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"A positive outlook is the key to success."

Beneath HUFFER’s cheerful, optimistic exterior lies the scheming genius of a criminal mastermind. Huffer seems kindly, and always has a pleasant word for anyone he happens to meet. He never grumbles or complains – instead he says every challenge gives him a chance to excel. Deep down, however, he despises the Autobot leadership, and seeks to disgrace and eliminate Wheeljack by any means necessary.

A complex system of sensors in his arms allow Huffer to test various materials for tensile strength, heat resistance, elasticity, and other attributes for use in construction. Although he lacks much weaponry, he is extremely strong and can lift 40,000 pounds. His mathematical and geometrical abilities exceed those of all the other Autobots. However, his secret desire for destruction and revenge sometimes distracts him from vital Autobot projects.

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Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

Huffer was one of the engineers behind the construction of the Ark, working under the direction of Wheeljack and Grapple.

MUX History:

Huffer is assigned to the Ark project. He travelled to Earth with the Ark, and is currently its Chief Engineer. He was present at the attack on Sherman Dam, but allowed the other Mini-Bots to do all the work.

OOC Notes

The idea of evil Huffer as a secret criminal mastermind comes from IceSpark.

Logs /Posts

2010 (SG)

Feb 23 - SG - Progress Update

Huffer here. Repairs to the launchpad have been completed. I've spent the days since working on repairing the Ark, and repairing the 'helpful repairs' done by other inept, er, volunteers. The Ark is in better structural shape. By the time I get done with it, it'll be more airworthy than it was before the attack. With some skilled, knowledgeable help it'll be ready to go soon.

May 24 - "Ark Launch"

The Ark launches from Cybertron to attack Earth, but the Nemesis gives chase.

2012 (SG)

  • December 18 - "Summons" - Jetfire is summoned to the Ark



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