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Iron Klaw is a human co-leader of the Concurrence.

"WE SHALL BE VICTORIOUS! ... wait. Why is Trypticon on your side?"

Iron Klaw, alias Count von Rani, is a nefarious paramilitary commander with connections to IMORTAL and possibly Cobra.

I will watch as all others fail and I will be victorious!

IRON KLAW has gone to extreme lengths to conceal his true identity. Unconfirmed reports state that he currently operates under the alias of Count von Rani, the deceptively benevolent leader of Kalistan, a small Eastern European nation. It is believed that he assassinated the Royal Family of Kalistan so he could replace them and assume sole power over the nation's resources. He has also taken a position as leader of the military force known as S.K.A.R. (Soldiers of Kaos, Anarchy, and Ruin). Much like Genghis Khan, he abuses an extraordinary amount of power to enhance his personal empire without effective restraint. He rules by fear and anyone who opposes him is dealt with at the end of his bladed weapons.

IRON KLAW is a strategic mastermind and completely power hungry. He secretly plots military operations while investing large amounts of capital into acquiring new weapon systems and technology for his growing army. It is not yet known if he is an ally or adversary of the COBRA organization. His ultimate motives are unclear, and may be based simply on the destruction of existing world powers for its own sake.



Starting in 2005, Count Otto von Rani and General Kreiger together formed Concurrence, a cabal of humans who planned to drive all Transformers away from Earth, turning the solar system into a robot-free "resort". To accomplish this, the Concurrence, fronted by Count von Rani, began funding IMORTAL.


Count von Rani

  • Count von Rani and his secret identity as Iron Klaw hail from the mid-'90s G.I. Joe Extreme series. There, Rani was the friendly and benevolent ruler of a peaceful Eastern European country, Kalistan... except he was secretly the mastermind behind the Soldiers of Kaos, Anarchy, and Ruin (or "SKAR")! Boo, hiss!
  • In both his identities, Iron Klaw was voiced by Transformers alumnus Richard Newman.
  • Count von Rani, mentioned only in passing as a Concurrence leader, technically has no known connection to Iron Klaw in Transformers fiction. But the correlation is clearly intended, especially because the name of his co-leader, General Kreiger, is the same as the civilian identity of another 1990s-era G.I. Joe villain, General Blitz.

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