Transformers Universe MUX

Junkion Junkheap

Junkions are half-crazed junkyard dogs, defending their livelihoods and territory with the ferocity of battlefield Huns. Yet they have a goofy side as well when among friends, and their full-time jobs of rebuilding junked technology make them some of the most skilled repairbots in the galaxy. While hard to understand by those ignorant of Earth pop-culture, the Junkions have by and large become formidable Autobot allies.


6. Standard Junkion character stats (to be modified as desired):
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Strength: 6
Intelligence 5
Technical 7
Agility:  6
Endurance:   7
Courage:   6
Firepower 5
Dexterity:  6
Leadership 3

Mode Names: Robot Motorcycle

Velocity1: 3
Armor1: 3
Size1: 10 

Velocity2: 5 
Armor2: 3
Size2: 8

Attacks1: Punch (1) Kick (2) Roundhouse (3) Bash (4) Slice (5) Smash (6) Slash (7) Pistol <3> Laser <4> Ballistic <5> Heavy_Laser <6> 
Attacks2: Ram (4) Slice (5) Smash (6) Slash (7) Laser <4> Ballistic <5> Heavy_Laser <6> 
Abilities1: Mechanic Selfrepair 
Abilities2: <None>
Skills: Ax fighting, Hard to kill, Quoting TV, Endurance, Toughness <br />
Resistances: (None) 
Weaknesses: (None)

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