TP Name: Headman TP

Primary Characters: Claymore, Headman, Headhunter Stormtroopers, Duke, Headhunters, Link, Mara

Primary Factions: Cobra, G.I. Joe, Headhunters

Primary Location: Brazil, South America

Year: 2008




Canonical/Pre-MUX/Theme History:

The drug kingpin known as Headman got his start robbing old ladies for their social security checks, then moved on to robbing convenience stores. In prison, he learned the ropes of drug dealing and started selling after his release. He set out to create a drug empire patterned after organized paramilitary groups, and eventually turned the dealers who worked with him into "Headhunters", outfitting them with uniforms that hid their faces. Headman himself wore a simple mask over his eyes and dressed in a pinstriped, double-breasted suit inspired by old time mobsters like Al Capone. Headman was about to set up his operation in Broca Beach, New Jersey, never realizing the town was controlled by Cobra. A Crimson Guardsman from the Fred Series was killed when he confronted Headman about his son's addiction. Eventually, the G.I. Joe Drug Elimination Force (DEF) arrived and fought Headman and his Headhunters. Headman, defeated, fled the town and escaped the Joes. He headed to pick up a new shipment on the waterfront and was pursued by the DEF. He was finally stopped when Cobra Commander, using the government's hidden laser facility in Manhattan, destroyed his boat. The Joes, never having discovered Broca Beach belonged to Cobra, wondered why Cobra Commander had helped, but they were still happy to finally arrest Headman and put him behind bars.

MUX History:

The Headman started to rise again, only to be stopped by both Cobra and G.I. Joe. The Headman eventually escaped, working alone as an international criminal before eventually beginning to gather a new legion of Headhunters. Headman tried to start his operations back up in South America, and got caught by the combined efforts of Cobra and G.I. Joe. He was incarcerated by the US government, courtesy of G.I. Joe, but escaped with the help of Nightfall. The Headhunters are now occasionally lent out to Nightfall to assist in her global schemes.

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