Transformers Universe MUX
Personal information
Real Name

David P. Lewinski


St. Paul, Minnesota

Military information
Service branch

US Army

Primary MOS

Operations support

Secondary MOS

Armament research and design; Telecommunications


E-6/Staff Sergeant (SSG)

Organizational information

G.I. Joe

If it isn't alive or art, I can fix it.

Although he is more likely to be wielding a soldering gun than one that shoots bullets, HI-TECH can be depended on to pitch in during a fight by taking control of any number of complex technical weapons systems used by the G.I. JOE team as they battle the forces of COBRA. A good-natured soul who can't bring himself to say "no," HI-TECH is more than willing to spend off-duty time repairing the personal vehicles of G.I. JOE teammates, fixing their TVs and stereo systems, and troubleshooting their PCs and laptops. He doesn't mind it a bit. He says it's all good practice for when a key piece of a weapons system fails during a real fight. Primary Military Specialty: Weapon Research, Design, & Repair. Secondary Military Specialty: Telecommunications.


Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

HI-TECH is the code name used by U.S. Army Sergeant David P. Lewinski, born in St. Paul, Minnesota.

MUX History:

An expert in computer technology and advanced weapons systems, Hi-Tech serves with the reinstated G.I. Joe team, joining in 2004. Good natured and unable to say "no," he was willing to fix his fellow Joes' personal vehicles and electronics.

In 2012 Hi-Tech was part of the security team at The Pit, the Joe team's headquarters, focusing on electronic security.

In 2016, Hi-Tech was moved to G.I. Joe R&D, under the command of Major Jane.

In 2019, Hi-Tech was promoted to Staff Sergeant (SSG) and assigned to work on the BET project.

In 2021, Hi-Tech was made an official member of Star Brigade and assigned to the Crusader mission to Nebulos.

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Hi-Tech had a player until July of 2008. While currently temped by bzero, he is available for application.



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