Ironfist is an Autobot.

You wait seventeen years for a personality and then two come along at once!

A brilliantly designed piece of firepower is a work of art to me.

Strong, silent, and likes his action fast and furious. Easily eats up every type of ground, no matter how rough.

For Ironfist, there is no greater work of art than an ingenious piece of weaponry. Others can have their metamorphic rock sculptures of unclothed human males or oil-based images of smiling females, but a tracer cannon that can take out a Decepticon battalion a hic away is (almost) all that Ironfist admires. He is known as a most distinguished weaponry mastermind. Unsurprisingly, this Autobot gun nut gets into the thick of a battle, no matter what the terrain, so long as the action is fast and furious. However, Ironfist still finds the time to silently regard the weapons of war.

In datanet circles, Ironfist is known by his user-name Fisitron. Fisitron is a dedicated Wreckers fan-boy and writer of the Wreckers: Declassified' datalogs, an in-depth chronicle of their many dangerous adventures. They're his heroes. Ironfist hopes his passion for weaponry attracts their attention, but if he were ever to meet them, he'd probably faint from over-excitement.

Ironfist transforms into an AM General M998 Humvee military off-road vehicle. Mounted on his roof is an ENORMOUS repeater cannon turret that can rotate 360° and pivot upwards. The turret contains a recoil-action, visible tracer missile launcher. In robot form this provides cover as a free-standing launcher weapon.
I fought my first campaign in the Manganese Mountains, where I spoke to Optimus Prime for the first and last time. He mistook me for somebody else.

—Ironfist, Last Stand of the Wreckers #4


In 2015 Ironfist was killed by Megatron aboard the Kimia space station. He never got to live his dream of becoming a Wrecker, although he did die a brave death, in true Wrecker form.


  • Lightformer Ironfist's gun-gimmick simulates twin beams of laser fire striking his target... but the gun only has one barrel. Hmm.
  • In a French commercial that featured Ironfist, his voice was pantomimed as a generic 1950s robot monotone. So was Pyro's. It must be a thing. [1]
  • Independently, both Fun Publications and IDW Publishing chose to use Ironfist in their stories for 2010, mostly because nobody'd ever done anything with him before and nobody'd be likely to! Ha ha ha ha ha whoops.
  • Unsurprisingly, this has led to Ironfist being perhaps one of the first characters in a non-Furman story to receive "The Bludgeon Effect" whereby, much like Razorbeast in The Gathering, popular new fiction has suddenly caused his previously insignificant toy to rocket in value on the secondary market many years after its release.


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