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Hanging out in the OOC lounge

Out of Character (OOC) relates to the the player, as opposed to In Character (IC), which regards the character. So, if the Director is hungry IRL, that's OOC. If *Typhoon* needs fuel, that's IC.

Transformers Universe -:- OOC commands index

        +admin         +alias         +ansi          +award
        +awho          +beep          +duty          +email 
        +faction       +fcheck        +finger        +gripe    
        +ic            +last          +mail          +ooc   
        +oocfinger     +poll          +selfboot      +swho
        +ticks         +time          +twink         +view
        +where         +who


"IC" stands for "In Character." +ic put you in the In Character world, which is a fictionalized version of our world -- there's a New York and a California, and there's also a Cybertron and a Cobra Island. While you're in the IC area, everything you do is assumed to be In Character -- so if you pose waving with :waves it's considered your character (Optimus Prime, Cobra Commander, whoever) waving, not you as a player.

When you're In Character, if you wish to say or do anything Out of Character (meaning as a player, not as a character - Optimus Prime's ICly character fighting Megatron, but OOCly his player wants to tell other players thaT he needs to pause to answer the phone in Real Life), use the +ooc command.