Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: Ibex B Cup

Characters: Deathsaurus , Hot Rod , Kup , Metallic Midnight , Spitze

Location: Ibex Racetrack - Northwest Sector of Cybertron

Date: December 28, 2021

TP: Non-TP

Summary: Kup challenges all takers on a race in Ibex on the 'B' track. Which is a hazardous living condition all on its own.

<< Broadband >> Kup says, "Now that's all fine n' dandy, comin' home girl but while you're not fillin' up the air with all that. Listen up, Cybertron. I'm willin' to pony up a short keg of Encore's finest for anyone, bot, con, otherwise, willin' to race on Ibex's old B track and -win-. As it is. Now this ain't a fine, smooth field for high performers alone, it's still a raggity piece of slag. So if you got th' bearings, come on out."

<< Broadband >> Kup says, "Lets say th' entry fee's 50 shanix an' all of that'll go towards the resurfacin' to a -proper- track."

Ibex Racetrack - Northwest Sector of Cybertron

The Ibex Cup is a racing championship held in Ibex once every annocycle. The winner receives a trophy, also known as the Ibex Cup.

Whether its due to Kup's challenge on Broadband, or aimless wandering, the dinobot ankylosaur Spitze happens to be nearby. Pale blue eyes scan the track for a moment, before looking blankly at Kup, perhaps oblivious to the fact that she is not a car.


Kup is standing where one of the grandstands used to be for the 'B' track in Ibex. Cygar being absently gnawed on while he studies what work's been completed since the destruction caused by the liberation of the city's spaceport. Still, a good deal has been done for the city itself, and getting the tracks fully operational would go far in helping them get back on their feet entirely. Besides, who doesn't like to watch racers run around in circles. Bright blue optics study the 'B' track before he nods, considering something. Then there's a broadcast message, an all call as he pulls a short keg of -something- out of subspace, setting it to the side, followed by a battered hammered copper bowl. Nothing super fancy for the race he just challenged the world too, but that's fine. He's not fancy.

Hot Rod is revving along in the area, and is immediately making a beeline towards the racetrack from wherever his patrol was. Chortling, going to call out along the comm << Hey, old timer! What's the matter, afraid that if you don't move you'll start rusting in place? And have to start actually getting that oil bath if it doesn't short out? >> Teasing Kup was one of Hot Rod's perennial pasttimes after all. And the Cavalier was always ready to engage in it. IT'd been way, way too long as far as the young seeming Autobot was concerned.

Spitze looks back at Hot Rod, having somehow gotten here before the turborodding young punk, after having left the desert earlier. She looks to Hot Rod, then Kup. "Him Hotrod. Me Spitze." Introductions were in order.

<< Broadband >> Deathsaurus says, "I'd come race but you know. Its kinda beneath me"

<< Broadband >> Ghost says, "Right. You just don't want to lose because you'd be on the ground."

<< Broadband >> Deathsaurus says, "wait..ground race?"

<< Broadband >> Deathsaurus says, "what do I look like an Autobot? Gross."

<< Broadband >> Kup says, "You deaf, Deathsaurus? Yeah ground race. Rough terrain too. Real mech style."

<< Broadband >> Spitze says, "Me Spitze"

Metallic Midnight had heard the invite over the radio and instantly transforms and head for the race track. It has been many cycles since she had a race and she's not going pass one up now. Not long after Hot Rod she rolls into the area, her engine roaring and the black and red car with six wheels that's right six wheels shimmers in the sun light.

<< Broadband >> Deathsaurus says, "you know..."

<< Broadband >> Deathsaurus says, "I might make a presence. just to see what kinda skill the racers have."

<< Broadband >> Kup says, "yeah? Lookie loos have t' pony up th shanix all the same. Or add to the pile for the winner."

Kup rolls his cygar from one side tothe other, waiting by the 'table' (a slab of plas-crete sitting on top of piled up chunks of old roadway. Hmm, might even be fresh pieces of dug up roadway. He's got a grin plastered across his face. Then finds.. Himself looking at, "Huh. I don't know -you- and I know /all/ th' dinobots. I'm Kup." Rummaging in subspace, "Wanna goodie?"

<< Yeah yeah yeah. Figured it was public relations time after th' wreckers. Nevermind. You racin or jabbering to me about needin' a bath? >>

Spitze trots out onto the track, though not particularly taking a starting position. She investigates one of the pieces of debris on the field, then swings her tail at it, shattering it to rubble. She looks back to Kup expectantly. Also, it's clear she has no shanix.

With the classic transformation sound Metallic Midnight returns to her bot mode.

Metallic Midnight looks around the race track and then up at Kup, "Hey old timer is this where the race is?" She ask Kup. She then looks at the dinobot, "Well hello there. What is your name?" She ask.

Spitze looks up to Metallic Midnight, and blinks her optics. "Me Spitze. Him Kup, Him Hotrod." Spitze turns her head, perhaps a bit disinterested at the thought of energoodies. She looks around for a few more moments, then stretches with a yawn.

Deathsaurus flies in overhead and lands near the group. He folds his wings, looking like the majestic weird dragon he is. "Relax, groundpounders. It's not fair to race you. I'm just here to watch."

Going to catch up with Kup and transform and walk on over, "She's new about." Is about the best Hot Rod can say on it. "Doesn't seem like she was made by Wheeljack and Ratchet." At least from what the reports he's seen up have said. Spitze is given a wave, "She likes to nap as if she's playing keep-up with Steeljaw though." Glancing up at the landing Deathsaurus very warily.

Kup watches Spitze a moment before heaving a suffering sigh, dropping shanix into the copper bowl to cover the newbie and himself. "Pony up folks, Not running a charity here. Well. You know what I mean." Gruff but amused. His left optic widens a bit while the right narrows as Deathsaurus comes floundering in and settles, "Hey peacock. Move yer big aft over there, you're blockin' th' track." Wide grin around that cygar. "Well, Hey there Em-Em." he nods at Metallic. "Fancy seeing you at a track."

A nod as Hot Rod gives him more info on the dinobot. "Fair' nuff. Drop shanix in th' bowl and line on up if you're playin' Got th' small keg here, full." He taps said keg, "And whatever Deathsaurus is donating to th' winner." Big slag-eating grin now as he moseys to a line chalked into one of the few flat streches of racetrack.

Deathsaurus brings a rather large bag of shanix from subspace. Who knows who he robbed..erm where he got that from. He brings it over. "For the winner. Plus drinks on me tonight." he says, moving a bit away from the track after he makes his donation to the pool. "Should be interesting."

Hot Rod would go to flip some shanix over into the pot. Not a lot, but he's still doing rather well since he managed to win a rather significant hand of cards from Deathclaw. So he's actually been able to make at least a partial payment on his bar tab which may have freaked out Encore to some degree. Glancing at Spitz, "Remember, it's funner if you go fast. You can get to some nice sun on the other side."

Spitze regards Hot Rod for a few moments, then says obliquely, "Am Go-Kart." before getting back onto the racetrack, clearly ready.

Metallic Midnight watches as the giant dragon transformer flies in and purse her lips before he explains he here to watch the race. Fair enough no one said this was a Autobot only event so she not going make a stink about it. When Kup speaks up her glowing optics move to him and then the bowl, "Oh is there a prize for the winner?" She ask. She walks over with a sway in her step that could come off as sexy or cocky in both cased it's over the top. She drops a handful of shanix into the bowl, "I'll be taken those back after I win this race." She said to Kup before she gives him a wink. She then walks back out onto the race track and eyes up Hot Rod, "I would say I feel sorry for you but your going have a great view of my tail lights lucky you." She states.

Kup smirks at Metallic, "Now lass, that's th' spirit. But you see. I'm racin' too." He rotates one shoulder, then the other, then works through loosening his joints up a bit. Some of it's for show really. "And yeah, Winner gets th small keg from Encore. Th' shanix goes towards rebuildin' th' track. Thought it'd be nice to have a little fun with th' whole thing.' He rolls that cygar again before transforming down and rumbling his engine.

Kup transforms with a sound that predates its "classic" counterpart by several centuries into his likewise out-of-production Cybertronian truck altmode.

Metallic Midnight jumps into the air and with the classic transformation sound transforms. The fiber optic-like hair retracts into her head. Her head sinks down into the torso. Her hands retract into her arms leaving her arms ending in stubs. Her arms push into her body and become part of her cockpit. Her pauldrons fold-down becoming the door of the Aebulle. The spine plates push forward wrapping around her body giving her a more rounded form. The pair of tires on her backside pushes up taken its place where the head used to be. The body turns 180 and locks back into place. The parts that make up her foot retracts freeing the wheels. The legs fold in and the two wheel are put into place at the front. She has become a Zippy Aebulle.

Up ahead, the route reveals...a massive hole in the road!

Players must either be able to HOVER, all others must test their COURAGE or be forced to find an alternate route.

The difficulty of this challenge is FIVE

HOVER: Gain +2 Lead


FAILURE: No Change

GAME: Hot Rod PASSES a COURAGE roll of Average difficulty.

GAME: Spitze PASSES a COURAGE roll of Average difficulty.

GAME: Metallic Midnight PASSES a COURAGE roll of Above Average difficulty.

GAME: Kup PASSES a COURAGE roll of Average difficulty.

With a big hole under the road, and Hot Rod is just revving up and seeming to not have a care in the world! Going to just rev forwards, going to the end of it and rocketing over, letting out loud "YEEHAW!" There was something simple about racing, even as he would land on the other side of the gorge.

Deathsaurus continues to sit and watch, chuckling to himself. Some may consider this treason, hanging around racing with Autobots. He makes the rules as far as hes concerned, so he just continues to watch.

Aand yes, a hole in the road. Kup would shake his head, "Of all the diode blowin.." he mutters, downshifting, resetting his differential and tearing towards the hole itself, he brakes, slides roughly and takes the edge at an angle, all wheel drive? Maybe. Bearings of titanium, yes. It's bumpy and rough and craggy. Kindog like his finish wich takes a pounding as he rounds the hole, dipping in and out of the edge and into it some before careening forward on the marked path.

Metallic Midnight engine roar to life as the race begin. In her cockpit some techno pop starts to play. When the hole comes up she jumps it and lands on the other side, "I can see why the old timer needs the money this road sucks." She said to herself.

With everyone else hauling aftplate, Spitze sort of lumbers forwards straight into the hole, completely disappearing for a few moments, before climbing out the other end, a bit of an eagerness in her steps which is something of a rarity.

Up ahead, the route reveals...falling rocks ahead!

Players may either roll FIREPOWER to shoot some rocks before they land on you OR ENDURANCE to bounce it off the armor. Characters with FORCEFIELD can automatically pass this hazard.

    • GO FOR BROKE**

BEST SUCCESS: Gain First Place




GAME: Hot Rod PASSES a FIREPOWER roll of High difficulty.

GAME: Metallic Midnight PASSES a FIREPOWER roll of Above Average difficulty.

GAME: Kup PASSES an ENDURANCE roll of Very High difficulty.

GAME: Spitze FAILS an ENDURANCE roll of Very High difficulty.

For this round: Spitze = 0 Midnight +2, Hot Rod +2, Kup +3

Busting his way through the falling rocks, Hot Rod goes to pop up wtih a pair of rapid fire photon blasters on the sides of his engine! They would pepper through rocks and debris, leaving bunches to bounce along and roll off his bodyframe, leaving scorch marks as he would just sipmly barrel through and race his way through them! Pedal to the floor, not bothering to dodge!

Metallic Midnight sees the rocks coming falling from where ever, "Well that's a issue. Good thing I know how to deal with those. Deploy" She orders. panels open up on her sides and drones fly out and ahead of her. The Drones blasting the rocks as they fall allowing to pass without issue.

Kup drives his way out of that hole and guns it. Well as much as an ancient tec-truck can. "Slagit, it's like one of those D an D tropes. Rocks.. fall." He chuckles, pushing through as rocks hit and slide, damaging finish but he's -well armored-, "Everyone slows down or somethin'. How's it back there, Hot Rod?" He calls with a laugh.

Rocks are being blasted apart by the racers up ahead, Spitze starts chugging along with heavy footfalls. A few rocks bounce off of her, which causes her to stop, not due to injury, but due to annoyance, as she growls at whatever nebulous thing hit her. For a few moments, she seems to ignore the race as she weakly growls at the sky.

Up ahead, the route reveals...a rapidly weaving section of the road!

Players may either roll STRENGTH to smash through the issue and slow down or DEXTERITY to weave side to side rapidly.

The difficulty of this challenge is FIVE



GAME: Hot Rod PASSES a DEXTERITY roll of Average difficulty.

GAME: Kup PASSES a DEXTERITY roll of Average difficulty.

GAME: Spitze PASSES a DEXTERITY roll of Average difficulty.

GAME: Metallic Midnight FAILS a STRENGTH roll of Above Average difficulty.

Spitze +2, Midnight +2, Hot Rod +4, Kup +5

Going to buck along, Hot Rod is chuckling, "What was that Old Timer? Couldn't hear you over the sound of things breaking in your gears. When was the last time you had someone shoot you up with WD-40? Or should I ask if Ratchet can put that over in your cygar if it's the only way to get you to take your meds?" Hot Rod is going to blast along through the section of the road, simply bouncing along at some points and careening, using raw speed to get through!

Kup lets out a laugh as he shifts gears once again, working his transmission and that differential to whip through the road weaving. "Sorry lad, can't hear you over th' sound of my own awesome. Hope y' like th' back seat." Slightly lowered to the ground as he makes the turns, powering through them but also moving rather nimbly for an ancient frametype. "How ya holdin up there Em-Em?" he calls to the -actual- racer.

Deathsaurus chuckles "My shanix is on the old one." he says.

Metallic Midnight guns it trying to get ahead but decides to try to smash through why it's unclear but she hits the first part and comes to a full stop, "Scrap." she shouts as she falls behind. She soon quickly gets moving again.

Spitze is more interested in the run for the moment, though she could assuredly bash through about anything if she was so inclined. It's a rare sight to see, a dinobot at full gallop. While she's not ever going to match any of the vehicles in raw speed, especially the racers, there's always moments when the anklyosaur can put her strengths to the test. For a bit at least, she is in a near dead heat with Metallic Midnight. She calls out as she gallops, "When we get speed ramp?"

Up ahead, the route reveals...falling rocks ahead!

Players may either roll FIREPOWER to shoot some rocks before they land on you OR ENDURANCE to bounce it off the armor. Characters with FORCEFIELD can automatically pass this hazard.

    • GO FOR BROKE**

BEST SUCCESS: Gain First Place




GAME: Hot Rod FAILS an ENDURANCE roll of Immense difficulty.

GAME: Metallic Midnight PASSES a FIREPOWER roll of Above Average difficulty.

GAME: Spitze FAILS an ENDURANCE roll of Immense difficulty.

GAME: Kup PASSES an ENDURANCE roll of Very High difficulty.

Spitze = 0 Hot Rod = 0, Midnight +3, Kup +5

Going to pull tight along a curve, Hot Rod is going to just try and ram his way through! This ends up with him however badly miscalculating as a bounce off one rock would send him flying into another, knocking him full off the road and into a tumble down the bottom of the improvised track! Tumbling his way down to the bottom of the gorge, he would transform to stabilize himself. Then going to give off a salute to the others to show that he was fine.

Metallic Midnight ego can't let her finish a race behind a dinobot she puts on the gas and speeds forward. As more rocks appear she calls out, "Deploy" Those drone fly out the pannels and gun down the rocks once again allowing a clear path for her. She beeps as she passes Hot Rod.

Again rocks rain down on Spitze, and she didn't like it before, so she doesn't like it now. This time, instead of just snarling, she stops dead on the track, and starts swinging her tail up at a few of the falling pieces of debris, in sheer contempt!

"Right! More rocks!" Kup grumbles, "This is gonna leave a mark." Slowing down but pushing through the rockfall, some landing in his bed, adding weight for better traction over the smaller ones he drives over.

Up ahead, the route reveals...twisted routes!

Players may either use E-SENSES, roll TECHNOLOGY to find a good route OR AGILITY to just hope their speed gets them through.

The difficulty of this challenge is SIX




GAME: Spitze PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of Above Average difficulty.

GAME: Kup PASSES a TECHNICAL roll of Above Average difficulty.

GAME: Metallic Midnight FAILS an AGILITY roll of Above Average difficulty.

Hot Rod DNF, Spitze +1, Midnight +2, Kup +6

Metallic Midnight starts to weave though the course but takes a turn to sharp and before she can correct she spins out. She struggles to correct but then speeds after Kup who ahead of her.

"And up and over, and that loops a bit far..." Kup's not an ex-Wrecker, or Wrecker trainer for nothing. Plotting through the twists and winding backtracks does push his systems to their limits, not built quite for this sort of tactical review. "Huh. Em-Em, that's a neat trick you got there. Drones?" talking casual even as he somehow maintains a lead.

Spitze approaches the split off paths with little direction on which was was right. She stops for a moment, and judges three different ways to go, then opts for the one that looked best for her. Rougher terrain that her claws could work with as opposed to the smooth path for the wheeled racers. She scrambles forward, but ends up crossing the finish line well after Kup and Midnight do. She trots to a stop, and looks around for reactions.

Metallic Midnight sighs out as she watches Kup keep his lead, "Yeah. I'm recon they help me path fine and other things." She replies.

The sleek, futuristic sports car begins to stand up, doors forming arms, hood lowing into the chest piece, roof twisting around one-eighty degrees. Soon, the familiar appearance of Hot Rod is revealed. On his feet, Hot Rod would start to just jog along towards the starting line, going along slowly and just enjoying watchin the race from long range, seeming to not mind having fallen all the way off the track.

The old, blue-grey vintage Cybertronian truck transforms with a sound that predates its "classic" counterpart by several centuries into the grizzled Autobot veteran, Kup!

Kup skids across that finish and transforms, dumping out those rocks he picked up before shaking fragments of track and other debris out of feet, knees, joints. There's a lopsided smile on his face as he walks towards the pony keg and collection bowl. "Good work everyone! Spitze you did great. Hot Rod, you're back on PT detail. Shoulda been a cake walk for ya lad. Em-Em, damn fine drivin' there."

Deathsaurus chuckles. "Good race, I enjoyed watchin' from over here."

Spitze approaches Kup meaningfully, her head raised. A beat goes by before she posits, "Where am speed ramps?"

With the classic transformation sound Metallic Midnight returns to her bot mode.

Kup peers at Spitze as she ambles over. "Speed.. ramps? Well, we're workin' t' rebuild this track, Spitze. Then th' ramps'll be back up and workin'."

Deathsaurus starts to look rather uncomfortable. "I erm. Owe people drinks don't I?"

Metallic Midnight skids across the finish line and for a long moment just sits there in her car form before transforming. She sighs, Damn it I should had that race. If I had not made that stupid choice I would not of lost." she states. She shakes her head which makes those rainbow fiberoptic hair sway. She then signs, "Good race old timer." She offers.

Going to jog towards the starting line, a short time later Hot Rod is getting there, "Hey Old Timer, well done. Guess I'm having to make a contribution to the oil bath fund. Or you still avoiding those like the plague?"

Kup turns and looks over and up at Deathsaurus, "So... Time t' break your bar tab capacity there, big mech." Big ol' slag eating grin around that cygar of his as he tucks that keg into subspace. "Gonna drop off th' shanix to th' locals so they can use it t' get the track righted. Pick a bar, Deathsaurus, I'm looki' forward t' drinkin on your dime."

Deathsaurus chuckles. "You...erm. Remembered that hmm? Well I am a mech of my word. Rollout?" he asks.

Kup nods at Metallic after a moment of taunting the big Destron. "You did well, lass. This was more combat drivin' than a speedster race but all in all, you and Hot Rod did very well. Don't beat yourself up about it, lass."

Hot Rod would reach up a moment later, and go to chuckle as he would hear things. "Hey, we all go offroad sometimes. What the fun is about. Nothing at risk here. Just going on a drive and having some fun."

Metallic Midnight nods and sighs, "Yeah I know it's just frustrating I could've won." She states. She then looks at Hot Rod, "You okay?" She asks.

Deathsaurus is oddly quiet, his peacocking stopping for a bit. He bites at his own wing a few minutes, uncomfortably.

Kup offers Metallic a friendly smile, "Everyone here coulda won, lass. We all got various strengths, its a matter of learnin' t' think outside th' normal box. Those drones of yours, they only attack stuff? or can they feed back things they pick up?"

Hot Rod would glance at Deahtsaurus, "Everything okay?" He would inquire. It was still good to stay on the polite side of the Destrons. He would nod at Midnight, "Hey, just learn and race differently next time. This is good training."

Metallic Midnight shakes her head, "No they are from recon and stealth." She states. With that the drones deploy. The drones circle her and a few beep as if speaking to her.

Deathsaurus murmurs. "Yes. Just thinking that's all. Well. Shall we do this drinking thing. This is...erm. Awkward." the way Autobots congratulate themselves. No infighting. They are so weird.

Deathsaurus seems almost..relieved. "Well. I hate to cut our drinking party short but...I'm being challenged by upstarts. You know how it is." He says. "A rain check on our drinking?"

Kup turns, watching Metallic drive off before he gives a shrug. As Deathsaurus speaks, he whips around and advances, waggling a finger, "You gonna back out of a promise, here Deathsaurus?"

Hot Rod would huh at Deathsaurus, "Err.. Good luck?" And challenged in the.. Starscream sort of way? Glancing at Kup and waiting to be gestured to come over or not.

Deathsaurus pauses. "Not backing out. Just..give me an hour or so. I have work stuff to do." he says. "You know how it is. Planets to conquer upstarts to put under my boot...the joys of being an emperor."

Deathsaurus pauses. "I don't need luck. It's just a Decepticon." he says.

GAME: Hot Rod PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Average difficulty.

Deathsaurus chuckles. "Well I just took care of the problem if you're still up for drinks."

Kup snorts, "Whatever, Deathsaurus. No shame in backing out of drinkin'. I got work t' do and shanix to have over to th' city. If you get a ba... erm.. When you get a better FIm chip or filters, we can take y' up on your /kind/ offer. Go.. do whatever it is you do. Shoo."

Hot Rod would take a moment and then shrug, "Okay to ask who's the one dumb enough if only so I know who to send the 'ha-ha sucks to be dumb as you' card to when they get out of the repair bay?" He would offer while nodding at Kup.

Deathsaurus shrugs "Does it matter? It's just daily life on our side of the fence."

Kup shakes his head, "Yeah. Shouldn't be like that though. One cycle maybe all your lot will realize that." He waves a hand, "Got errands t' run, rocks t' get out of my chassis. See you later Hot Rod."

Hot Rod would shake his head and give a wave, "Hey, just as it's the norm doesn't mean you can't have fun with it. And don't have a breakdown, old timer. We're running out of tow trucks."

Deathsaurus mutters as he starts to walk off, sure the Autobots aren't paying attention to him, "He poisoned my mind. Made me enjoy Autobot things....that's the only explanation."