Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: In The Garden

Characters: Scales, Starlock, Jazz

Location: Garden - Gates of Iacon

Date: 11/03/2020

TP: Combaticons TP

Summary: Jazz talks to Starlock regarding what she did with the Combaticons.

As logged by Starlock

Garden - Gates of Iacon


Jazz nods in agreement then lingers his gaze on Starlock and leads with, "The Wreckers huh?"

Starlock glances over to Jazz and nods. "Yeeep..." She says, going quite. "I imagine you have /alot/ of questions."

Scales starts working on holes for the new plants, letting Jazz and Starlock catch up.

Jazz ushers Starlock in to a more secluded part of the garden, "Let's talk," he says headed in that direction shooing away any bots that are in the area.

Starlock nods and walks over with Jazz, venting out, knowing this was coming.

Jazz pats one of the rocks and says, "You know, I have to talk to you so let's make it easy on you huh?" he nods. "So, straight into it. Tell me how you did it? How did you keep me from knowing?"

Starlock hems. "Well, I got Chromedome's help, Banshee's as well, turns out a lot of people on both sides are not cool with slavery." Starlock nods. "As for keeping it hidden?...Well, trusted those I told, we kept it off radios, used the internet private messaging and met in person." Starlock explains. "I know Soundwave, Blaster, Discord and a few more are listening to comms and radios, so.. best avoid those."

Jazz nods, "That's it? Just keeping it off of the comms?"

Starlock nods. "Made use of the internet's private chats." Starlock adds. "Which was really useful, emails.." She'd point out.

Jazz nods and hmmssss, "You know that we are going to have to talk to Chromdome," he assumes. Then he nods, "Well, that's kind of it. Do you consider yourself an autobot?"

Starlock raises a ridge. "Why wouldn't I? Sure I.. Have had my trust.. broken, but.." she'd glance away, then back. "...Chromedome and I did research together but.. he's the main brain on how he figured to break that program."

Jazz drags a toe in the sand, "And you trust Banshee? How much to you tell...Banshee?"

"...Banshee is a friend, and.. I don't tell her too much, she was the leak to Ghost." Starlock frowned. "But that's because she trusted ghost, and I didn't warn her about Ghost having that blind loyalty."

Jazz nods again slowly then says, "If that's actually it..then...I have nothing more to ask you. Are you still a member of the wreckers?"

Starlock nods. "..It's not been a month yet but I still seem to be." she'd smile weakly.

Jazz nods, "Stay out of harm's way. Those guys go in hard and fast and I'm not sure you can hang with that," he stands and says. "well, I have a boss to so I gotta go talk to him," he pauses and says. "No one is OK with Slavery Starlock."

Starlock glances away, she wants to say something but her jaw locks and she vents out and nods. "I'll do what I can.. I still need to find Sludge, talk to him, let him know I am okay after the simulator accident."

Jazz pauses, "What....just tell me about it."

"the Accident?" Starlock asks with a raised ridge unless he meant what she left unsaid.

Jazz nods, "I read the report, what else happened?"

"From what I remember and heard, he was really freaked out that he'd actually hurt me, I don't think he's been in for repairs since then.." Starlock frowns in thought.

Jazz nods, "OK. OK," he takes a long look into Starlock's optics. "Is that all? Come on, I know how to look into human eyes and get a confession."

Starlock smiles at Jazz, her ridges do knit. "...I think the only person that approves of slavery are Megatron's most loyal, with megatron himself." She'd vent. "...I'm sorry i kept this from you, I didn't... want anyone screwing it up like what happened with Harmonex."

Jazz blinks once then twice and says, "Screwing up a plan that I would approve of but my boss hated. I was the one you should have told," he wags his finger at Starlock.

"Either way, I see if I can find Sludge and in the mean while, stay off my radar."

Starlock can't help but smile, though it does give pause... Why /didn't/ she tell Jazz? She trusts him, that makes her raise a ridge. "I'll try, that maybe hard though, you'll know once you see my newest report."

Jazz sighs to himself, "When I read it, I'll let you know, have your internet privileges from Iacon been more strict?"

"Nope, I don't think anyone's actually brought that up." Starlock muses with a tap of her chin.

Jazz nods, "Consider it done. We are going to be watching your activity."

Starlock squints. "...Okay." Challenge accepted.

Jazz squints back not sure what that squint meant but...ok.

Starlock huffs. "That all?" She asks a bit tired. "Dunno what more ya'll are lookin' for."

Jazz shakes his head and chuckles, "You just said that you keep all the information off of the internet Starlock.," he nods very slowly. "Help me help you," he says. "I have to go make a report in which your internet activity is going to be monitored," he almost winks.

Starlock isn't sure how to take that.. why would the monitor her internet activity if she keeps it off that...? She'd tilt her helm and raise a brow... That wink suggests something, thiiis was going to be something she'll need to maul over to find the meaning... "..Right.. okay?" She says.

Jazz smiles as he stands up straight to his just taller than mini bot height and the light somehow finds it and glints off of it magnificently, "Do I have to dismiss you? Or can I go write my report?"

Starlock's finials flick up. "Oh, sorry, wasn't sure if the conversation was done." She'd nod. "Thank you sir." She says as she goes to help in planting again.

Jazz consider Starlock for a moment then heads back into Iacon saying as he leaves, "Help Me! Help You!"

Starlock hems, this was definitely going to be interesting, interesting indeed.