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This page is for the annoying troublemaker Jammer. For the cool Shattered Glass team player, see Jammer (SG). For the Z-Force Communications officer, see SSGT. Jammer.
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JAMMER is malicious, cruel, and evil, with a rather mean sense of humor. Jammer was designed to taunt his foes. Unfortunately for his faction, his pranks don't stop with the Autobots. Loyal to himself first and foremost, he pleases his commanders by getting the job done anyway he sees fit; the key being that it is done. He transforms into an F-22 Raptor, and rather enjoys flying and knocking trespassers out of his airspace, his definition of trespasser being rather loosely defined. In robot mode uses an assortment of weapons and tools to wreak havoc on unsuspecting robots, whether through pranks or straight out attacks.


A green and black Neo-seeker stands before you. His broad shoulders help support the wings that are upon his back. Another set of wings adorn his legs. HIs cockpit is visible as his abdomen. A rather evil smirk resides near permanently upon his face. Scarlet optics beam with mischief. Machine guns are attached to his arms allowing him to always be ready for any inconvenience that may come his way. Con sigils appear on his wings as does a rather evil clown tattoo.

A rather cool F-22 Raptor painted Green and black. Its swept back wings look more than capable of speedy agile flight. Twin stabilizers look nearly joined to the wings. Its foresection has a needle projection that allows it to moniter aspects of its flight. Decepticon sigils appear on its wings as does a rather evil clown tattoo.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Jammer's tetrajet mode

MUX History:

Jammer was given an experimental multiphase cloaking device to test. After abusing its power, Jammer was captured and cored for his crimes. In 2013, all Earth-assigned Seekers were brought to Cybertron to help defend Polyhex... except Jammer, who was still just a core in a box.

When Megatron needed a core to use in a clone to use in this scheme to destroy the Cult of Galvatron, he used Jammer's, not caring that it would be destroyed when Megatron's clone was destroyed. However, what Megatron didn't count upon was Starscream building Megatron a new body, and mistakenly bringing Jammer's core to Vector Sigma for re-activation, thinking it was Megatron's. As a result, Jammer was reincarnated into Megatron's body, a fact that he very much tried to keep from Starscream to ensure he wasn't swiftly de-cored again. When Megatron approached him to turn over command of the Decepticons in exchange for a pardon and his old body back, Jammer was quick to comply. Once back in a Seeker stealth body, Jammer was assigned by Megatron to Scourge's Intelligence division, under Ghost's direct command.

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This character was played by Dust Devil.

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