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Where there's smoke, there's me. Where there's me, there's death.

If there’s one thing INFERNO is good at, it’s following orders. When Director Alert tells him to melt an Autobot, Decepticon, or neutral into a pile of slag, Inferno does it without question, whether it was a former friend or foe. While Inferno takes little pleasure in his task, he has no objection to it either. Years of working in the smelting pits have left him hard in both armor and soul. For now, he kills for Director Alert. When Alert is gone, he'll kill for someone else. It's all the same to Inferno.

In Cybertronian latter truck mode, he has the ability to help security agents pursue fleeing fugitives no matter where they hide. In robot mode, Inferno's strength is among the greatest of the Autobots, though his robot mode is one of the least mobile. His ceramic-plated frame can withstand temperatures of up to 8000 degrees Celsius. His plasma rifle not only shoots a stream of super-heated ionized gas, but can deal electromagnetic radiation damage as well. By detaching his hands, he can use his wrist sockets to launch short ranged surface-to-air missiles.

Inferno is very good at following orders, which helps in performing his job as well as on the battlefield. His lack of drive and imagination, however, limits his capabilities when not directly under someone else’s command.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Inferno works in the smelting pits, melting down Transformers that have offended Emperor Prime in some way.

MUX History:

Inferno has been guarding the Smelting Pits during the Junkion attack, knocking invaders into the pools and melting them down for Autobot munitions.

What little emotion Inferno feels is directed at Scourge for his rescue of Decepticon victims marked for Inferno's smelting pits.

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Evil Inferno is available for temping.

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