Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: Joining in Nightmares

Characters: Goth, Backblast, Deathsaurus, Solon 
Location: Goth's Lab - Acropolis - North Altihex

Date: November 23rd, 2021

TP: Liege Maximo TP (?)

Summary: Backblast realizes he's been having constant nightmares like Goth, and goes to him to see what they can figure out together, and after forcing out some information and with the help of Goth's drone, experience the nightmares.

As logged by Goth


<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Underwood, y'here?
<> <<Underwood>> Hmmph
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Seein' shit too.
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Things from my past. People I *know* are dead.
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> I think they're trying to scare me.
<> <<Underwood>> /what/
<> <<Underwood>> you're seeing it as well?
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Last night. Had dreams. Dead people, rising and - get this - hunting me. Now I see 'em around.
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> I think they're trying to scare me.
<> <<Underwood>> on one hand i am glad I am no longer alone on trying not to lose my sanity
<> <<Underwood>> on the other, /its spreading/
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Yeah.
<> <<Underwood>> are they to just.. not spitting out the feck they want?
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> They stalk me. I've been using it as free practice.
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> They don't... really scare me. I know these people are dead.
<> <<Underwood>> well, be ready to not get any restful rest
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Like I said, free practice. You got to understand, Underwood.
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> I'm... broken. I was even before this weird shit.
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> I was a sociopath. I'm... not entirely sure that definition is accurate these days, I suppose psychopath is more accurate considering there are people who I now care about.
<> <<Underwood>> yes well, i am as well but, I've also been dealing with this for weeks
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> If I don't react to them, they attack and I wake up. So... yeah, free SERE training.
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Sure as shit ain't my conscience talking, you know?
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Pretty sure I ain't got one of them.
<> <<Underwood>> nore is it mine...
<> <<Underwood>> mine are more.. varried
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Maybe mine will in time. But while it's still dead people, I'm just going to take the free training.
<> <<Underwood>> mine are all dead as well, paitants, friends, victims
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> I.. only have the latter.
<> <<Underwood>> hmph, well reay for it to get intense, will eventually start poking at.. truamas.
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Hah. Good luck to it.
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> I... don't really have many traumas. I... I think my spark was formed broken.
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> So if it reveals stuff that I don't remember, way I see it that's a bonus.
<> <<Underwood>> I suppose, but that is how supression works with the mind, tries to forget truamas or seals them away to survive
<> <<Underwood>> or.. well, in my case, remembered and used to worsen my mental state
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Maybe.
<> <<Underwood>> suppose though its good you now know what I have been dealing with these weeks
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Yeah. Something's got to be causing this.
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> I don't beleive in ghosts. There's an external cause. Someone or something is doing this to us.
<> <<Underwood>> agreed, but I don't think you or I have /anything/ in connection
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> And because they didn't ask my permission, I'm going to *skin them*
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Indeed.
<> <<Underwood>> hmm maybe if I just.. can get up and over to my desk.
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> ...if I may? Try not reacting to them. Ignore them and let them do what they want when you sleep.
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> It worked for me.
<> <<Underwood>> mmm I dont know if that will work in my situation.. i can make attempts but..
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> It's all I can suggest, for now.
<> <<Underwood>> I will try.. I feel i am close to an awnser, or a full on decent back into maddness, suppose i'll have to see.
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> If I can help, let me know. I want to know who's behind this. If it's a cry for help... yeah fair enough. But if this is done out of malice, I will *skin* whoever is responsible.
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Nobody fucks with my mind.
<> <<Underwood>> and I have /nothing/ left to lose
<> <<Underwood>> -growls- if i'm to fall again, it is going to be doing what /i/ want.
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> I hear ya.
<> <<Underwood>> I'll be returning to my work
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Can I help?
<> <<Underwood>> . . . . I do not think it will... mesh, well with your ah.. faction morals
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> Underwood. Think on *who* you're talking to.
<> <Dr. Asshole, MD> *I* don't mesh well with the Autobot morals.
<> <<Underwood>> Well.. You know where my lab is, but I /did/ warn you

Goth's Lab - Acropolis - North Altihex


Backblast saunters into the lab, Kingslayer slung lazily over his shoulder as usual. "Sup." Backblast adds "Can't hang around too long. A... friend is missing.

Goth is, tiredly, up at his desk, his large computer screens and datapads scattered about... Bat and spider like drones are scuttling around, acting like spare hands for Goth as he works at his computer, his mane and fur a mess form clearly struggling to rest, the dark bags under his optics also indicate this.

Goth glances over as the doors to his lab slide open to let the Autobot in, while a neutral, Goth was still rather.. wry, considering past interactions. "I see.." he's murmur as he works.

Backblast looks at Goth with something that looks almost like concern. "Do you want me to sedate you before I go, to see if it helps get some rest? I know a few things that -should- lead to dreamless sleep." He offers help in the way only someone who's broken would.

Goth pauses, looking up from his work and hems. "I'd not mind such my.. /doctor/ had done that once before, I've been waiting for him to return to do it again, but, well." Goth rolls his optics, clearly keeping this doctor person a secret...

Around Goth's lab, besides the skuttling tech drones, where half-finished projects, schematics, of weapons, half-build frames, build and broken parts he was salvaging or fixing, or building.. There's also the data he's working on.

He's been doing spark experiments.. that's all the data he has compiled that he's going through and working on. "It goes without saying, things you see here, are /not/ to leave this lab." he'd warn.

Backblast nods "No worries." He says, not inquiring about the doctors at all. "I saw nothing." Pause. "Where'd the sparks come from?"

Goth raises a ridge and shrugs with a disconcerting smile. "That I cannot answer, but, I suppose you could infure what you will from the lacking of serious crime here in my dear Khamsin's city." He'd purr.

Backblast nods "So long as it's only from... those like me, who it would take thousands of vorns to change and only if the will is there..." He sniffs, shrugs. Then laughs. "I guess the Autobots -have- rubbed off on me a bit. You sure it's a smart idea adding more of these... things?"

"Things?" Goth asks confused in his drowsy state. "If you mean my drones, worry not, their A.I, not spark bound." He'd state with a dismissive wave of his hand and large claw.

"The frames are for clients whom wished for a change of frame to more fit what they feel like they deserve, thus the forging of parts you see around the place, and what I could find that still worked, as are the weapons, that one is more a hobby." Goth muses as he works. "The spark experiments are.. something of a personal project."

Backblast shakes his head and gestures at the sparks. "No. The things you and I have in common, the... apparations. If it works like I think it does, every experiment that causes spark failure will result in another one."

Goth ahs. "well. just something I'll have to brave at the moment." Goth chuffs. "Considering if the nightmares they've been given me are any indication, the possible success I have with this maybe hold an answer." he'd hem.

Backblast nods "So run it past me, if you can?" He comments, scanning through the data.

Goth's ears fall back as he looks like he's trying to think of something to say...

The data tells a story though, its of failures, successes, the.. types of sparks there are, what sort of CNA one holds, and how it contributes to the forging of a cybertronian, including of their respective colonies, Camians are lower, Cybertronians more in the middle, Eukrians more higher up, as well as how it effects energon, specially innermost energon... and what would happen if the energys where mixed or combined, stitched together in a way, many failures in that regard, but his success in getting one 'viable' one are going up and up as he works.

Backblast frowns a little as he reads. "I mean to say... what're you trying to achieve? I don't see how this helps us track who or whatever is doing this to us."

Goth spins around in his seat to face Backblast, crossing his wings. "In those nightmares they so lovingly graced me with, at the end, they always show my research, but there is an overwhelming dread, a fear, that when i get to the breakthrough i need, the dream ends.." Goth explains.

"As I said, this is.. a /personal/ project, how it connects, I do not know." Goth grunts, intent on not awnsering /what/ he was trying to do.

Backblast frowns "I think they're trying to stop you. If ignoring them doesn't work, try finding out why?" He reads through the data again. "So what are you trying to do? If you want my help I'll need to know."

"Their not doing a good job of it, only thing stopping me is /them/ keeping /me/ awake." Goth grunts, before shifts, and looks away, looking a bit.... embarrassed, he mutters. "Erm.. Its something I didn't.. catch onto initially in a talking with my mate.."

Backblast nods "Maybe it's a warning." He nods, then listens. "Look, you won't find judgement from me. Unless it's the objective kind."

Goth's fur fluffs out a bit as he doesn't look at Backblast, just sitting there, looking away in his seat. "...You've met, or at least /heard/ of Des's daughter, Si?" he asks.

Backblast nods "I have, yes." He says, sitting down on the nearest convenient seat-like object. "You're trying to... make a spark?"

Goth doesn't answer, he glances over, then back, but by body language and silence alone, it seems Backblast is on the right track.

Backblast nods softly. "Well, until the hot-spots wake up I don't see how you've got much choice." He says softly, starting to roll one of his foul cobalt-copper enercigs. "But I do hope you're being very, very, very careful. You could end up making a monster, you know. Have you read Mary Shelley?"

Goth's ears fall back and his fur bristles and he grumbles. "No, I have not." He'd chuff. "And I am well aware, I am attempting to ensure things are... perfect, to ensure nothing of the like happens, as making short cuts creates such." he'd grouse. "Not to mention once its perfected I only have..." He'd stop himself there.

Backblast nods "You should." He says. "It'll... help give you a perspective on how people might react. You can do everything perfectly and..." He shrugs. "People might take things badly. I won't stop you, nor judge... I'll help as best I can. But I need to know you'll be sure of all the risks, even those you can't control."

Goth is silent for a long time, claw tapping on his arm. "...I'm well aware, there is a /reason/ I stated nothing you see here, is to be discussed outside here." He'd chuff, finely looking back. "I am aware, there some factors I have accepted I cannot control, but those I can, I am ensuring the best outcome." He'd huff.

"I've been at this for months, mind you.. So." Goth huffs. "I'm more then aware."

Backblast nods softly. "I won't say anything." He frowns. "I'm not going to dissuade you." He says. "But perhaps you should try and find out why the phantasms want to stop you."

Goth shrugs. "Perhaps due to it being unnatural." Goth muses though there is something in the back of his mind that itches at him. "But this.. does not explain you." Goth hems. "When did yours start?" He'd ask a tilt of his helm.

Backblast looks thoughtful. "Dunno. Noticed them last night but thinking back..." he gives a date strikingly close to Goth's.

Goth's ears stand p at that and he looks lost in thought, twirling his goatee with his long claw. "Interesting, perhaps just now that you remembered the dream.... Yet you are resting." Goth muses and taps on his desk.

Backblast shrugs a bit. "I ignored them." He says. "They're ghosts, they can't hurt me. Why should I care what happens in a dream? It's a dream."

Goth hms. "Suppose that is fair." Goth then huffs. "Well, sadly thats not an option for me however.." he'd look at Backblast tilting his helm. "Pay some attention to it, perhaps it will lead to clues like mine."

Backblast shrugs "I'm being stalked by those I've killed. What's to pay attention to? I do nothing, they attack me, dream's over." He shrugs, about to light his smoke. He pauses. "...this is your pad, d'ya mind me smoking?"

"Well mine was mostly dreging up buried memeories and truamas and.. attachments, before shifting to my research, so.. there is that." Goth would point out before glancing at the cygar. "Just keep it out of my vent range, things clog up my ventilation like no tomorrow." he'd huff.

Backblast nods "A'ight." He says, leaning back a bit and lights the smoke. "Hmm."

"And keep it off the pillows!" Goth adds as he turns around to start work once more, the droids scuttling around bringing tools, some energon over to the bat.. cleaning and organizing the area a little.

Backblast nods and watches, thinking on how and what this could be about. "I'm going to just flat-out ask them what they want tonight."

Goth pauses and hems. "That.. is a thought, you do seem to be much more capable of becoming lucid in your dreams then I, by what it sounds." Goth thinks aloud as he types, then pauses. "Also, be aware Deathsaurus likes to come in and check on me, given my state, so.." Goth nods.

Backblast shrugs "Des is rational." Backblast says. "As soon as he finds out I'm seein' shit too he'll relax."

Goth nods. "He is also aware of what I am doing has... provided some resources for when I get it down to working."

Backblast nods "A'ight." He says softly. "...good luck to you. I think you're doing it for the right reasons."

Goth glances away. "Even if they are a bit.. selfish?" he asks as he glances back, before letting out a yawn.

Backblast shrugs "You want to make a family." He says softly. "With the hot spots still not woken up yet, what choice dya have?"

Goth .. can't help but let out a groan and rub at his forehead with knitted ridges, leaning over his desk. "Gods damnit, Des's rubbing off on me and the bloody bastard is going to be so bloody smug about it." Goth groans out, just imagining the smug look on Des's face, specially mixed in with the weird feelings Backblast has added to it.

He lets out a huff and nods though.

Backblast chuckles "There are worse people who could rub off on you. Me, for example."

"Considering you remind me of a younger mate of mine, I'd not say so." Goth snorts, before he sighs out. "Well.. this has been an experience." Goth muses.

Backblast laughs softly. "I'm a sociopath-turned-psychopath who enjoys killing. I'm really not someone you want to rub off on you, trust me." He sniffs. "I'm not a nice mech, you know?"

"You've clearly not seen or heard my dear Khamsin angry." Goth chuckles and hems. "I believe the statement of, 'heads on pikes' to be set out-front while we where thinking on how to /deal/ with the decepticon infestation we had with the refinery below was his suggestion." Goth nods.

Backblast chuckles softly. "Fair."

"That and we've long established I am no good a person ether." Goth adds as he places a hand over his chassis. "...Personally I miss the days when Scrapper and I would build explosives and other science projects and see how they would work in the training sims."

Backblast nods "I kind of miss the days when it was me and my wallet. Didn't have morals or any of that shit to worry about." He sniffs. "Then I think about that life and realise... I'd be dead already>"

"The fact I am alive is surprise.. Though it goes to show how some of us adapted and survived." Goth muses a loud in response to that.

The data on the pads and such also indicate that Goth's own spark Hertz are... well nearly none-existent, so most machines wouldn't pick it up.. Fact, yes there is data regarding his OWN spark in there.

Backblast blinks "Your own spark is... unusual, it's true." Backblast comments

"GAH! Don't look at /that!/" Goth yelps as he almost stumbles over from how tired he is in a bid to try and get THAT datapad from Backblast, falling face first into his pillow nest with a grumble.

His Spark is also a dark red, its also a type not seen on cyertron, but on Eukrias.

>> Backblast succeeds with his generic combat roll on Goth. <<

Backblast catches Goth but keeps him at arms length. "It's relevant data for your project." He says. "If you want my help you'll keep nothing about it from me. No secrets." He says, calmly. "Your spark is going to need to have a contribution to this spark if you want it to be family. That's a variable that could affect things."

Goth looks like an irritated cat as he mildy grumps there. "Tch... Its due to my outlier status in having what equates to the cybertronian equivalent of vampirism." Goth grumbles out.

Perhaps what Goth was also worried about on there, was Khamsin's information.. mainly regarding his /past/ alias of 'Dustoff' with a old picture of the past Decepticon medic with his old rifle, E-cig, cow-boy hat, and rather.. sandy appearance of that of a ATV jeep.

"You are to speak of /nothing/ you find in there." goth adds a bit harshly, mainly from embarrassment.

Backblast nods "Of course I am." He says, releasing Goth. "Have you looked into how this could affect the protoform?" He reaches the Khamsin information and blinks. "...huh. I tried to kill you once."

Goth gets up, brushing himself off. "Si, I've been tempering about with the effects of outlier-ism, its one of those.. strange mutations that cannot be controlled." goth huffs.

Before the bat fluffs up in alarm and confusion. "¡¿Qué?!"

Backblast motions to the picture of Dustoff. "Don Hardstack put a contract out on yer mate while he was still Dustoff." He explains. "Took the shot... hurt him but it wasn't a kill-shot, the folks he was with put supressive fire down on my pos. I was tracking for a second try him when someone from the Twostroke Collective - another one of the Valvolux Families - iced Hardstack and the contract was cancelled."

It takes /a lot/ for Goth to surprise the anger that's boiling up, more so given how over protective he is of Khamsin, and subsequently as his past self, Dustoff, but it also bothered him he couldn't remember, there was a lot he couldn't remember from back then after his little crash landing on earth, still, despite a single optic twitch, he takes in a deep, deeep vent, and vents out to try and calm himself.

"I see.. Don't do it again." Goth says simply, leaving it at that... mostly. "If you remember any shadow, then.... well, might of been I." He'd nod, activing his cloaking field, which appeared as a shadow with red glowing outlines and pixels flicking off it like flames, that engulf him, before completely vanishing... The same happens when he reappears at the other side of the room..

Backblast chuckles "The only folks who'll put a contract out on Khamsin are the Cons." Backblast says. "And I don't take jobs from them these days." He shrugs. "It was a long time ago, mind. HE might not even remember."

"We'll see." Goth states, unsure if that will ever happen though, he crosses his arms, yawning again, his ears drooping as he moves to walk over to Backblast. "....State once more /none/ of this information is to get out, period, and do understand I /will/ go to rather great lengths to protect such." he'd huff.

Backblast sighs "Goth, you're treatin' me like I'm not a professional." He says, just a -hint- of ice in his tone. "Please stop. I'm a contract hit-mech, if I couldn't keep secrets I'd be dead already."

Goth crosses his arms and huffs. "Fine.. " He shifts uncomfterbly, clearly he's not used to trusting people with such sensitive information, as his claws start digging into his mesh under his fur. "....Both our medical information is there. He'd add, looking away.

Deathsaurus knocks softly on the door. Hes carrying energon cubes again, making sure Goth and whoever visits him eats. "Hey, Goth are you indecent?" he asks.

Backblast nods "Understood." He says, browsing the data, pondering if he should take a copy or not to browse when he's looking after the turbofennec

Goth slaps his hand over his optics as Des makes that crack once more and sighs. "No Des, we also have a visitor." He'd call back tiredly.. The bat is on his hind legs, tired as ever but he's standing, sort of.

Theres a loong medical history of Goth nearly being burned to death by direct contact with flame weapons, near poisons, notes of self experimentation, notes about his regenetive system and Energon syphoning system with his fangs and the one time it /broke/... Thats another common theme with Goth, the damn bat has a long, long history of freak accidents.. Like when 8 missiles where fired off by a confused alie, and they all, some how, hitting Goth... Seriously Bad luck followed him for sometime like a plague.

Backblast lets out a low whistle as he reads Goth's medical history. "You have terrible luck don't you?" He says softly, shaking his head. "I'm half convinced every time I've evaded something that should've killed me, you've been crapped on."

Goth pinches his nose bridge. "Don't remind me, my curse is.. rather infamous among the decepticons." Goth says with a low groan. "The fact it is gone now is... a relief, and mildly concerning." goth adds as he looks at his wrist, before moving to head back to his computer desk, and hits the button to open his lab door for Des.

Deathsaurus is outside the door, carrying some energon cubes. Hes making sure Goth at least has some energon while he deal with the nightmare thing. "So um how are you..." He pauses when he sees Backblast "Am I disturbing something?"

Backblast nods softly. "It is. Or it's building up to strike at the worst moment." He looks over at Des. "Evening Des. Nah. Just... brainstorming. I'm seeing shit too."

Goth sits at his desk tiredly placing his chin on the desk and jerks a thumb over to Backblast. "He's having nightmares like I am, he is.. here to help." Goth states wryly to Des. Goth's fur stands up. "Do NOT jinx me like that." he snaps, almost begging.

Following behind Deathsaurus is his silent, ever-faithful Tigerbeast... and riding on his back is Deathsaurus's adopted organic son Solon. Solon arrives in time to hear the end of the conversation through the door. Snapping his head back to briefly sweep the hair out of his eyes (it immediately returns), Solon calls out, "Are you still having bad dreams, Goth? Have you tried thinking pleasant things before bed? I always think about crushing Autobots right before bed, and I sleep like a baby!"

Backblast laughs softly. "Cool it kid. I'm an autobot too." He sors, motioning to his subdued symbol

There is a loud slapping sound as Goth facepalms.

Backblast looks back to Goth. "I'm not jinxing it. But it's something you should be aware of, and plan for."

Deathsaurus is perfectly fine with Solon's anti-Autobot behavior. He nods. "He's a good Destron, going to be a great one once trained." he says, leaning down to gently ruff Solon's hair. He doesn't seem to mind Backblast's presence at all for some reason. "So two of you now. Anyone know how many more?" He asks.

Backblast shrugs "Not yet."

Goth just makes a displeased screeching sound before just keeping his head lied there, lisnting to the group. "indeed.. he's. .the first I've heard outside of my situation."

Solon doesn't seem embarrassed by his seeming faux pas. He rides Tigerbeast right into the lab, stopping directly in front of Backblast and hopping off his ride to stare up at the Autobot sniper. The eye visible behind his curtain of hair narrows. "Well, Autobot," he says in a serious, threatening voice, pointing up at the massive robot. "You better take care around my Oji Goth. I'm keeping my eye on you." He flips his hair again dramatically, shaking off Deathsaurus's ruff with a quiet whine of, "Oyajiiii...."

Backblast looks down at Solon and laughs. "You got spark, kid, I'll give you that." He chuckles. He looks at Des as if to say 'keep him under control will you?', not wanting to hurt the child of a friend. He looks back at Solon. "I'm a professional."

Deathsaurus tilts his head "He's just protective, thats all. His sister should be around somewhere as well." he says. "They're both almost ready for the field." he looks a bit disturbed by that relevation before giving a haedtilt "So what's this about nightmares?"

Solon and Des may not be embarrassed but Goth over there is suffering major second-hand embarrassment and just places his hand over his optics, as if THAT would protect him from it all, he lets out a long suffering sigh.

He'd glance over at the energon Des as brought though. "...Well.. he's been.. updated, on my situation.. and whats.. been going on." he adds hesitantly. "What I am trying to do...Ah Mothra is arund too?" he asks.

Backblast chuckles "I don't know if I'd call 'em nightmares, but... I'm hunted, by those I've killed." He sniffs. "And you know before putting on this symbol I killed a /lot/... even took a crack at Khamsin, according to... certain records." He laughs. "If I don't react to them, they attack and I wake up. Or at least the dream ends. I'm gonna ask 'em what's up tonight."

Deathsaurus nods "If you hunted me, I know its business. I've killed a lot myself and to have them all come back...naa thats not good. All these guilt dreams. You and Goth." he says. "Its strange, but hopefully they will pass. You never have to feel guilty about conquest." he says as if hes the person you go to for /good/ advice like that. "Mothra? Shes practicing her flying. Shes got..a way to go, I admit."

Backblast laughs "Guilt. I don't feel it, that's the thing." He shrugs. "I'm more... confused by it, than anything."

Solon's eyes brighten at the notion he's almost ready for field work, but he behaves, moving out of the way and climbing some of Goth's equipment so he can listen to the conversation without being under foot. He adjusts the band on his right wrist, and then runs his fingers through his thick hair, momentarily exposing his young face before his bangs fall and cover it again. He looks from Backblast to Goth with open curiosity. He glances at Des. 'You never have to feel guilty about conquest.' Solon absorbs the Destron leader's words like a sponge.

Goth huffs. "Their pulling at many of my emotions, failure, fear, grief, the cracks and frays at the ever fading sanity I've managed to pull back together." Goth retorts, messing up his mane, accidently loosing the pony tail that held it together on his helm.

Backblast shrugs a bit. "Like I said I don't feel guilt... nor much fear, outside of the in-the-moment adrenaline spike."

Deathsaurus nods "Thats the way I would to be honest." he says. "Have you ever considered contracting with us? Thats the kind of mindset we need among the Destrons."

Goth gives Des a flat look, and chuffs, and semi-settles in there, listening.. slowly starting to drift off.

Backblast shakes his head at Des. "I already have a contract. I don't break contracts."

Deathsaurus nods "Fair enough but if yours ever expires..." says the guy currently contracting with someone who is MIA and not giving up his.

Goth holds out a claw. "Des.. you're done advertising..." He'd grunt. "Energon." He adds tiredly.

Backblast laughs "If it does. We'll see." He shrugs. "But... you have to understand, I'm a loyal Autobot. I might not agree with everything Prime does, but... I do loosely agree with the cause. While you work for the Cons, it's not happening."

Deathsaurus nods "Understandable and you know we can't contract with the bots. Star Saber thing, you understand." he says. "So anyways would you like some energon?" he asks, handing Goth a cube first. "Brought enough for everyone."

"Gracias..." Goth says as he pokes open the cube with his fangs and just, lets the syphoning systems work as he tiredly rests there.

Backblast nods "I thought you'd killed him and settled that one, even if he didn't stay dead." He says. "Especially since I thought it being stuck where you were wasn't -entirely- his fault. I'm good for 'gon thanks."

"Don't start that whole mess again, have to deal with Dust Devil making a mess with bringing it up." Goth groans, yawning again.

Solon pulls out a nutrient juicebox and stabs a straw into it so he, too, can partake, sort of, as the elders drink. He remains quiet, eyes and ears open as he watches and listens, absorbing everything he can. Even the Autobot may provide some wisdom - he's learned from the Destrons to take something from everyone you encounter, even if it's just a lesson or new experience. He adjusts his perch slightly on Goth's machine.

Goth sighs and places his helm down on the desk, setting the cube aside as he slowly, slowly starts drifting into a light sleep.

Deathsaurus mutters. "Oh killing him only made it worse. He humiliated me by being reborn from my spark atop of everything. I will never forgive him or his followers for what hes done." He says. "Solon you got some food?" He asks, nodding "Good.." he seems to control his anger easier then normal these days. May be concerning to some.

Backblast shrugs a bit. "If you say so, Des." He clearly wants to say more on the subject, but doesn't consider this the time or place.

Solon nods quickly to Des. "Hai, Otosan," he replies, pulling a small granola bar from his fanny pack and snacking on it while he listens. It may not be much, but it's still better than the artificial protein he had to live on while stuck on the Arcadia in the Dark Nebula. He glances from the sleeping Goth to the others, curious as to what the debate is.

Goth full on fell asleep there, low squeaks coming out as snores... Before he starts shifting and muttering.

Deathsaurus watches Goth sleep for a moment or two "Think we should let him sleep or make sure his nightmares dont pummel him?" He asks looking concerned.

Backblast looks to the other two "Shh." He says softly, taking out a notepad and listening intently to Goth's whispers, writing everything down. Backblast adds, barely above a whisper "I suggested he ask what they wanted. If he does, he might mutter the answer and then we'll be closer to figuring out what's going on."

Deathsaurus whispers back lowly. "Good call. We should record and bring it to a you know. Doctor."

A Few names come out, being: Nightlaze, Hollyblue, Charmy, Leech, and Darkstar, before Goth starts muttering 'shut up' and 'go away' and 'spit it out! what do you want?' getting more and more angry.

But it seems to shift to one of his traumas as he starts muttering and grumbling, shifting in his seat as the thrashing around starts.

Deathsaurus moves to Goth and strokes his ears softly. "Goth wake up. We wanna see what you're dreaming about?"

Goth's ears flick and twitch, one going towards Des, shifting lightly to him, before whatever nightmare has him takes over once more and he snarls. "Don't... Touch me.. Get away..."

Backblast mutters quietly to Goth "Stop fighting them." He says, hoping to get through. "Do not fear. Fear is the mind killer. Fear is the little death that kills you over and over. Without fear, you die but once."

Deathsaurus nods "Challenge them. Face them. Take them out..." He murmurs, skittering back before Goth lashes out or something.

GAME: Goth PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of Very High difficulty.

Backblast looks to Des. "No." He says. "Stop, let me handle this. Fighting them doesn't work, I've tried."

GAME: Backblast PASSES a LEADERSHIP roll of High difficulty.

Goth sounds more confused then anything, and then.. a sound from his subspace, which opens from his chassis and outfalls a rather decent sized ball that unfurls into.. A oversized Scraplet?!.. Oh wait its one of his drones, it's legs instead to something almost like a freakish spider before it blinks and skitters up the bats chair and onto the nap of his neck.

where it.. opens its jaw and connects to a port hidden in the bats neck, a panel shifts on it and a number of wires and cables come out and plug into the computer, folders, files open up.

Backblast blinks "...fascinating." He mutters, moving to read the files. After a moment, he realises and then pinches out his enercig.

Deathsaurus blinks "WOah, hes got scraplets. Maybe thats the...oh wait thats a drone sorry."

The files are then covered by a video player that is recording what is going on in the dream, Goth's in a cell his chaisses cracked open and just leaking energon in large gushes, something, no an organ been /removed/ from him, the dark red glow of his spark the only thing illuminating the cell as he kneels down there in a panic.

Soon a number of endo-skeletal hands raise up grabbing at Goth, starting to pull him down into what.. is some inky blackness that is being filled by the color of the energon, the ghosts speak, finally, the undead speak. "Come with ussss....." and they try to him down into the pit...

Solon finishes his granola bar and pulls his hair back to watch what's happening with both eyes. He leans forward in fascination, watching the drone and looking from it to Backblast. Burning with questions, he nevertheless keeps his mouth shut and his ears open. He stands, however, at the image of the dead trying to drag Goth into the pit. "Wake him!" Solon suddenly yells. "Don't let them get him!"

Backblast blinks softly. "Huh..." He says softly. "Very odd." He frowns. "Well, at least we now know what they want. Yes." Backblast pulls out his medical kit and prepares a strong dose of the cybertronian equivalent of caffeine, along with a mild painkiller to take the edge off. He injects it, hoping to help Goth out of the sleep gently.

GAME: Goth PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Extreme difficulty.

Deathsaurus murmurs "Might be too much for him to fight alone. Goth, hey. Time to wake up..."

Deeper he's being pulled as he struggles, his body becoming heavily restrained, his mouth even being shut tightly by the skeletal hands as he struggles against them, the area becoming full of energon and its very much giving off the feeling he's drowning again as it glitches to when he fell into that canotea in mexico, a sickening green starting to overtake his senses before--

Goth wakes up at his desk and jerks up, if he could sweat he could be, but he's panting heavily, looking around, taking in his surrounding before groaning. "That.. was new.." he'd murmur.

Deathsaurus tilts his head. "They're changing? Getting better or worse?" he asks.

Backblast looks up "Worse I think."

Solon leans forward, eyes widen, even as his hair falls forward again. He glances anxiously at Des, but if the Destron leader doesn't intervene, Solon says nothing about the Autobot administering unknown chemicals to Goth's fuel line. Solon grips tightly the metal bar he's using as a railing. He doesn't exhale until Goth awakens safely once more.

Goth coughs roughly, moving to the side to purge some of the energon he'd just taken and grumbles. "Worse.." Goth agrees.

Deathsaurus sighs "We need a...what are they called. Psychologist I think. I dont know. Backblast, you have it too?" He asks. He watches Backblast inject, but doesnt stop him.

Backblast frowns and nods "We do. Yeah, I see those I killed." He shrugs. "I personally think something's causing this, an external source."

Goth rubs at his helm, clearly exhausted more then he was before, the purging having not helped. He'd pause feeling his drone and hit a button on it, causing it to release the port and draw back in the cables quickly.

"It needs to frag off.." Goth adds.

Backblast looks to Goth "I'm... hmm." He sits back on his crate. "Can you record dreams? I'm going to recharge and show mine. In the meantime..." He prepares another injection. "Salincominophen and cobalt. No dreams, I promise. Take it when you need rest." He sets it on the table.

"....Somewhat, I've modified my drone to.. too.." Goth grunts being a bit too tired to try and explain, but nods at the injection, yes.. a full rest with no dreams he'd like that.

Backblast nods "Plug him in to me." He says softly. "Record this. I'm going to be passive too, and ask what they want." He tilts his head so the dataport is easy to reach, before settling in to recharge.

Goth takes a deep vent and pushes himself up with his drone and moves over to start setting it up. "It doesn't.. record, but it acts as a.. sort of.. bridge to play on my computer where I can use softwhere to externally record it." Goth murmurs, a sort of hotwire basically. He fumbles some as he is still waking up, but makes sure not to hurt the bot.

Deathsaurus nods "I hope it works." He says softly. "I hate going to Autobots for this but sometimes..."

"Like, someone invading and manipulating your dreams?" Solon gasps. "That's... dastardly!" He watches, wide-eyed, as Backblast provides another injection. A doctor and a killer? These Autobots are more complex than Solon had allowed himself to believe. He quiets again as Backblast sinks into recharge mode and flickering images begin to appear on Goth's screen.

The dream begins as many recent nights have - Backblast's visions interrupted by the ghosts of those he's killed. This time, however, things are different - as the dead close in, Backblast challenges them directly: "I know you're not my conscience, so what do you want?"

"Join us..." they say, their pleading overlapping as they reach out to grab Backblast and try to pull him down into their graves.

However, then a strange thing happens: the people Backblast has saved with his medical efforts step in, forming a shield to protect him. The ground around them glows, and instead of the dead rising, crystal flowers burst forth. Protected cyberfauna flock to Backblast's side, and the spirits of the dead are burned away by the light, and for now, Backblast sleeps.

Goth... Wasn't exactly going to tell Solon he used to torture his victims in a merrod of ways, such as erasing memories and the like before he murdered him soo.. he'd puff a cheek. "This was.. mainly for personal use as I often have many ideas that I.. need to grab before the files were deleted." He'd chuff, not a lie, but not the whole truth.

All Goth could think while watching the screen was.. how lucky a glitch Backblast was, and clearly, Goth himself hadn't done enough... If he was clearly being pulled down.

Deathsaurus nods "We've all done some horrid things and will do them in the future. Sadly, it does come to haunt us." he says once Solon is out of earshot.

Goth hms tiredly and removes the drone once its over, and puts it away once more, ensuring his other drones get themselves put away before he flops into his pillow nest and sighs, ears drooped.

"Des.. can you help with the injection, i fear i may tear a line in my current state." he sighs. "....Thank you, also." he adds softly.

GAME: Deathsaurus PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of Extreme difficulty.

Deathsaurus comes over. "Alright lets see if I can figure this out." he crouches by Goth and looks at the injector. "Ah, this is easier than it looks." either that or he catches on quick. In the right circumstance, he may have been a medic or a scientist.

Goth curls up in his nest and lets Des work. "I should be awake eventually... You and the children are welcome to stay.. and.. si.. thank you for coming.." He'd add softly as he readied himself to sleep for the first time in the passed weeks.

Deathsaurus nods "I'll guard you as I said I would." he curls up by Goth. "Mothra should be around soon dont be surprised if you feel something fluffy."

Goth chuckles lightly. "I welcome it." he says softly as he yawns, and finely, finely falls asleep for at least one restful night.

Deathsaurus smiles softly." alright." he dragonloafs by Goth, closing his optics after a moment and before he knows it he snores too.