Transformers Universe MUX
Log Title: Hotspots and Colonies

Characters: Starscream, Knock Out

Location: Medical Centre - Vos

Date: June 27th, 2022

TP: Non-TP

Summary: Starscream finally gets to talk to Knock Out and... applies a little pressure.

As logged by Starscream - Monday, June 27th, 2022, 2:29:43 PM


(Radio) Knock Out sends Starscream a radio transmission, 'You rang? My finials were tingling.'
(Radio) Starscreams transmit, "/Yes/ I am... Needing to speak with you regarding a few things that have come to my attention." to Knock Out.
(Radio) Knock Out sends Starscream a radio transmission, 'If you are in need of new methods of polishing and detailing your finish, I would be happy to provide recommendations. I have a feeling that is not why you are summoning me, however.'
(Radio) Starscream transmits, "Indeed.. I do not feel it is wise to talk over radios." to Knock Out.
(Radio) Knock Out sends Starscream a radio transmission, 'It often is not these days. I suspect I will find you in the usual place?'
(Radio) Starscream transmits, "Yes.. Vos." to Knock Out.
(Radio) Knock Out sends Starscream a radio transmission, 'Which I was attempting not to say, but I suppose anyone happening to be monitoring this would have already guessed. Very well. I am on my way.'
(Radio) Starscream transmits, "Oh hush." to Knock Out.
(Radio) Knock Out sends Starscream a radio transmission, 'Ahh. You are more fun when you are sassy.'

Medical Centre - Vos


Vos, the shining beacon of Starscream's pride as some would say... Starscream is in medical being tended to, due to his last encounter with Pilus, He looks.. well tired, grumpy.. Starscream! He grumps as his wounds are tended too.

There is space and time between the end of the radio transmissions and Knock Out's arrival, to compensate for travel. Not overly long. Hard to tell where he was previously, but he is here now, in Vos, and striding in his usual way into the medical facilities. "Ah, so this is where they are keeping you. Your Lordship? Sir Scream?" Others might risk getting blasted for this. Even he may, but he often has a knack for talking his way out of trouble. "I have seen most of the reports, of course. Most expected your defeat, but you certainly showed Megatron, didn't you? Or whoever he is. I have not been able to discern the truth yet."

Starscream just gives Knock Out a look of annoyance. "Oh please, I did only what someone with /smarts/ would do." Starscream says placing a hand on his chassis.

Starscream'd look around and then knit his fingers together to look studiously at Knock Out.

"Where to begin, where to begin.." Starscream muses. "...Tell me, what do you know of Hotspots?" he asks.

Knock Out's optics run a surface scan of Starscream's condition, since he doesn't look to be in that bad a condition. "Is this all from that battle?" he asks, gesturing casually. "And have you been able to tell if it's truly the Megatron we know, just corrupted? Or something else entirely, pretending to be him?" The question brought up is not one he was readily expecting, so there is a moment where his optics sharpen then expand slightly, a show of curiosity.

"Hot spots? The more /scientific/ name is calidum macula. Locations where sparks ignite naturally. Most have gone out over time, but some still exist. The magnificent mech that stands before you came from one."

Starscream bahs. "I suspect it truly is megatron, but with some other wordily influence to him." He'd huff with a sneer.

"Good.. Good, do you have /experience/ with them?" Starscream adds probing for a bit more information.

Knock Out frowns. "I'd almost hoped he was an impostor. That would make things much simpler. If what you say is true, then putting a stop to this will be a more.. delicate matter." As to the question of sparks, he decides to play it close to the chassis, so to speak. Starscream asked a particular question, and he gets a particular answer. "Yes."

Starscream smiles, the right answer that was. "So, perhaps you can help in a little ah... information gathering, you see.. multiple hotspots are starting to ignite here on Cybertron and the Autobots do have a leg up on us, but we are in.. a agreement, Megatron cannot find out, else such things will be destroyed, or forced into the armies.. either way making the fighting much worse, and with the planet just coming back online..." Starscream explains carefully.

"I think you can understand the concern." Starscream nods. "We don't have much information on them and have been lost.. but you.. You have the.. uniqe,e background to know more then us given your.... Birthplace."

Knock Out taps a finger against his cheek. "Most interesting. I know some who have performed spark experiments, and I have studied them as part of my own learning. As far as I've been aware, hot spots have been dormant on Cybertron for.. a very, very long time." Lifting a brow again, he circles around the spot Starscream's taken up in the medbay. "You get me information on locations, and I will see what I can learn without it reaching Megatron's attention. We may have to take steps to neutralize the danger he presents regardless, but that is another matter."

Knock Out has not been especially secretive when it comes to where he was created, but it remains that individuals not from Cybertron are in the minority. "Yes. Velocitron. A place I have found myself missing more often from time to time, given the constant war here."

"I know of two spots.. one in the Alyon desert, and the other.. well.. Trypticon is sitting on it, but others are apparently around." Starscream huffs as he explains, giving Knock Out his first lead. "They've moved, shifted from their original last known places but... Perhaps form the two, you can start there." Starscream explains.

Knock Out keeps that finger there a few moments longer before lowering his hand. "It would seem the desert location would be good to.. sniff around first," he says before going back to another thing tied to the topic. "Even before coming here, I'd noticed the one in Delta was producing fewer sparks over time. We Velocitronians are all about speed and efficiency, and every new generation of sparks would be pressed into faster, sleeker forms. But, with enough time, that one will likely die off. Much like Cybertron's. Perhaps they simply go dormant, or there may be something else to it."

"Dormant perhaps, titans seem to have much more.. retentive abilities than the planet." Starscream muses as he looks at Knock Out, something having been confirmed.

"So.. Tell me, do you still have contact with your.. colony?" Starscream asks with a raised ridge. "I know the /bat/ goes on about his planet, but has made it clear he has no contact with it."

Knock Out hmfs. "I try to stay up on any important news, but.." He shrugs at this, shaking his head. "My kind are not at war, and my kind does not decide things through war. We are not that different from Cybertronians in other ways, but for a people where speed is the ultimate measure, the race is how we decide our matters." Whether notable or not, he has no response to the mention of the beast-former bat.

"Interesting.." Starscream says as he studies Knock Out, he always suspected the noseless-wonder was not of this planet.. Still. "So I take your people have evolved in specific ways, much as those of the bat, given less... Barbaric as their forms." he'd muse.

There is a moment of silence. "Hmm, seems you have more at your advantage than most."

Crossing his arms, Knock Out watches Starscream attentively. "I could make a few observations about barbarism related to appearances, given how long the factions of Cybertron have been at war with themselves. Do you never tire of it? Even peaceful periods feel more like temporary pauses more than progress." His chin tilts upward slightly. Yes, there is a feeling of superiority he can slip into. "We simply prioritize different things in different ways. Why do you feel I have an advantage over others?"

"Simply, it's my observation your weapons and tools seem to hinge more on solar-power then energon like most of our technology does." Starscream muses, and quirks a brow at Starscream.

"Yes, why I am attempting to do what I /can/ while Megatron is off dancing with gods know what that fuel into his hypocrisy." He'd huff, rolling his optics.

There is a moment where Knock Out appears.. impressed? Surprised? He recovers, whatever the case may be, and there is a knowing expression that registers. "Ah, yes. Delta is a moving city. The harsh climate of Velocitron cannot be survived in when in direct sunlight, so we stay out of it. That does not mean we have not learned how to harness the power of the sun for our energy, rather than through finite sources of energon, which we had no trouble keeping reserves of. Were Delta to ever break down..."

Here, Knock Out grows speculative, thoughtful, appearing so distracted as to not even respond to the talk of Megatron and whatever he's doing. That /is/ a topic he wishes to discuss, but Delta has drawn his focus elsewhere.

"I see. so, efficiency taking priority." Starscream muses, and thinks, that could be useful oh so useful. "Perhaps if willing, you'd be ah.. willing to /lend/ such to help upgrade things, and make us less dependent on Energon, as that was part of what started our millions of years long war~" Starscream purrs, playing his strings carefully.

"Who knows, what the combination of the colonies could do to better one another." Starscream adds with a shrug.

Knock Out waves the mech off with an impatient hand, taking to pacing the room in an irritable fashion. Something has crawled into his head and caused him to think on matters that had not been under his consideration much before. "Yes, yes. You want to know how we utilize the power of the sun to convert to energy. A trivial matter, really. It would not be as efficient here as there, but it could lessen your energon dependency in ways. Ahem."

Knock Out turns back to eye Starscream. "But I am not sure what Cybertron could offer that would be of any use to Velocitron. That said, if there is something causing Megatron to act the way he is, one way or another he must be returned to normal. Wars are not always won with weapons."

Starscream lifts a ridge, interesting, something has definitely gotten under the lead medic's mesh.... Though he thankfully, thinks, he knows how he can counter this.

"A stabile planet for those who wish to not be stuck in constant movement and darkness.. Safety." Starscream shrugs with a sly smile. "That is, if Megatron does not attempt to force it out of you should he be as observant as I." Starscream adds, he knows if Megatron does find out, he'll force the medic to give such information over for war-fare.

The apparent ruffling of Knock Out's feathers has him squinting back at Starscream, whether the Decepticon Lord is confined to his medbed or not. "Safety? On Cybertron? My people prefer our isolation. I am the outlier, perhaps foolishly the more I think about it. You, with your jet forms, are among the few who can match us for speed, but that is in the skies. You are inferior when it comes to having four wheels on the road. That is not an insult, but merely a fact."

Knock Out stops the pacing, for the moment, after gesturing in Starscream's direction again. "Velocitron wants nothing to do with anyone else. They would not relocate to Cybertron. That, I am certain of. As for Megatron, he is too occupied calling himself something else and threatening destruction of anyone who does not bend the knee to him, and even then, that is no guarantee of safety. You would need to actually find peace and keep it first."

Starscream shrugs. "Safety in numbers, if there is a unified front against the so-called slag maker, perhaps things can become of that." Starscream says, giving only a snippet to his plan. "But be as it is, it is an offer, need not act on it now, but do think about it~" Starscream says, smug in his mind about what he's plotting.

"Anyway, that's all I wished to speak with you about." Starscream finishes, watching the Medic.

"And if he keeps his attention on Cybertron only.." Knock Out retorts, suggesting with an arched brow that Velocitron would never come under his attention in the first place. But, is that a guarantee, especially if Megatron learned of their solar aptitude as an energon alternative? Whatever is circulating through the speedy medic's head, it stirs another frown.

Knock Out takes the last words as a dismissal, regardless. "Very well. Remember, if you need someone with set of skills in places other than combat to have a closer look at him should the opportunity arise..." He turns to depart, a brief wave sent over a shoulder.