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The Hive are a group of evil Nebulans.
The name or term Hive refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Hive (disambiguation).

The Hive, as the Zarak Consortium is informally called, are a council of tyrannical overlords who rule the planet Nebulos with an iron fist.

Members of the Hive

Inner Circle

  • Mo Zarak - Leader of the Hive, and by extension, Nebulos
  • Olin Zarak - sky pirate
  • Grax - businessman and industrialist
  • Vorath - Minister of Science
  • Monzo - nightclub owner
  • Spasma - politician and socialite
  • Krunk - bodyguard
  • Brisko - cartographer
  • Kreb - talk show host
  • Lokos - smuggler and air pirate

Outer Cicle



The Transformers cartoon

The Hive, led by Lord Zarak, are the rulers of the planet Nebulos. They rose to power with the help of Blowpipe, Zarak's conniving brother-in-law.

Living in an underground city, the Hive possess highly developed mental powers which enable them to control machinery with their minds. They use this ability to control a variety of devices on the planet's surface to both maintain the environment of Nebulos, and to enslave its population.


Although the Hive like to imply all their members possess cyberkinesis, only Zarak's immediate family and members of his Inner Circle possess the ability.

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