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This article is about the former-Decepticon province - for the G.I. Joe covert operations officer, see Helix.

As of 12/22/2021 (User:Bzero), Helex (polity) is
Autobots within the territory are tolerated as long as they don't cause trouble, Decepticons within the territory are tolerated as long as they don't cause trouble, and Unaffiliated Inhabitants are free to conduct their business as they please.
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Helex was once the Decepticon capital and the seat of Megatron's empire, though he no longer spends much time there. As the former capital, it was situated well into Decepticon territory, not far from Stanix. The Power Base serves as their main headquarters, with Castle Decepticon serving as a secondary fort. While undeniably under the control of the Decepticons, the ruling Triumverate's laissez-faire attitude has allowed Autobots to live and work in Helex relatively unthreatened, at least until the Autobot attack on Castle Decepticon in 2015.


Pre-MUX continuity

While Polyhex had been the preferred location of many previous Decepticon leaders, Helex became the hub of the reign of the Triumverate. Rather than invest in the war, the Triumverate opted to use their power solely for their own comfort. Their decadent pursuit led to the abolishment of the many patrols keeping the city's metal vistas clean from Autobot presence, which began to manifest itself without challenge in the city soon after. As the Autobots plotted to tip the power balance in their favour, the Triumverate unworriedly entertained their forces with a steady program of arena fights in which they pitted their more bloodthirsty soldiers against Autobot prisoners of war.

MUX Continuity

In 2015 the Autobots launched an attack against Castle Decepticon in Helex. After taking it over and holding it for two cyber-weeks, it was eventually taken back by the Decepticons. As a response, Megatron moved troops in to defend the keep, and the Triumverate were forced to crack down on Autobot presence, causing civil unrest. The Autobot army encouraged local Autobots and neutrals to form a resistance, but were met with resentment by those whose lives had been upended or at least inconvenienced as a result of the surprise attack on Castle Decepticon.

The Autobots eventually called off hostilities and reached an agreement with the ruled Triumverate that the Autobots could investigate the Cult of Silent Grill.

In 2021, Helex broke away from the Decepticon Empire after the disappearance of Megatron, and has reached out for a possibly alliance with Stanix.

Shattered Glass

When Starscream's crew managed to make contact with Cybertron, Heatwave told them that Megatron hadn't taken their call because he was away in Helex. Transhuman


  • Castle Decepticon, once Megatron's home, is located in Helex.
  • Helex was created as the Decepticon answer to the Autobot capital of Iacon, but hasn't been able to keep that title in later canon. Within the same continuity and by the same writer, albeit in the unofficial story "Alignment", Helex was replaced as the Decepticon capital by Kolkular. Kolkular was canonized in the Dreamwave Generation One continuity a few years later and reimagined as the capitol of the Decepticon city-state Kaon. Kaon has since become Iacon's counterpart in virtually any continuity while Helex is little more than a footnote.
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