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This page is for the ship used by the heroic Shattered Glass Decepticons. For other uses of the name Nemesis, see Nemesis (disambiguation).

The Nemesis is a Decepticon ship, built to capture and stop the Ark from invading Earth.

No, not THAT Nemesis.

It possesses incredible speed and power tractor beams that can capture other starships and hold them for boarding.


Shattered Glass

The Nemesis was built by the Decepticons to pursue the Autobots before they can attack modern-day Earth.

When the Autobots were ready to begin their invasion, they sent a full-out attack against Polyhex to try to prevent the Decepticons from following them in their interceptor. Megatron led the defense of Polyhex, allowing the Nemesis to launch, and then pursued in a smaller shuttle, catching up with the Nemesis on Earth days after the other Decepticons arrived in Earth's orbit.

The Nemesis remained for a time in Shattered Glass Earth's orbit, commanded my Megatron. It was attacked by the Junkion ship V'Ger, but the Junkions were driven off.

In 2012, General Flagg used GODS system to cripple the Nemesis and knock it out of Earth's orbit, causing it to crash into Mount St. Hilary.

Nemesis Crew

When the Nemesis took off to stop the Ark, the crew consisted of

They joined the following Decepticons already on Earth:

Decepticon Shuttle <Freedom>

Megatron and Octane arrived later in a shuttle with Motormaster (SG), Rumble, Laserbeak having escaped Cybertron just before it entered the Plait Expanse.

Laserbeak was believed killed by the Junkion attack on the Nemesis.

Human Allies

Motormaster has since recruited Henri Arkeville to help the Decepticons, and likewise Ravage has recruited Sephie Beller.

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