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Hooligan is an alien thug. The Generation 2 Decepticon is not yet canon.
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Hailing from the planet Mil-Wal, and with a reputation for being the toughest mechanoid this side of Funghurus Six, Hooligan is the champion fighter in the deadly games at the Jekka Amphitheatre. Some might speculate that Hooligan fights in the arena because he is forced to, but they would be wrong—Hooligan really loves to fight!

Autobot not understand... I want to fight... I like fighting!

—Hooligan, "Deadly Games!"


Marvel Comics continuity

When the Jekka Amphitheatre was reopened by an alliance between the Decepticons and the alien Zabra, Hooligan spent his days killing scores of weak, helpless Autobots and other prisoners in front of a paying audience. Deadly Games!


  • Mil-Wal is identified as Hooligan's home planet on the cover of Marvel UK #171. This is an obvious reference to Millwall F.C., a British football team with a reputation for hooliganism amongst their fans.
  • As well as possessing considerable fighting prowess, Hooligan can see in heat vision when he needs to.
  • He is explicitly described as a mechanoid despite looking decidedly organic in parts, especially around the mouth and arms. This could be down to Dan Reed's distinctive art style, however.
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