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Internment Camp Pi was a labor camp.
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When Megatron briefly took over Praxus prior to his exodus from Cybertron 4 million years ago, he established Internment Camp Pi, a labor camp situated in Praxus where captured Autobots are made to dig a tunnel to the planet's core. Access to the mining area went through a large, central tower, which was surrounded by barracks in which the Autobots were locked up between shifts. Each set of barracks was cut off from the others by two laser fences and a pathway the guards utilized for surveillance and to pick up prisoners for their shifts. At various locations inside the camp, towers stood, among which the Decepticon High Command Aerie, where the various Decepticon guards lived and from which further surveillance occurred. One large laser fence surrounded the entire camp, and in addition to being locked up, the Autobots not at work were kept in line with inhibitor claws.


MUX History

In 2015 the Decepticons re-activated the camp and started kidnapping Praxus citizens, Autobot and neutral alike, to work in the mines. One of those captured was Dust Devil, and Springer allowed himself to be captured in order to gather intelligence on the camp. Autobots led by Optimus Prime soon raided the camp and shut it down, freeing the prisoners and bringing many of them back to Iacon for repairs.

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