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This article is about the member of the Sky Patrol team - for the Battle Copter pilot, see Major Altitude.

Altitude is a G.I. Joe character.
Personal information
Real Name

John Edward O. Jones


Cambria, California





Military information
Service branch

United States Army

Primary MOS

Recon Scout

Secondary MOS

Combat Artist


9 - E-9 - Sergeant Major



Organizational information

GI Joe


Sky Patrol


Pre-MUX History

Born in Cambria, California, Altitude was assigned to G.I. Joe on 1990 as an advisor while acting as Sergeant Major of the Army between July of 1987 and June of 1991. After ending his term as Sergeant Major of the Army, he resumed his rank of Sergeant Major, occasionally acting as Command Sergeant Major of Sky Patrol when on active duty.

MUX History

Altitude served G.I. Joe for many years as an advisor.

In 2018 he was made leader of Strike Team Charlie.

OOC Notes

  • As with every Sky Patrol action figure, Altitude's body mold originally came from a pre-existing character but with an all new head mold.
  • The Sky Patrol parachutes and backpacks are repaints of the green Parachute Pack first available by mail in 1984.
  • A "Spc. Altitude" figure was available in 2009, but the file name and filecard text came from Free Fall, and the character design was reminiscent of Rip-Cord.
  • The third Native American member of the Joe team, after Airborne and Spirit.
  • A SGM or CSM is referred to, and addressed, as "Sergeant Major". The Sergeant Major of the Army is a separate and unique position, but is still addressed as "Sergeant Major".
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