself a mug of ener-tea. "Well, whomever Kai is, he's stable. I've got a new series of scans running. And queries. I hope there's a signature match in our records that I have access too."

Swindle snorts. "If it's black ops? Slag it from orbit, it's the only way to be sure," he says.

Arachnae shakes her head, "Pre-war Military. An entirely different kettle of sharkticons. Besides, it has a name now, Kai. And I'm growing fond of Kai. Reminding me of things from long ago."

Blast Off nods to Arachnae. "Finding the records would be key, yes." Then he lifts an optic ridge to Swindle, voice lowering. "...Some might have said the same about us...." He then turns back to the medic. "Oh?"

Swindle grumps, crossing his arms over his chest. "Fine, let it live," he says. "But if it comes after you, Blast Off..." He lets his words trail off then grumps again. "...I'll slag the fragger myself."

Arachnae nods slowly as she plonks a straw into her tea and sips via a slight tilt of her mask. "Oh? Yes, Blast Off, I am -old-." A wink as she ticks absently on the terminal interface, redirecting her queries and narrowing the field based on materials, spark bomb, and more. "My intent is to find the records. If not it is irresponsible to just let it die. I'd feel obligated to built it some sort of body."

Blast Off looks unperturbed. "You would have my blessing then, Swindle." Returning his focus to Arachnae and the spark, he nods again. "And you have wisdom," he drawls. "I'll trust your medical judgement."

Swindle grunts. "Just don't arm it," he says. "Like, make it a data slug or something, not a tank, okay?"

Arachnae nods as she sips, "At best I'd put it into one of my better drones just to determine if it remembers who it was. If not, waste not, want not. We've reformatted beings before to one degree or another."

Blast Off looks back and forth between the others. "Sounds reasonable, yes."

Swindle grunts, sounding a bit like Brawl. "Fine," he says. "But just make sure the drone's not armed, yeah? You don't want it stabbing you in the back in your sleep or something."

Arachnae blinks slowly at Swindle. "is it that you -care- or that you're concerned after it stabs me in my sleep, it'll track you down next?" She sets her mug down, "Out gentlemechs. I have work to do and a door to lock. Next time you enter without authorization, Swindle, that one.." she points to the gecko up in the corner, "Will be on alert. Do choose wisely."