Transformers Universe MUX
The Hi-Q Industrial Research Complex is a building on Nebulos.
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The Hi-Q Industrial Research Complex is a secluded research facility on Nebulos owned by Hi-Q. Over the decades of its existence, it has produced many of Nebulos's technological innovations and has therefore greatly improved the quality of life for the Nebulans.

The staff consists of:

  • Hi-Q (owner & codirector)
  • Hi-Test (former codirector)
  • Hotwire (top systems troubleshooter)
  • Lube (fuel technology expert)
  • Rev (telecommunications scientist)
  • Kari (... computer expert?)


MUX History

As the Hive has taken control of most advanced technology on Nebulos, Hi-Q and his team has been met with increasing suspicion and isolation, and it's been more and more difficult for Hi-Q to avoid making a public stance on the brutal crackdown.

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