"If you just study the figures, you will see that Megatron has implemented many programs to help the poor and energon-deprived on Cybertron. Why, just last month...."

Ingénue is a true believer of the Decepticon cause and is doing all she can to promote it on Cybertron and Earth. A spin-doctor with her work cut out for her, she is always looking for ways to further the perception of the Empire. She prefers to fight with words or political action, but when physically attacked she will fight back, either using her holograms to disorient the enemy, or with her photon rifle. Her T-33 Shooting Star alt mode is slow but highly maneuverable and equipped with two .50-cal. machine guns in its nose. Although her child-like attitude and enthusiasm often causes others to think she is gullible and naive, she has determinedly held onto those qualities, feeling life would be less fulfilling without them. Her ability to get close to people makes her an effective propagandist, but can often lead to a loss of objectivity with those she trusts.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Gen started off as a neutral on Cybertron, but was slowly drawn to the Decepticon cause.

MUX History:

Since being transfered to Earth, Gen has risen through the ranks of the Decepticon Intelligence division.

OOC Notes

Ingenue started out as a character on Transformers: Lost Years, and her time there has been incorporated as backstory on TFU.

On Earth, her altmode is a Lockheed T-33 Shooting Star.





Ingenue was created and played by Dyliana.

Shattered Glass

In the Shattered Glass universe, Gen is a hard-assed, violent, not-so-nice heroic Decepticon.

Instead of a Cyber where everyone was sorta down the middle and had their own good points about the war (like she was conceived for) The autobots were evil and the cons were just not really getting it done so she believes you have to be more ruthless with evil doers. And that the time for talk is over!

Too bad her bf is a coward!

Ingenue ... instead of being the sweet ingenue she's the film-noir she-devil.