Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: Ill Omen Crypt Keeping

Characters: Banshee, Goth, Omen, Ravage, Soundwave, Swindle, Valour

Location: Decepticon Crypt

Date: July 29, 2020

TP: Non-TP

Summary: SCiEnCE! has determined that a trip to the crypts deep below Polyhex is needed to continue the effort to return Omen to capacity in her original or another full frame.

As logged by Ghost

TFU - Wednesday, July 29, 2020, 4:43 PM

Soundwave's Workshop - The Cradle - Kolkular


Omen's at a console, jacked in, reviewing records. Plating ruffles here and there as she hums softly to herself in absent fashion.

Banshee steps inside, looking a little haggard after last night. She nods to Omen "Hallo Omen. Apologies for zer extra stress..."

It's not often that those not directly affiliated with Soundwave show up over in his private workshop, but Banshee has been specifically invited as far as Ravage knows. He would come out of the shadows seemingly from out of nowhere like he had been dramatically waiting. "City-Speaker."

Banshee turns and smiles to Ravage. "Hallo Ravage." She says softly with a salute.

Omen blinks and looks over from the console she's tethered too. There's a moment of 'whaa.. before she clicks to here and now. "Oh... Well, we both know that specialized situations happen on their own peculiar schedule, Banshee." Datacables snake back into her frame. A side-optic to Ravage as he steps out of the shadows, optics pinpricking to gold a moment along with a soft tch-tch-tch.

Ravage has to maintain his particular reputation. He would nod to Banshee, "A question, if you do not mind City-Speaker. There was a melee with the Combaticons and the Protetobots a short time ago that you were present for. I take it the engagement was a draw?"

<PM from Domina> How much does Ravage know?

<PM to Domina> Nothing. And I haven't mentioned anything to Soundwave either.

Banshee nods "Ja, both combiners fought... outside zer city, thankfully." She says. "I believe Deathsaurus is lookink after zem."

Omen huhs.. then turns pining a console to display a few things, "Well.. Thank you for deciding to come crypt diving..." She ruffles plating, "Should be simple so I am surprised at the fuss." head tilting, "What I've found is that comms with the crypts consoles went offline about the time the upper city went through the first format which makes sense. And have been offline since. Should be able to go in, find one and locate the mausoleum needed."

Unusual for the Combaticons to go to the Destrons, but likely they were the nearest available location to set in for repairs. A minor matter for a minor skirmish. Ravage would turn his attention back to the briefing. "So likely the retrofitting of the city disrupted them. Do we have.. What updated maps there are available if any?"

<> <<Underwood>> Right, I'll be waiting outside

Banshee shrugs a little "Should be and actuality are often two very different sings." She chuckles, looking to Ravage to listen. She pulls out her flask of kaff, takes a sip, and offers it around.

Omen chirrs softly, "Last reported maps are..." she calls up the display, "But some of the mapping tags seem to have been disrupted. Data's not clean. But its what I could find as a last backup." She flexes talons, "May be from the reformat corrupting Polyhex' own mainframe."

Ravage sighs, "So they're more of a guidance and we shouldn't be surprised if we find they're of little use. Do we have any tunnelers that we might have on hand if we need them?"

<> <Morrigan> Making sure we have a map and a plan, should be heading to your location soon.

<> <<Underwood>> understood, should we get lost i ought to be able to easily get us back on track

<> <Morrigan> Good that.

<> <<Underwood>> My Sonar was originally intended from proper echolocation~ still works as such.

Banshee listens quietly. "Not zat I know of." She says softly. "Sorry."

Omen headtilts and peers at Ravage a moment, "Goth will be joining us there." she informs, plating rippling. "We will meet him in Polyhex. This won't be an issue will it?"

Ravage lets out a low hiss over at Omen, "If you wish to bring him along then I will brook no argument." He would put his expression to neutral.

Omen stares at Ravage, optics a dark violet against the blue of her head, "He has certain skills that may be needed. One doesn't turn away aid and appropriate tools... Not when it's my body we're after."

Banshee shrugs "Don't vorry. Ve'll be keeping an eye on him, Ravage."

Ravage glances at Omen, and would nod, "As you wish. This is your operation. If you trust him to accompany us and see him as useful, then I can operate with him."

Omen blinks once, "Ravage, he built the frame I'm in. There's a little bit of trust there." She fans wings out then back, "I think we should head to Polyhex and meet with him. See if we need anything special to get me... er... my... er.. the objective out. Equipment or something."

Ravage nods at Omen, "I understand." He would continue to look irritated, but would go to transform to be caught by Omen over in a claw for transport

Ravage's legs and head fold in, the jaguar's body shrinking as it changes into a black audio cassette.

Omen wings off of the console, snagging Ravage-tape with talons. "Rather wish we were road-tripping to a bar but here we are. Polyhex, next stop."

- Travel -

New Polyhex - Southwestern Cybertron

Omen wings into Polyhex, pinging her ID ahead of time, being one that has such things to prevent challenge here in the heart of Destron-land as it were. She is carrying a cassette in talons and begins a spiral downwards once her hail is returned with acknowledgment.

As the group goes in, Ravage remains over in the talons of Omen. He's magnetically clamped over to her claw lightly - it makes it easier to carry him and requires less of a grip to maintain cohesion.

Goth is sat outside the crypts a bag in hand as he waited for everyone to arrive, the neutral stood there waiting, a few interesting new painted markings on his frame, he hems, but his ears perk up hearing the faint flutter of wings and looks up.

With the classic sound of a transformation cog, Banshee's wings crank up in the middle and rotate onto her back as she rises, her engine cowling parting as her face folds out of the sump. She stands smoothly, looking around. Banshee follows Omen, touching down to land next to the raven. "Hallo." she says, transforming

Omen drops down to hover, backwinging and releasing her grip on Ravage. She remains in the air, anti-grav assisted of course. "Goth..." A nod of the wee head, optics glinting darkly.

The black cassette quickly unfolds, enlarging as the legs and head of a jaguar flip out from the central body.

Goth lets out a chirp and nods. "Hello 'Omen'" he says, before glancing at who else was there, wondering if he should address her by her name propper.... Though most who saw him do the thing where there so he shrugged. "Banshee, Ravage." He goes on in greeting as he shifts to walking on all fours... He raises a brow. "Hm, I'd expected Soundwave to be here."

As Omen would land, Ravage would drop out of her talons, going to transform to his primary mode. There, he is silent as he does so. Optics scanning the area, audial tones listening. For signs of patrols, any sort of disruptions. Security. Possible threats. Sloppy personnel.

Banshee smiles "How fare?" She asks, pulling out a flask of kaff and sipping it, before offering it around. "Kaff?"

Omen headtilts, "He was performing additional research on something last I spoke. Perhaps he will arrive. But this shouldn't take so many of us." She gives a shrug and side-drifts towards the entrance to the Crypts Beneath Polyhex.

Goth, Banshee, Ravage, And Omen are near to the entrance to the Cryps Beneath Polyhex.

Ravage would glance down, "The tunnels will have limited room to maneuver. Given the... Numerous rebuilds that have been had in the area, it is possible that it will be unstable to varying degrees."

Goth quirks a ridge. before shrugging, "I do not see why not." he'd chuckle. "Bag should be fine as long as I remain to the ceiling." He states as if that's normal.

Valour flies into Polyhex proper and transforms. Even if it is now claimed by Destrons, Valour still considers it his second home after vorns of acting as its governor during the Lost Years. He's not here for governance today, however. He's here to pay his respects. Thoughts turned inwards, Valour heads for the crypt.

Omen backwings a bit before she moves to duck into the crypts proper, "Well, it was built for remembrances and interment, it shouldn't -be- cramped and small." Polyhex, looking like it does now, and her having not been 'aware' during the two reformattings, well...

Banshee shrugs a little follows "Ve can hope." She says, not really having much input

Ravage would glance at Omen, "And have you fully skulked through this area of the underrealm in the last few vorn?" He would ask cautiously - not in jest, for he hadn't to any extent either in the regions underneath Megatron's personal city state.

"Well, if everyone is here, shall we begin? anyone who wishes to take point?" Goth asks as he turns, ready to enter, green optics already glowing in the darkness.

Valour spots Goth outside the crypt and Valour's glowing crimson optics narrow. Valour quickens his step, using his antigravs to rapidly advance his approach. "What are you doing here?" he demands of the Eukarian. "Surely you have no dead to mourn in this memorial for =true= Decepticons," he says with dark emphasis.

Banshee looks to Valor "Not *now*, bitte?" She says, sharply, folding her arms. "And not *here*."

Omen blinks, peering over at movement also approaching the Crypts. Optics pinprick to gold and she lets out a soft tch-tch-tch.. A look at her companions and a nod, "I was last in them roughly 20 or so years ago, far less than a vorn, Ravage. And.. I can take point, I partially remember where I left myse-" Her plating prickles and she side-slides in front of Goth, "Naak.. Peace, Commander." to Valour. "He's here at my request."

Ravage would glance at Valour cautiously and give a nod. The smaller Decepticon had darted along carefully as there had been the sound of others coming - in this case the Aerospace Commander. "Sir." HE would nod to Omen, "I will go after you. My.. Sensors can help cover your own." And it also means very surreptitiously that Ravage is between Omen and Goth.

Goth's optics narrow at Valour, even if he fluffs up a bit, he doesn't look to perturbed, annoyed more then anything as green optics settle into a half-lidded position, and a notable green glow comes from his freakishly elongated index claw. "None of your concern that must answer too." Goth says with something of a cheeky smirk, knowing full well he had permission to be here.

He does take a vent through hearing others correct Valour, that green glow fading. "As stated I have permission from multiple sources to be here, mainly Ghost's, and Deathsaurus's." Goth nods.

[Con-Tapes] Ravage growls, "I find Deathsaurus' permission to be rather meaningless within Polyhex."

Valour turns his dark glower on Banshee, but nods, accepting her point. He turns to look at Omen, raising an optic ridge. "I'm not asking about permission," he says curiously. "I'm asking about intent. Why are you all here?" he asks with less-pointed inquisitiveness, turning back to Banshee while pointedly ignoring Goth.

Valour stands outside the Crypt, talking with the other Decepticons. And Goth.

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Then whose permission do we need?"

[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "We have Deathsaurus permission to be in Polyhex."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "Goth stated that while he has Omen's permission to be within Polyhex, that he also has Deathsuarus'. I fail to see how Deathsaurus' promise has any power within Megatron's fiefdom."

[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "Because he controls the city, Ravage. Thusly the security."

[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "That has not been revoked."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Megatron's word is law in all of his cities. His governors are the ones who give permissions."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "Understood."

Banshee motions to Omen, letting her explain it.

Omen clicks her beak, peering at Valour before giving a polite nod of her head as she hovers. "I need my old body." Direct and to the point, "I left it in there and we're here to get it so it can be used to repair my... er... other body."

Ravage lets out a low growl and then a sigh of acknowledgment. "We must venture down and hopefully... Retrieve it, or at least discern its location for retrieval."

Goth rolls his optics. "Why would a bat not be in a crypt?" He snarks as he starts heading down, not bothering to turn a light on, he lets out a loud chirp, and listens to the echoes back with a movement of his ears, and huffs as Ghost explains. "Work, basically." Goth confirms.

Valour listens to Omen and then nods. "If you wish, I will accompany you," he offers. "I can't imagine you'd encounter any resistance, but any who dare disturb the final resting place of Cybertron's heroes would be a formidable force indeed." He glances at Banshee. "Not that you don't already possess more than adequate guard," he adds respectfully, continuing to ignore Goth.

Banshee listens as she follows, flicking on her light. "It is unlikely." She agrees. "But yes, zey vould."

Omen clicks her beak, "Thank you Commander. This shan't take long at all." she notes, wingovering to head into the Crypts.

Ravage just glances at Omen, "You have more than enough field experience to..." He would mutter as the group would be ready to deploy. Apparently, some fears were universal.

<<Decepticon>> Comm Guy Soundwave says, "Accompanying Omen in the crypts."

<<Decepticon>> Omen says, "Thank you sir."

Decepticon Crypt

Where once the inside of the crypts was organized despite the cold and dark, now there seems to be a desolate and damaged air. The entryway itself is fraught with damage from when the overcity itself was formatted and then reformatted again, some of those front-facing mausoleums missing, wrenched from their platforms to become one with the city above itself. As one delves deeper, more and more damage is seen, missing mausoleums, buckled flooring until some element of order is seen through the chaos.

If what looks like walls build of the remnants of tombs is order, or fine glittering webwork strung between here and there... Or the gutted remnants of map consoles still sparking erratically.

And echoing softly between and all about are soft chitter-chitter-clicks.


Banshee follows, surreptitiously pulling one of her lugers and trying to cock it as quietly and respectfully as she can.

Ravage goes along carefully after Omen. As the group treads, Ravage seems to dart from shadow to shadow, almost invisible. Something eerie about the way he would become almost at one with the darkness now that they were away from that loathed light. And as they would go ahead Ravage would sweep along. "This is a.. Travesty." Seeing the horrendous damage.

Banshee nods softly "It... it is." She says, quietly. "Ve should tell Deathsaurus, he vould see it repaired."

"If you're going to be rude, at least state such, else you just look like a Dishonorable Xenophobe." Goth states bluntly, starting to play his own mind games as he moves and even vanishes into the dark but for the deep red bio-lights that adorn his frame.

Goth would easily move over the damaged terrain... He was a cave dweller after all, even inspecting some of the web work with interest. "Interesting, I am sure Des ordered its repair." Goth muses. "Was on his list of things... helped organize it as well." Goth adds.

Omen flits inwards, then slows, blinking as she looks about the... "Oh..." soft voice... "Oh... dear."

Ariadne Drones click and chitter from somewhere.

Valour follows the others into the crypt, instinctively moving to cover Banshee's blind spot in protection of the others. His sharp optics narrow as they survey the damage and fine covering of webwork. If Valour is affected by Goth's attempt at mindgames, he shows no sign of it. He stops as he hears the chittering, signaling the others to stop as well. His brow furrows as he listens. "Can anyone identify that sound?" he asks quietly.

Ariadne Drones hiss and click as glimpses of them are seen in the dimness.

Ariadne Drones:

A scattering swarm of multi-limbed creatures that appear to be pieced together from the parts of actual Decepticons. Most have at least 8 optics, mismatched in size, shape and hue. They move about in clustered groups, clicking and chittering and hissing as the skulk about.

<<Decepticon>> Deathsaurus says, "Good luck down there. If you need assistance, New Polyhex will be on standby."

GAME: Banshee FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of High difficulty.

GAME: Valour PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Above Average difficulty.

GAME: Ravage FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of Very High difficulty.

GAME: Goth PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Immense difficulty.

Banshee looks around "Silence, bitte." she says, gently, holding up her hand and spreading her wings, letting them direct the sound around her. She turns slowly, listening intently to the chittering. "I don't know vot it is." She says softly. "But I... sink zey're coming from zat vay." She indicates.

GAME: Soundwave PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Immense difficulty.

Banshee frowns as she listens to the sound "Drones, maybe? Scavenger-drones perhaps? I can't... I can't tell."

Ravage would likewise cock his head up, "We have motion and... Scavenger drones? They appear to have systems damage."

Goth's eats move towards the sound as his optics focus on the web as he carefully ruins his scalpel sharp claw through it in a bid to test the strength and consistency of such. He rolls his optics at Valour. "Yes, metallic, small, drone like, about..." He tilts his helm 5 paces to the right... " Goth muses as he squints over, his optic scouter tracing the sound to focus on it.

Most would get a ping of allowing Goth access to share what he was seeing in a small view screen... Catching a view of one, he raises a ridge at it, their made of corpses, one he seems had decepticonian like eyes, and made of arms. "...Well, I think I know who's been using my Drone designs." Goth says a bit annoyed, starting to attempt to track it.

Ariadne Drones hiss and click as glimpses of them are seen in the dimness.

Valour tenses, bringing up his arm-lasers but not powering up yet, not wanting their audible whine to disrupt the audial detection of those around him. He peers into the darkness, trying to get a sense of... what the slag?

Val suddenly rears back, snapping his weapons onto still-mostly-unseen targets. "Optics on them - yes, drones of some type. Their actions are organized - they are reacting to noise or movement. Freeze a moment but be prepared to defend yourselves!"

GAME: Omen PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Immense difficulty.

Soundwave holds out a hand "Hold." He says. "There is something familiar about him. This is no Insecticon or drone. Those are Decepticon optics. Movements: Coordinated. They appear to be made of bodies. I've seen those arms before..."

The noises and click-chitters continue to ebb and flow, some coming closer, some moving more distant for those who have the finer tuned sensory suites. Glittering dull garnet and ruby pinpricks of light peep out from nooks and crannies between the roughly welded 'walls' that form a barricade to each side of the main walkway.

Omen click-tchtchtchs, blade-feathers spanning as she alerts, side-slipping as she hover-follows... "I don't remember it looking like... this..." she murmurs, "That's... Oh... what is... Oh... oh dear."

Omen murmurs, "Are those... arms?!"

Banshee blinks at the drones, holding fire for the moment - and remaining still. "I... do hope zey're not hostile." A pause. "Uh... do you recognise any of zer arms, Omen?" She asks, nervously.

[Con-Tapes] Omen says, "Why are they made of ARMS....."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "Shoot first, make forensic examinations after termination!"

Ariadne Drones continue to move and migrate about, one or two visible peeping over the top of those corridor 'wall's before ducking back behind. They click-chitter-chatter, high pitched scraping sounds grating through the thick air. One, a small amalgam of fingers wired through a ped that appears to be almost all sensor, skitters out of one of the map consoles, highlighted in a brief spark from the console before it's gone. A counterpoint to what sounds like heavier scraping echoing up from further down into the crypts.

Ariadne Drones suddenly fade into sight without a sound.

Soundwave notes the sensor and pauses, hearing the skitter. "We are being monitored. Be wary. Whatever it is it has not attacked yet. We can hope to keep it that way."

Valour nods in response to Soundwave. "Shall we continue? I suggest we get for which we came and leave as quickly as possible before we encounter whoever built these drones from the parts of our fellows. While I would certainly have words with them, this might not be the proper time and place."

Goth frowns. "Well, suppose we ought to fix that, si?" Goth says. "Cover your ears." Goth stated before taking in a deep vent and letting out a sonar screeching to mess with the internal signals of the drones.

Ariadne Drones> With a few quick motions, Goth transforms into a large vampire bat.

With a few quick motions, Goth transforms into a large vampire bat.

Ariadne Drones evade Goth's Muddling_Sonar.

>> Omen evades Goth's Muddling_Sonar. <<

>> Goth attacks Omen, Banshee, Ariadne Drones, and Valour with Muddling Sonar, striking Valour. <<

As Goth goes to open his vocalizer, Ravage goes to snap out, "Wait!" Right over as he goes to disconnect his audial receivers immediately, tightbeaming to Soundwave and to Omen << Do you presume that these things are directed? They're some sort of drone but maneuver as if they're being coordinated >> Very wary now. Even that as the high scream goes out Ravage is on edge as the wail goes out, disorienting him and even if he doesn't -hear- it, it still knocks his sensors offline for a few moments.

Banshee nods in agreement with Soundwave, sipping from her kaff. "Agreed." she says softly, nodding in agreement with Valour as well. "Goth, wai-" She says, wincing softly, flinching a little at the sound. "...zere goes any chance of finding out if zey vere non-hostile..." she says, pulling out her second pistol.

GAME: Omen PASSES a DEXTERITY roll of Above Average difficulty.

Omen shakes her head, sliding back towards the larger Decepticons while peering ahead, "I think that is the best idea yet, Commander Valour. Get in, get out. Deal with whatever... madness this is with a fireteam." Optics widen at Goths warning "Wait no do- fekfekfek!" And she dives for the ground, skidding to try and get behind something to shield herself. That sparking console...

GAME: Soundwave PASSES a DEXTERITY roll of Above Average difficulty.

GAME: Soundwave PASSES an ENDURANCE roll of Above Average difficulty.

Soundwave quickly turns his audios down before Goth unleashes his sonics. "Goth, a little warning next time." he says, tensing up a bit.

Ariadne Drones screeeee at the sounds echoing now from the group, several darting out in the open, limbs waving before they turn and compress into cracks and crevasses, taking their noises with them. A weighty silence descends, even those deeper scrapings halting. Then there's a crackle at one of the walls as something sleezes out of a poorly welded join and darts across the 'wall' surface, headed deeper into the darkness.

Valour doesn't react in time, anticipating an attack from the drones, not Goth (filthy ex-Decepticon neutral... Val should have known better). Val winces as the sonic waves disrupt his equilibrium, throwing off his usual excellent balance. Val reaches out to steady himself, touching hand to the web-covered wall. "Goth!" he orders, his vocalizer buzzing. "Stop!" Semi-stunned, Val misses the darted movement.

Goth growls having missed the little drone, he watches as they scurry, his optics following their movement as he starts to approach cautiously towards the wall, now ignoring at least Valour, everyone else... well, he'll listen too, even if he is a bit annoyed. "Sorry you got." he says quickly as he moves... just whose arms were those anyway?

At the maneuver of the drones and -whatever- that is going through the walls and along the cracks, Ravage goes to hyper-focus on it with his senses as his systems would rapidly reset. SO what he's doing is sending out a 'signal' to Omen and Soundwave - tagging the small things maneuvering through the walls like cyber-roaches to try and give them a quick analysis - and if possible mark them out for the duo that has better scanners than he does.

Swindle is not feeling entirely himself. Something weird happened to him and the others, something that Swindle can't quite put his finger on. So, in the finest Combaticon tradition, he's attempting to ignore the weirdness and pretend that everything is just fine, nothing to see here. He's come to the Crypt because...because...because he just did, okay? He's been closest-thing-to-dead before and sometimes he just likes to check on those who didn't get brought back. And maybe scavenge for... trinkets folks might have left behind that are doing the dead no kinda of good so...

And once he got here, he saw a group up to something so now he's trailing them, because...shutup that's why.

Omen peers out of the wrecked console after the noise, blinking... "For feks sake.." grumbles the raven as she pushes back into the air, "Shouldn't be that far in.." She notes, "Just need to find a working console and confirm. Er..." She looks at the group, "If you do find one, look under Full Auto.. not Ghost."

Banshee blinks and looks around, nodding as she starts to search. "Full Auto? Confirmed." She says softly, her pistols ready in case those drones return.

Swindle is essentially a box with feet, but when he wants to, he can move with the speed and grace of a flyer -- not a Seeker, of course, but he's as graceful on the ground as Vortex is in the air. Maybe more so since he doesn't try to charge into windstorms like a freakin' goob. An audial-piercing skreeeech makes him freeze in his tracks, but when no *BOOM* or *BANG* or the dreaded *KARAKAFOOM!!!* follows the skreech, he starts heading closer to the group. And then he spots Soundwave. "Oh, slag me sideways..." he says, a bit louder than he perhaps intended. "AcK!"

Soundwave is also essentially a box with feet. But this box is busy listening to the scritching sounds and seeing if Goth's sonics helped. HE sees Swindle. "Indeed." he says in his normal monotone. He then goes back to looking down that hall and wondering just what is coming to get them.

Ariadne Drones remain quietly tucked here and there unmoving and... watching, only faint clicks from far off heard. Whatever had sleezed across part of one of the walls has sunk back behind them in faint rasping metallic sounds.

Valour slowly starts to recover from Goth's sonic blast. He turns to look as Swindle joins the group, optics narrowing again, wondering to what the little... munitions up. Valour saw Omen chirp at Banshee but couldn't hear what was said over his audials ringing. "Soundwave," he asks respectfully, without the bark he tends to give to underlings. "What is the current situation?"

Goth ear points in swindles direction as the other keeps to the walls, as he scans the area with his dark vision. "Swindle, what are you doing in here?" he asks in a tone of familiarity and... worry. "Would it be in a tomb with etching?" Goth asks as if they're some kind of weird organics... Khamsin's rubbing off on him.

There's a sense of disorientation from Ravage even as his optics would loop around in an apparent failure to have taken any specific sort of notice of things. And then would look over at the wall and the wriggles with a somewhat foreboding expression. Then glancing at Swindle, "Excellent." Then pointing at all the arms, "How many of those are from -your- resale lots?" Swindle or Gutcruncher. It's got to be one of the two.

Omen drifts ahead, looking for a working console. Optics gleam gold as she focuses onwards. "I think... This looks... kind of familiar... there's a... Oh... Well, that's just... wrong. "


  Various crypts and Mausoleums are still barely intact here beneath Polyhex. One of which is for a seeker who had been called Full Auto. One of the few mausoleums in this degraded and desecrated place that appears to have not suffered as many of the depredations of the currant crypt-keeper, Full Auto's mausoleum is still showing signs of tampering. The sealed cover is partially slid open with slickly wet and degraded data-cables limply draped over the edge, twisted and braided as they sink into a console nearby once used for mapping and remembrances. His demise was noted as swift and with full honors not all that long ago. Perhaps 20 or so earth years, give or take.

Swindle's posture is that of someone ready to run at the first sign of trouble -- so, fairly normal, if a bit more exaggerated than usual. "Nothing much, just figured I'd visit the crypt, see if anybody left anything worth picking up." He pauses as what he's said dawns on him, then forces a laugh. "Nahhh, just kiddin', figured I'd come some respects to...y'know...people who are dead that I used to know..." He stops talking, head tilting slightly to the side. "...yeah..uh, so...what're you guys doing down here?"

Soundwave looks to Swindle. "Looking for a body to recover. The question is the same for you: Who are you paying your respects to?" he asks, his tone incredulous.

Ariadne Drones continue to lurk out of sight, but the chirr-click-chittering starts up again like cicadas in a southern summer night.

Valour looks at the wall he just accidentally touched. He reaches back to touch it again, placing his palm on it experimentally. "Where is this body?" he asks distractedly, looking at the poorly welded wall before drawing back his hand. Turning back to Soundwave, he asks, "Do we have a name?" Val missed it while he was deafened by Goth. Thanks, Goth.

Goth quirks a ridge at Swindle being so... truthful, about his tomb-looting antics, but he shakes it off, they're in danger, needed to focus.... He'd once more start tracking the clicks, looking around the room with his optics on night vision, looking up to the ceiling as he carefully moved forward. "What is?" He asks omen.

Ravage glances over at the creaking walls, and then at the internment, "This appears well maintained." He would note. "And why perhaps are we seeking your body over in a tomb for someone that was designated Full Auto? Is there something about us you would like to tell now?" Ravage meanwhile goes to start going through profiles to dig up what he could on 'Full Auto'. The tomb probably had a profile and something on the one that had been interred within.

"Engaging in perimeter sweep." Letting the others chatter, Ravage was then going to put on a full scan of the area, attempting to use his enhanced senses to sweep around the place if he could, to look for anything out of the ordinary... Well, beyond the rather wretched state of the mausoleum, the kr-chirching of the drones in the background... And the sense that it was going to go all out like Trypticon starting to reshift his innards with everyone still inside it heavily on his processor. <<Swindle is here. If those things become hostile we can throw him to them while we escape>> Passed along to Soundwave and Omen.

Omen drifts back towards the grouping of mechs, "I think I found it. But it's... well..." trailing off, "I don't remember leaving it like that." Sounding perturbed and concerned. "The tombs open-ish and there are cables coming out."

Swindle's optics flicker and blink, as he tries to come up with an answer. His jaw clenches, tightening as if he's forcing words to stay inside. "Checklist," he blurts out. "Checklist. I'm visitin' Checklist. I... we used to run together back in the day. He turns into a-- turned into a data slug. Empurata. Red. Gold. Green."

GAME: Ravage PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Above Average difficulty.

Soundwave looks to the tomb. He immediately looks to Swindle. If anyone's a graverobber. "Soundwave is aware of a lot of the old soldiers. Checklist is not on the records." he moves forward. "Have you been robbing from graves, Swindle?" he asks dangerously.

Ravage sends a radio transmission.

GAME: Swindle FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of Immense difficulty.

Ariadne Drones continue to lurk out of sight, but the chirr-click-chittering rises and falls... then silences as others draw near to Full Auto's tomb.

Valour looks torn - what Omen says is creepy and demands attention, but the idea of Swindle robbing the graves of Decepticon heroes is ALSO important. Still, the fate of Full Auto seems more pressing right at this moment, so Valour leaves Swindle to Soundwave's tender mercies, and presses further to slide open the cover of Full Auto's sarcophagus and peer inside. His brow furrows, and he turns to look back at the others.

Goth notes the tomb and... well, noting the cables he has a slight idea of who's really in there, but why?... The slime on the cables though is worrying... He'd move as well to peek into the crypt.

Ghost's body:

Muted grays upon greys but lacking the life that they had once before. From the tips of wickedly upswept wings, to the ends of rounded boots, this femme once composed of the stuff left over when the light fails. Angular, lithe, and rapier thin, her form gave the illusion of being female without the softness so common in others of her gender. She had stood a good 32 feet tall with a passing similarity to the standard seeker models so common in the Decepticon forces, what with wings spanning out of her back, the hint of the tip of a jet forming her hips. But where they all seem from a common mold, she stood out. No obvious weapons graced her, nothing so mundane as arm rifles or shoulder rocket pods. Only the faint twinkling of emblems etched into her wings gave her allegiance, crystal embedded deep into the armoring the only thing that does reflect light off of her person with fragmented glimmers underneath the dust. Her canopy and chest plates are splayed open, primary and secondary datacables dissected outwards and used to connect to that lone, glitching terminal. Where her spark chamber is, one can if closely inspected, see a trio of thin, grey knives sunk in at the main junctures to her frame, separating where her spark had lived from power and her frame itself.

Solution. Shoot Swindle, figure out what's going on. Ravage would glance over at the designation of 'Full Auto' over on the crypt while going to evaluate what he would get from it. Whatever archive he gets over is then sent to Soundwave as Ravage would give Omen a glance of... Sympathy?

"I understand at least part of what you said..." When they were preparing. And then Ravage is going to cautiously head in to look at the tomb itself, going to then become one over with the darkness to head towards what was uncovered.

Omen drifts to hover over the tomb, watching as Valour slides the lid off. The avian is quiet for a few moments, hovering, staring down into the hollowed-out space. Silence from the raven continues as she studies before pulling back, drifting towards Soundwave to land on his shoulder, tucking head under wing and rattling.

Swindle's optics flare at Soundwave's question. "Not yet," he blurts out, then does the jaw-clenching thing again. "Because yeah, if anyone would rob graves, I guess it'd be me, huh?" he says, with a smile that isn't so much sickly as it needs a medevac flight to a trauma center. ", heh...yeah...No, see I learned my lesson on that. Y'don't scavenge body parts, not from your teammates, that's for sure."

Soundwave nods "Affirmative." he says like that's a given. "You do have a history of selling people."

Ariadne Drones rustle like wind over a field of grain a whirring raucous noise that rises, growing louder as more surround that tomb.

"Well..." A voice from somewhere deep behind the walls, tittering almost... "I suppose I'm done with 'that' one... Return..."

GAME: Valour PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Above Average difficulty.

GAME: Valour PASSES a COURAGE roll of Above Average difficulty.

Valour looks back at Omen sympathetically. "Is this for what we came? Do we have a transport back?" he asks, looking back at Swindle. When he turns back, he's faced with the new arrival. Her appearance makes even the mech named for his bravery step back. "Arachnae?" he asks, optics narrowing. "What have you done with her?" he demands sharply.

GAME: Ravage FAILS a COURAGE roll of Average difficulty.

Ravage fades into the shadows without a sound.

And then -whatever- it is that is happening has Ravage caught in terror. And the cat is going to engage his full cloak mode over and then immediately darting behind Soundwave over, essentially vanishing from existence even if one knew where he had been but a moment ago.

Yep, that's who Goth thought it was. "Lovely.." he states dryly with knitted ridges, perhaps disturbed, perhaps something else, who knows with the bat... Though his indifference to the corpse horrors and this is.... telling, of him. He notices Ghost's reaction and says nothing and starts going right to work, getting his tools out as well as a diagnostic to ensure he won't be contaminating her other frame with something else.. as well to get a full run on this ones schematics and intact parts.

...Still Those slimy cables give him worry, and where their connected... He'd frown at the raven, where in the frag did they get that? He snarls and keeps working quickly. "Do not be fooled, they are attempting mind tricks... Something I did myself back on Eukrias." he'd mention, and glare in the direction of the voice, growling lowly.

GAME: Omen PASSES a COURAGE roll of Very High difficulty.

Omen does -not- duck behind Soundwave, but she also doesn't move from her perch on his shoulder. Instead, she mantles wings outwards and click-hiss-chatters angrily at the voice and a glimpse of something moving in.

[Con-Tapes] Ravage terrorfearunknowing

Swindle doesn't duck behind Soundwave either, but his scatterblaster whines into life and a laser pistol just kind his hand. "Yeah, okay, I think we're at the "Decepticons Retreat!" part of the program, yeah? Or do we need Megatron to say it for it to be official? I think I got a recording of it -- 'Tex did a remix that's a li'l on the nose for dubstep but it'll work, I think."

Soundwave moves into a defensive position, protecting his tapes. "Do not fear. There is a logical explanation for this." come on, Logic. Back him up. He seems a bit alarmed himself. "I think we are. Decepticons. Retreat. Slowly."

Arachnae moves back with fluid motions as more and more of those cobbled together drones are now seen, coming to swarm about her. Emerald optics gleam behind her visor as she watches the grouping of beings here... "Her? Oh that?" malevolent purr, "I just needed a few... pieces here and there for my darlings." Things click and chitter and move like a living carpet, boiling up to her knees and swirling around her like stars around a black hole. "Hello Valour. I see you're not dead yet... Pity, you always had the loveliest hands." rotor spars rustle behind her as she continues to move back away from the grouping. "I'd /love/ to stay and chat but... as you can see, I have work to finish,..."

GAME: Goth FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of Very High difficulty.

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Calm, Ravage. Calm..."

GAME: Goth FAILS an INTELLIGENCE roll of Very High difficulty.

[Con-Tapes] Omen concern-confusion-headache-rage

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Omen?"

Valour glances back like he's somehow never heard 'retreat' before in all his years as a Decepticon. While *technically* Soundwave is no longer his superior, Val also doesn't plan to remain alone if all the other Decepticons retreat. He's brave, not stupid.

Still, Val's not leaving empty-handed. He glances down at his hands as Arachnae mentions them, and then down into the sarcophagus. With incredible care, Val gently scoops up Ghost's body as Goth disconnects it and takes it with him as he retreats.

>> Valour retreats from the area, leaving himself open to Soundwave, Ravage, Goth, Arachnae, and Swindle. <<

As Val runs, Goth silently acknowledges it in thanks and covers the mechs retreat by stepping in the way of the spider queen and val, letting a few of his own spider-drones drop as spheres from his subspace, the toxic green liquid sloshing about in their glass orbs. He says something in eukrian.

And then where Ravage -was- is nothingness. Silence. Oblivion. Emptiness. There is nothing where Ravage was. Or is. There is but silence. There is but the void in the chamber. Of terror. Of wreckage. Of parts filing up and over through the air and swamping upwards as -whatever- it was that Arachnae /was/ and what she/it was doing.

And then there is nothingness. For just those briefest of instances, Ravage moves. In that nothingness. When matter goes through the air. As drones shift. As things -move-. As they would rise up.. From nothingness, Ravage is launching himself forwards. Soundlessly. Silently. Leaving not but a mark nor a pinprick within the air. Not so much as a breeze, a trace of passage. That in another time in a tunnel would have its target skewered in half. But... Not here.

Not now.

And as where Ravage-nothing was is now a tape. A tape that has a magnetic clamp over on the end over and that is going to launch through the air to hopefully land right -over- on one of Arachnae's limbs as she was going to inspire loathing/terror/rage to hopefully clamp on completely unnoticed. Stealth field shimmering. Hopefully near impossible to detect.

GAME: Ravage PASSES a DEXTERITY roll of Immense difficulty.

[Con-Tapes] Omen whines softly "... I. remember..."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "omen...what is going on?"

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Ravage, be careful...."

[Con-Tapes] Omen says softly, "I don't know. The crypts weren't like this when I... was here last. I didn't leave my body all cut up like that. I closed the lid. .I know I did. I remember that."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage <<TRANSMITTING>>

Omen clicks her beak, making a distressed chirr, plating flattening down. "I'd like to dock now please..." she asks, rattling and rattled.

Soundwave opens his chest. "Ravage, Omen, Return." he says, watching Arachnae closely. He won't retreat until he's sure the cassettes are safe.

Swindle is running the second Soundwave starts the first syllable of 'retreat'. He runs like a Rabbit. Like a Deere. Like he's Eastbound and Down, loaded up and trucking to get this load of Coors to those thirsty d-bags in Atlanta. Ye-freakin'-haw. Starscream didn't revive no fools.

Arachnae remains in the circle of 'nope', several of the smaller 'designs' racing up her frame, perching on shoulders as she lazy-swishes those rotor blades of hers. A ripple of crackling blue energy races across her frame, sinking into one of the drones and its optics, all of them brighten. "Run along now..." she murmurs, stepping further back into the dark, green optics a sickly glow. That launched tape from the shadows makes contact just before one of those electrical waves races along her frame in a study of the finer art of pizeo-electrical control. She's grounded, it's her electricity after all... Is the kitty?

GAME: Ravage PASSES an ENDURANCE roll of Above Average difficulty.

That's one of the more subliminative things about Ravage. In tape mode, his electromagnetic-stealth cloak functions differently. It is insulating. All the more to help make sure that a sudden shock wouldn't jolt systems or reactivate them. Or if a sensor or security node was approached. So while there's a jolt, the electro-magnetic cloak would dissipate it, leaving Ravage attached and (mostly) unharmed over upon the casing. So along with a faint sizzle he's anchored over in place, sending a quiet < Present > on the tape-beam transmission. There is also that smug. That smug.

And then with one final thing Ravage is sliding off and over to the ground. Whatever he had done - whether it quick or involved or -complicated- then that little tape is hitting the ground and rolling along. Rolling to a stop over on the ground and clicking about, still hidden over with whatever he had nabbed, just another bit of debris along the ground that was vanished. Smug.

Smugcat be Smug.

>> Ravage retreats from the area, leaving himself open to Soundwave, Goth, Arachnae, and Swindle. <<

Goth clicks on his Radio. "<< Soundwave, do ensure I can reach Ghost's frame once we're out, wherever Valour is taking it, as... well, I don't think he has really much he can do with it. >>" Goth huffs, he doesn't know Valour well, so he doesn't know if the seeker is /that/ petty.

Goth glares as he starts backing up, using his own drones to protect him and keep them between his group and the spider-bitch... Note to self, have Des Death-canon her... He double checks to ensure everyone's left, but with Sounders there...

Soundwave nods "Confirmed." Once he's loaded he starts to move towards the door. "Cassettes are secure. Recommend gathering body and departing as soon as possible."

Arachnae watches as those who entered the crypt depart with their spoils. Rotors flick and shift behind her as optics narrow. A hand reaches up to pet one of the shoulder-sitting mini-monsters, "Don't worry. We've gotten what we needed from here..." that said she moves behind those tomb-welded barriers, humming to herself.


  The light plays across dark tyrian purple armoring fraught with a spider-webbed series of cracks and cracklings as broken as a desert mudflat after a vorn of no water. There is a visor that covers her optics, fine lines radiating from the edges inwards, capturing and shifting what light is reflected in oilslick rainbows, sickly and shadow-filled. From beneath it, emerald green optics stare out, studyingly, calculating, a calculating gaze hyper-focused into thin slits of dimly simmering cruelty. Below her visor, obscuring any expression is an angled mask, scarred with marrs and clawed strokes like hatch marks commemorating victories or failures. From her shoulders to the tips of her feet, she is as gently curved as a mechanoid can be, poised on the edge of violence, slinking and sinuous. From her back a dual-set of rotor hubs sit, the 6 blades twitch-clicking with vibrations and absent movements. Faded and nearly invisible against that dark, dark plating strike-square in the middle of her chest is the Decepticon emblem, the edges worn, gouges crisscrossing, tracing the outline in hatches and hashes. When this femme moves, it is with a vastly predatory style, contained with a cracked and eroded veneer of control as if at any given moment the contained violence will be unleashed.