Hyperdrive was an evil Autobot from the Shattered Glass universe.

The former leader of the Cybertron Elite Guard, Hyperdrive was an extreme liability to the Autobot cause towards the end of his command. He was unreliable, leading his forces on fool's crusades, and perhaps even more than a little insane. At least that's the story of the pragmatic new leader of the Elite Guard, Thunderclash, and he's sticking to it. As a result, Thunderclash mutinied and took Hyperdrive out of the picture. The Elite Guard breathed a sigh of relief as a result. Or at least, if robots breathed they would have.


Hyperdrive was a villain once; massive, commanding, and nearly Prime’s equal in power and finesse. Now he’s a zombie – a shambling, mindless thing following the orders of an unknown master.


Shattered Glass

Hyperdrive was one of Emperor Prime's most trusted lieutenants. The Elite Guard was originally created by Emperor Prime and led by his brother Ultra Magnus, until Magnus opposed Prime and was exiled on Paradron. Hyperdrive was named as his replacement, but in 2009 he was deemed "unstable" by his XO Thunderclash and killed in the field. Thunderclash thought he would take over as leader of the guard, but instead Optimus Prime ordered Jetfire to take over the Guard. Thunderclash remains leader of the Guard on Cybertron until contact is re-established the the Autobots on Earth.

MUX History

When Alpha Trion and Dust Devil ventured to the Chamber of Omega Terminus to seek aid against the Old One, they were attacked by the re-animated corpses of Cliffjumper, Drench, and Hyperdrive.


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