Transformers Universe MUX

The Iacon Medical Center isn't as new and flashy as the medical wing of Autobot City, but it serves its purpose. Spare parts and supplies are limited, however, so Iacon doctors and medics have to make do with what they have. Med tables are set up around the room, as well as some ancient-looking scanners. Some of the tools look like they were new when Alpha Trion was young, but they still work, so waste not, want not.


In contrast to the classical architecture of the other structures in the immediate district, Iacon Medical Center is a state of the art facility of tungsten and crystalline many stories tall. Although the structure is neo-brutalist in design with stark, imposing lines and proportionately sized windows, it does not detract from the other buildings even as it towers over them. On all sides at the base of the stridently rectangular structure are sets of wide, automatic double doors, which allow access into the facility day or night. On the roof of the medical center there is the large white outline of a helipad, with an additional entrance accessible to emergency transport vehicles. [1]



  • September 30 - "Renewal" - Gridiron's spark survived and gets placed in a new body.





Name: Firster Aid
Faction: Autobot
Function: DOCTOR
Alt Mode: White ambulance
Creator: Unknown

Firster Aid.jpg
Playable by Any Scene-Runner?: Yes

Info: Firster Aid is such a great doctor, he shows up before you even expect him!


  1. Description by Dreadtread