Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: In Orbit

Characters: Captain Countdown, Captain Gears, Ozone, Red Spot, Robo-JOE, Star Seekers, Tornado, Olin Zarak

Location: G.I. Joe Shuttle <Crusader>

Date: October 20, 2021

TP: Outward Bound TP

Summary: The Crusader answers a distress call in orbit over Nebulos.

As logged by Countdown - Wednesday, October 20, 2021, 6:14 PM

G.I. Joe Shuttle <Crusader>

Captain Countdown sits in the cramped bridge of the Crusader, with Robo-JOE, the Crusader's pilot. It's been eerily quiet up here. Most of the Joes' additional supplies are in the Crusader's cargo bay, along with the Crusader's small one-man scout ship, the Avenger. While the Joes on the surface have faced mortal danger, the Joes in orbit have enjoyed quiet. The Hive doesn't seem to have much of a space program.

Countdown looks over at JOE. "How are the readings? Get any interesting scans of the planet over the last sweep?"


Robo-JOE would go to move over to the panel, taking a moment to review it and then speaking. His voice gravely and staticy. It was something mostly done as he'd gotten a great deal of amusement out of it, of making his vocalizer as monotone as possible.


Redspot and Ozone are adjusting readings and quickly running programs. "This tech should be interesting," comments Red Spot to Ozone.

Ozone nods, "Mike, hold on to your head. This is going to be out of this world."

RS smirks to acknowledge the older Joe's comment before he adjusts a few switches. "I'm not sure how much of a use I can be here. I'm sure Fine has everything under control."

David looks back at the Laser Trooper, "You're the spare parts incase Space-Cadet goes crazy." Red Spot nods. He then looks over at Robo-JOE and whispers to Ozone, "Is he running on Windows ME or Vista by any chance?"

Suddenly, the Crusader's radio squawks. "Mayday, mayday!" A crackling voice emits weakly from the speaker. "This is Gort Cohren, of the Nebulan resistance. Can anyone reach me? I'm in an experimental spacecraft, and we're rapidly losing oxygen. I repeat, can anyone reach me?"

Countdown looks over at Robo-JOE. "Are you reading this? Scan for nearby craft. I didn't know the Resistance HAD a space program!" He suddenly hunkers forward in his seat.

[G.I. Joe] Captain Countdown says, "Attention, Joe command on the Nebulan surface. We're getting a distress signal from someone claiming to be Gort Cohren of the Resistance. Does that ring any bells?"

[G.I. Joe] Leader of the Rat Pack, Sinatra says, "...uh, I don't think so?"

Robo-JOE would turn his head over to look at David, "I AM NEITHER EAGER NOR YOUNG." Quipping. "ORDERS, CAPTAIN DODGERS?" Shifting his attention over right before the radio would start to chime. Then he's running over towards the secondary sensor terminal. "READING. CONFIRM RESISTANCE CRAFT BY PROVIDED IFF. SCANNING FOR PURSUIT. THEY ARE UNABLE TO MAINTAIN A VIABLE ORBIT AND ARE AT RISK OF UNCONTROLLED REENTRY SHORTLY."

[G.I. Joe] Leader of the Rat Pack, Sinatra says, "I'm hearing it... damn I'm planetside..."

[G.I. Joe] Scarlett says, "Can you plot a trajectory? We can at least dispatch a patrol that way. The jets should be able to make it depending on their arc."

[G.I. Joe] Captain Countdown says, "Roger. Shall I move to assist before it enters atmo, Sergeant Major? At its velocity, it might burn up before our jets can reach it."

[G.I. Joe] Leader of the Rat Pack, Sinatra says, "Does the lion crap on the savannah? Uh. Sorry, that wasn't a question for me..."

Ozone rolls his eyes to the younger Joe, "Oh him? Greg's this bad ass engineer. You should read his file sometime to hear all that he has done." Ozone looks over Red Spot as Robo-JOE goes ROBOCOP on him.

Red Spot slinks in his seat for a moment, "I didn't mean any disrespect. I didn't know what kind of hardware was used. If you were using Ubuntu or Arduino, I can try to get some updates runnin--"

Ozone taps Red Spot on the shoulder, "Kid, you really need to learn how to shut up." He hands the younger Joe some data to look over before he looks at the information of the alien tech heading their way. "Didn't think I'd be going from Toxic Avenger to saving aliens."

[G.I. Joe] lil Wisp says, "If it burns up, it's very much a lost opportunity. And if it's too high for a jet, it almost certainly will burn up on uncontrolled re-entry before jets can get anywhere near it."

[G.I. Joe] Scarlett says, "Aware. If they can get some kind of control and settle down somewhere we can hopefully rendezous with them and provide aid."

Captain Countdown smirks at the Buck Rodgers reference. "It's Dubosky," he chuckles, although of course JOE knows that. He toggles the radio. << Hold on, Commander Cohren, >> he broadcasts back. << We're moving to intercept you. >> Countdown turns back to JOE. "Can you pull us close enough to dock? He flicks the radio again. << What is your crew complement, Cohren? >> he asks. << We can try to bring you aboard. >>

[Nebulos] Captain Countdown says, "Hold on, Commander Cohren! We're moving to intercept you. What is your crew complement, Cohren? We can try to bring you aboard."

[G.I. Joe] CAPT Sci-Fi says, "I never expected to be tracking Unidentified Aerial Phenomena on an alien world."

Robo-JOE would turn over his shoulder to look at Countdown, and then reply over to Ozone, "MY PROGRAMMING IS A PROPRIETARY SYSTEM MADE BY THE OMNI CORPORATION." He would go to head to the chair and move to take his place. "YES SIR." Going to move to the helm. "GET ON THRUSTERS. USE THE AIR JETS USED FOR DOCKING. THEY'LL GIVE US FINER CONTROL IF THEY DON'T HAVE A STANDARD DOCKING PORT."

[Nebulos] Resistance Leader Gort says, "Just three of us and thank the heavens! We thought we were lost! We'll prepare for your rescue!"

[G.I. Joe] Leader of the Rat Pack, Sinatra says, "Considering he identified himself, I don't think it counts as unidentified."

[G.I. Joe] Leader of the Rat Pack, Sinatra says, "Sorry."

[G.I. Joe] lil Wisp says, "definite point. He identified who he was, and that he was in an experimental spacecraft. So that's ship in distress, not an unidentified phenomena. Good luck, Crusader crew."

Ozone looks over at Red Spot, "Kid, you really need to stop talking." He whispers, "I don't want the Brave Little Toaster kicking my ass in space for all the things you keep saying." Just as Red Spot is about to respond to Ozone, he smiles, "Effing A, he references Robocop!" He grins to Ozone who now slinks down into his seat. It seems like he's useless as he gets blamed for whatever Red Spot said things and Robo-JOE seems to be alright with the references. Ozone then looks at Red Spot, "You're up for security detail, Storm Trooper. Make sure not to miss."

Michael puts his helmet on, "I'm also trained in martial arts and I'm pretty good at not dying. I've never died in space."

Ozone groans, "Don't get cocky, Kid."

Extremely gently, thanks to Robo-JOE's electronically enhanced piloting skills, the Crusader docks with the Nebulan spacecraft. A specialized connector, designed to ease transporting materials between the Crusader and the Veracity, extends to connect the two. Unexpectedly, however, as soon as the ships connect, the Nebulan ships fires some sort of massive, magnetized net, ensnaring the Crusader. Something breeches the hull, and Nebulan crew members strides aboard, weapons drawn....

Robo-JOE would glance at Ozone, "I HAVE LEARNED TO BE COMFORTABLE WITH WHAT I AM. THIS HAS MADE ME BETTER IN PURSUIT OF JUSTICE AND MAKING THE WORLD A BETTER PLACE." As they're going in for docking as the ships connect, there would be a slam to the side of it as he's going to stagger from his station.

He's also going to immediately grab for the nearest weapon.

Ozone tugs his helmet down and remains quiet. It seems like anything he says or does gets him into trouble despite whatever Red Spot does. Red Spot readies his own weapons and looks at the docking. "I'm hoping we aren't in for a trap. I do have a bad feeling about this..."

The leader of the Nebulan party is a tall figure with green skin and long white hair. He wears a flamboyant coat in villainous shades of brown and purple, and he carries a heavy blaster that he carelessly points at the ceiling of the Joe shuttle. "Oh, I'm sorry," he says languidly, in heavily accented English. "But poor Gort will not be joining you this evening."

The alien gives a deep bow with a sweeping flourish, his sea-green eyes never quite leaving Countdown. "Instead, you have the pleasure of being taken hostage by Captain Olin Zarak, of the famed Star Seekers." Finally, his eyes flick to Robo-JOE. "Sorry, human," he says in overheard response to the last thing JOE said. "This isn't your world." To Red Spot, he smiles. "Your feeling was right."

Captain Olin Zarak is a dashing figure with deep green skin contrasting sharply with his long white hair. His armored jacket is a rich tapestry of layered brown leather over shiny purple-embossed steel. A cutlass hangs at his side on one hip; a heavy blaster is holstered on the other. Forest green breeches are bloused over flared brown leather boots. A flamboyant sea-green waistcoat completes his attire. Olin is often seen with a cocky grin and a confident, devil-z-may-care attitude. Friendly or not, however, his hands never drift too far away from his weaponry.

[G.I. Joe] The Crusader's radio goes suddenly quiet.

QM-Tornado leaves the bowing and flourishing to Olin. Instead he takes up a position to the other nebulons left, sidearm in hand, something else in the other that he's tossing up and down. He's got a wildly smirkish grin on his face, thin and wide-eyed. "It'd just be easier all around if'en you'd drop weapons an' hand over any cargo manefests. Ye've been boarded and taken." The grin widens.

Apparently, even "Gort"'s crew complement claim is a lie, as several more pirates board the Crusader and spread out as best they can in the tight quarters, each aiming various weapons at the Crusader crew. Some have fancy Nebtech lasers that might make Red Spot's eyes pop out.... some are carrying the Nebulan equivalent of flintlock pistols. All look ready to kill, if necessary. The ones closest to the hold move to seal the door, locking the rest of the Crusader's crew out of the bridge.

"I didn't program a DVR and back up some reading material just to be dealing with some Jack Sparrow cosplayer," murmurs Red Spot eying the invaders.

Ozone coughs, "Forgive my friend, space travel hasn't worked well for him. He needs his meds. If you get off our ship, we'll gladly head back to our local Walgreens and be out of your hair..."

Red Spot smirks, "Seriously, you have some fancy tech and weapons but do you know about where we come from? We have these people called 'Jedi' who walk among us." He pulls out his phone and shows a clip of Obi-Wan battling a horde of Droids. "So if you don't mind, I'd like to formally ask you to politely get off our ship and let us do what we came here to do..."

Robo-JOE would go to shift his attention over to Olin, evaluating the distance right as the so-called pirate 'lord' is going to hold his blaster up at the ceiling. First mistake. A presumption is that they're jammed, and going for the console to try and send out a message will be pointless. He's moving to get up and keep the console between him and the posturing Olin. Then while the pirate is gesticulating..

He's going to CHARGE to try and slam Olin over in the chest if possible with a body slam to send him flying! Take out the leader and the rest will hopefully panic. "REPELLING BOARDERS."

>> Robo-JOE fails its generic combat roll against Olin. <<

Captain Countdown flicks just the barest glance at Robo-JOE, sensing his intentions from the years he's worked closely with the cyborg. Countdown stands, raising his hands and moving slightly away from Robo-JOE, trying to guide Olin's eyes away from the stronger combatant. "Now, let's just take it easy," he says in a calming manner. "You don't want to fire that in here. Explosive decompression can k-" As soon as JOE tackles Olin, Countdown launches himself at one of the Tornado, pegging him as the next most threatening pirate in the group.

>> Countdown fails his generic combat roll against QM-Tornado. <<

QM-Tornado gives a shake of his head, "Sounds like this is gonna be th' rough way. Imma ook with that." he notes as words are spoken and the humans start to move. Even as Robo-joe takes a dive at Olin, the somewhat rough looking nebulon is moving to give his captain space. Countdown dives at him and he laughs, "Shoulda thought about explosive decompression -before- you jumped a guy with a grenade!" he throws whatever he had been tossing in his hand deeper into the room before trying to kick Countdown.

>> QM-Tornado succeeds with its generic combat roll on Countdown. <<

Olin urks as Robo-JOE attempts to take him down, twisting to try to throw the cyborg into the bulkhead behind him. Even in low gravity, JOE's mass astonishes the pirate leader. "By my blaster, what do they FEED you Earthmen? You are quite the slab of meat!"

Unable to wrestle his foe quite as successfully as he'd like, Olin tries to headbutt the Joe engineer, but only manages to bruise his own forehead on the metal plate covering half of JOE's head. "Ow!" he says indignantly. "Tornado," he complains. "You didn't tell me they had half-robots." Turning back, he tries to drive his knee into JOE's midsection, hoping to find something not armor-plated.

>> Olin strikes Robo-JOE with Kick. <<

Red Spot tried to use videos from Star Wars to prevent the fight. He sighs, "Great, Sci-Fi told me not to do anything stupid. Now, I'm fighting aliens because..." He watches as Olin attacks Robo-Joe. He picks up a chair and uses it to move towards his target. Especially after watching Countdown and Robo-Joe fail their attacks... he hopes he can do something!

Olin's crew seem unimpressed by Red Spot's video of Obi-Wan, and unfortunately the Jack Sparrow cosplay insult goes right over their head. The alien invaders move in on the Joe technicians, using their pistols as clubs to try to knock them out and take them hostage instead of trying to kill them. The fact they're holding back might be useful to the Joes' advantage, but there are more pirates than Joes on the bridge.

>> Star Seekers strikes Red Spot with Punch. <<

When Tornado says, 'grenade,' Countdown's eyes widen in alarm. Twisting away from Tornado (and getting kicked for his trouble), Countdown LEAPS on the device Tornado threw, covering it with his body and tucking himself around it, desperate to absorb its explosion and save as many of the Crusader's crew as he can. As he balls himself up desperately, a quiet ticking is heard... but no bang.

The blow to his dome hurts Olin more than it does Robo-JOE. "I AM MORE THAN A MERE MACHINE. I AM A CYBORG. AND YOU AND YOUR PIRATE CREW ARE SURPLUS TO REQUIREMENTS. PREPARE TO BE EXCISED." The kick to his gut drives him back some. Then he's going to try and move to close range again, if he can trying to get in a position where he can take Olin over into a brutal bear hug! If possible going to try and use his superior ROBOT ARMS to try and take his opponent by the midsection and CRUSH. Moving to try and get a solid grip about the torso of his adversary as the blaster would hopefully be no issue. "AND BITE MY SHINY METAL ASS."

QM-Tornado lets out a cackled laugh as he indeed gets a kick in, "Olin, stop playin' around." he chides as Countdown dives for the 'grenade'. There's a snicker as he takes aim with that pistol of his and fires at Countdown! taking clear advantage of the moment. "An' stay down!"

>> QM-Tornado strikes Countdown with Pistol <Medium>. <<

Olin seems shocked as somehow, he finds himself in the grip of the Joes' metal monstrosity. "You know," he grunts, trying to gasp through the pain. "I never was much of a hugger..." He struggles to escape, but the slender pirate is no match for the strength of JOE's arms. "Um, Tornado, lad," he gulps, trying desperately to breath. "A little help here? Double your usual share if you disassemble this Earthman for recycling."

Olin's crew try to make their way around the chair-wielding techs and rescue their leader. While Tornado has no problem shooting the Joes, the rest of the Star Seekers still attempt less lethal means, although they are far less gentle with JOE than they were with Ozone and Red Spot. Together, they descend upon the cyborg, ganging up for maximum effect, kicking, pistol-whipping, and tugging on anything they can reach that isn't blocked by Olin himself.

>> Star Seekers misses Robo-JOE with Punch. <<

As the pirates attack Red Spot, they manage to break his faceplate. Michael quickly reacts to cover his right eye; as the blood drips from his brow. "Can't see." He murmurs as he keeps his right side of his face covered with his left hand and tries to block whatever hits he can parry with his right arm.

Ozone is trying to get the radio transmitter working, "Ground Control, we've been boarded. I repeat, hostiles are here." He then looks at his crew and seeing his friends injured. He pulls off a smoke grenade to try and give the Joes a chance to fight back.

Countdown grunts as Tornado shoots him from above, the old-fashioned kinetic bullet passing right through his flight suit and deep into the astronaut's chest. He gasps in pain as blood starts to pool beneath him, but even as Ozone's smoke grenade starts to fill the cockpit, the Joe captain tries to crawl his way towards Tornado and grab his leg. "You're not taking... this ship," Countdown declares weakly, although he has little beyond powerful willpower to stop it.

>> Countdown succeeds with his generic combat roll on QM-Tornado. <<

Grip on Olin hard and solid, Robo-JOE would maneuver around, using Olin as a shield to help make sure that the Star Seekers are mostly having to go in carefully to avoid hitting their captain. Then he would go to grunt. "YOU WERE WARNED. ENGAGING IN EXTERMINATION PROTOCOLS." Then his knee is going to slam up and over right between Olin's legs. If Nebulan physiology was anything like Earth physiology.. The piston pounding robot leg would go to ram right up and over to that exact same location to hopefully bring the pain.

And to put Olin in the words of Idiocracy 'OW MY BALLS'.

>> Robo-JOE strikes Olin with Stomp. <<

QM-Tornado gives Countdown a cheeky salute with the pistol just before his leg is grabbed. There's a widening of eyes as he staggers, backing up. "Oh boss?" now brain catching up with what he's hearing, "Oooh." And a wince as he can see Olin getting.. Well, ganged up on. "Hey! That's my best friend! Nobody hits him but me!" The robotish-looking sortof man is stared at before Tornado turns that-a-way, "OHnoyoudont!" and pulls out his other 'pistol'. Well, more of a welding torch that's been heavily modified for output and range. and other things. He moves in towards Robo-joe and fires that off, "Yeah - I'm thinkin' we need t' not be so soft on'em, boss!"

>> QM-Tornado misses Robo-JOE with Cutting-Torch <High>. <<

>> QM-Tornado strikes Olin with Cutting-Torch <High>. <<

Olin urks and gasps, light sea green eyes widening in pain and shock as JOE confirms that there is at least some biological crossover between Terran and Nebulan species in terms of weak points. Olin slumps in Robo-JOE's grip, muttering helplessly in native Korajan Nebulanese. He then squints his eyes tightly closed, muttering something that may indicate sorrow at the loss of any chance of future offspring - the words are alien, but the context is clear.

Then Tornado accidently burns him, and this shocks him out of his daze. "You're right, Tornado," he says, apparently not taking the literal friendly fire personally. "Let's end this." Twisting in JOE's grip, Olin tries to press his large heavy blaster directly against JOE's armor, and fires.

>> Olin misses Robo-JOE with Blaster <Medium>. <<

Olin's crew takes up the mantra of 'not be so soft on'em,' stepping back and raising their weapons. However, with Ozone's smoke filling more and more of the cabin, getting a clean shot at Olin is getting more and more difficult. Ah, well. Tornado burned him and got away with it. They're sure it'll be fine. As one, they open fire on JOE, with whatever they have - kinetic pistols, energy weapons, and even one guy with a slingshot.

>> Star Seekers misses Robo-JOE with Pistol <Medium>. <<

There's a pause from Ozone as he puts his helmet on. "Alright..." He looks at the pirate and then rest of his crew, "Gentlemen, I hope you brought your helmets. I'm about to decompress the samoflange and release whatever Oxygen we have out. I'm suited up with my oxygen and I have about 30 minutes of air... easily. I am not sure about you, Captain Ahab. Robo-Joe doesn't need air. I think you and you the rest of your crew might want to evacuate now before I do this." He holds up a small device with a red button, "10... 9..."

Robo-JOE would grunt at QM-Tornado, "THANK YOU FOR YOUR ASSISTANCE. YOUR CAPTAIN MUST INSPIRE SUCH GREAT FAITH IN HIS CREW AND THIER LOYALTY. AT THE FIRST SIGN OF WEAKNESS, THEY SEEK TO USURP YOU." He's still got his grip over on Olin, spinning him around over into the fire as the burning torch would keep into Olin's body and leave bits of it aflame. Then he's going to take up his thumb and forefinger along Olin's face, voing to try and make a claw motion with it of trying to put robotic finger up to eye socket, hand down to jaw with intent to add PRESSURE. Blaster shot pinging past him. "FIRST WE CRACK THE SHELLS.. THEN WE CRACK THE NUTS INSIDE. TELL ME.. WHAT DO YOU BLEED? LET'S FIND OUT." Going to try and use his leverage to dig a finger into the socket of Olin and trying to just go for raw pain. Shots going off around him while he would have Olin, he would call out to the Star Seekers, using Olin as a shield, "SO TELL ME BOYS.. DO YOU FEEL LUCKY? AND WHO WANTS TO BE THE NEW BOSS?" Going to maneuver his hands in a position that normally would be to just simply -pop-. Grinning as sadistically as someone with half a metal face and half a fleshy one could.

Countdown tugs feebly on Tornado's leg, and when Olin screams, the astronaut weakly smiles, hoping his efforts helped to throw off the Nebulan quartermaster's aim. Smiling at Ozone's gambit, Countdown lets go of Tornado's leg and crawls over to the ship's controls, where he had foolishly left his helmet, not expecting something like this to happen. Placing his back against the instrument panel and sitting down, Countdown pulls on his helmet. Nothing he can do about the bullet hole in his flight suit, but he'll cross that bridge if he comes to it.

QM-Tornado's cutting touch skims past the horrific amalgam of robot and flesh, thanks to the smoke causing some visual difficulty, searing, "Olin!" squawks Tornado, eyes wider now. The sound of someone counting down is heard but the not-dashing and certainly not debonair pirate whips that cutting torch back, looking for an opening. His eyes narrow and he spits out, "Right..." and he reaches into his greatcoat, and tosses out.. what looks like another grenade. This one sware, rigged with tape, wires, cylinders of something wrapped and bundled and tosses it towards the command console. "Let'em go or we all have a lil fun with space. I know how long I can hold my breath but bleedy mc bleedy over there, he don't look so good."

Olin screams in pain as Robo-JOE puts thumb to eye socket - not hard enough to burst his eye, but enough to disable him for a moment with pain. Olin kicks feebly in Robo-JOE's grip. Gone is the overconfident, spoiled son of a tyrant high on his own inevitable success. The Joes are a tougher breed and he expected, and now he's suffering, literally, for his hubris. Ozone's threat goes unheard, unfortunately - Olin is too distracted struggling to avoid a stereotypical pirate eyepatch.

Olin's crew stop and look at each other through the smoke. Their captain is the one captured, not the Earthmen. One of the Joes is threatening to asphyxiate them all, and it's them who have space suits, not the pirates; for those calling themselves Seekers of Stars, they seem woefully unprepared for actual low-G combat.

The crew turn to the Quartermaster for leadership while their captain is ... otherwise occupied, struggling to follow his lead in the thick smoke. When Tornado makes his threat, the crew inches back towards the connector to their ship, one of them commenting to the Joes, "I'd listen. He's crazy," in strongly accented English.

Ozone drags Red Spot away from the firefighting and pirates. He starts to bandage him up while keeping a Countdown going. Yes, the Joe and the actual... "3... 2..." He closes his eyes, "Alexa, deactivate the oxygen." He clicks the red button on the stop watch. He looks at the retreating pirates, "Don't ever piss on my front yard again! And you can't piss on hospitality!" He looks at the others, "Everyone accounted for?"

Robo-JOE is going to keep his hand holding in the crushing grip and moving to choke the man out and moves to make a big show of holding the 'Captain' hostage. Then as soon as the pirates are retreating, he's going over to rapidly take his hand if at all possible to move to hit him on the back of the head to render him unconscious and lay him out. "Medic for prisoner duty. What do we have that's good for the locals?" His tone quiet now and contemplative.

"SEcure the prisoner according to the articles of war for.." He would muse. "A privateer, this scurvy space dog."

Countdown chuckles as Ozone sows confusion and fear amongst the pirates, but blanches as Tornado chucks a bomb at the Crusader's controls. REALLY wishing Captain Gears was in the flight cabin instead of locked in the back, he watches as JOE attempts to take the Nebulan captain captive, and wonders if that will even slow Olin's crew. Countdown twists, trying to reach the explosive... but the pain is too great, and he's not an explosive expert anyway. Hoping Tornado is bluffing, he braces for the worst in case he is not.

It was not a bluff. One of the crew looks around for this 'Alexa' who would be cutting off the oxygen, but before that Joe can be identified, all hell breaks loose. As the rest of Olin's crew flees from the Crusader, an explosion rips through the instrument panel, disabling the Joe shuttlecraft and possibly dooming all aboard.

Olin opens his eyes and then narrows them, attempting to use his cyberkinesis to overcome Robo-JOE's cybernetics and force the engineer to release him, ideally shutting down the rest of the cyborg's systems in the process. If he fails, however... he might be going down with the Joes' ship.

>> Olin misses Robo-JOE with Telekinesis <Medium>. <<

Focused on the seeming prisoner rather than the sudden hurled explosive, Robo-JOE is caught by surprise at the sudden detonation! Going to call out at Countdown seeing his friend go prone, "CAPTAIN!" In all business mode as he's about to drop Olin to make a go for a fire extinguisher.. And then Olin goes to blast at him with.. Something.

Robo-JOE would spasm. Feeling his electronics twitch about him. Metal parts shuddering. His arm twisting, to relax the grip. His eye going wide, optic sparking over in agony.
"..NnnNOO. I AM MORE THAN A MACHINE." Going to yank his arm over to make a solid hold on Olin nice and secure. "I AM A MAN. MY BODY IS MY OWN." His fist holding as the Star Seekers would flee. "MY MIND IS MY OWN. I ACT OF MY OWN TERMS. I AM NO ONE'S SLAVE." He's going to try and wham Olin's head down if he could on the plating of the deck before dropping him as he's running over and releasing Olin. Running to grab at a fire extinguisher to blast over the panel. "STATUS REPORT."

A speakerbox squawks from further back in the Crusader. "This is Captain Gears. Just what the hell is going on up there? I'm getting fire reports, and a loss of control, and I can't get into the flight cabin. I'm taking auxiliary control of the Crusader from the engineering panel, and I'll expect a full report once I get us stabilized! Gears, out." As emergency filters slowly clear the air, Gears gets the Crusader back under control. The Joe shuttle is safe, for now. And the Joes have acquired a guest...