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General austin
General Austin
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Aaron B. Austin




Iron Butt

Military information
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US Army

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Major General (O-8)

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General Austin is a U.S. Army Major General who acts as an adviser to the G.I. Joe commanders. He has a reputation for being tough and demanding. No soldier dares disappoint him - They don't call him "Iron Butt" for his tough behind. Be that as it may, he has a thorough understanding of politics that enables him to see viewpoints from all sides.


Pre-MUX Continuity

On the MUX, General Aaron B. Austin was born in 1932.

Operation: Lady Doomsday

As soon as news of the Burkhart kidnapping broke out, General Austin already knew what had to be done. While most are ready to write off the doctor for her stance on the government and the military, it would be a bigger embarrassment if anything were to happen to her. He immediately ordered General Flagg to come up with a mission plan. Fortunately, Flagg is an excellent tactician and the mission was a success.[1]

Panic at the North Pole

When an American research station was raided and its occupants killed, Austin thought it to be prudent to send in the Joes to investigate.[2]

MUX Continuity

General Austin has retired from the Army, but is still available as an adviser to G.I. Joe if called upon.


Austin's full name was revealed in G.I. Joe vs. Cobra: The Essential Guide.


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