Grimlock's TripAdvisor review was less than complimentary.

Hydrus Four, or Hydrus IV, is one of the only planets on which the miracle restorative Nucleon can be found. Now, this WOULD be plenty of cause to journey to the planet except for a few meddlesome problems.

Specifically, the fact that the planet is inhabited by creepy obsessive zombie mechanoids who guard the Nucleon. Also: the only inhabitants of the planet who are NOT robo-zombies live only to warn people of the zombies.

Hydrus Four is well known for the high quality of its medical professionals, so presumably there is more to this planet than has been seen.




  • The location of Hydrus Four is given as the Styrakon System in "End of the Road!" and the Hunfi system in "Another Time & Place". On the MUX we're going with the Styrakon System.
  • "Another Time & Place" expands on the native flora and fauna of Hydrus Four in some detail: in the slime swamps Grimlock complains to himself about the razor vines, energon limpets, spine hogs, and Terracowls, and then has to fight some kind of multi-horned, giant green beast with a "boneskin head".
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