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Headmasters are a type of symbiotic variation on the Transformer lifeform in which a smaller being, frequently but not exclusively organic, transforms into the head of a larger robot. Headmaster bonding typically occurs between two sentient beings, but there have been cases in which the head or the body (such as the Transtectors) is a non-sentient construct controlled entirely by the other partner.

When it occurs between two sentient beings, the benefits of the Headmaster procedure are many: The partner gains control of a larger, more powerful body, and the Transformer gains an extra perspective on the battlefield, the psychic binary bonding involved allowing him to draw on both his own ideas, tactics, and instincts as well as those of his partner as quickly as if they were coming from his own head (since they are). Agility, reaction speed, and targeting accuracy are often enhanced by the process.

The Headmaster process leaves its subject Transformers with one glaring disadvantage: when separated from their partners, they have no head. Most can continue to function as vehicles without their partners but can do little in robot mode besides stand around.

In conversation, the term "Headmaster" can apply to both the small partner (the head) and the significant other (the body).


MUX History

On the MUX, the only current true Headmaster is Fortress Maximus, who was created by Vector Sigma for its own ineffable reasons.  

Apocalypse World

After Mo Zarak got too old, his son Olin Zarak inherited Scorponok, becoming Scorponok's Headmaster controller.

 Tornado - Decepticon Saboteur, 2014/06/03


Theoretically, the binary-bonding process created by Arcana could be used to make more Headmasters, but what insane idiot would do something like that?

Foreign names

  • Italian: Leaderbot
  • Mandarin: Tóulǐng Zhànshì (头领战士, "Headman Fighter")

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