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The Head Guard is a Decepticon drone.

He heads the guards; he does not guard heads.

The Head Guard is the leader of Shockwave's drone guards. His chest folds out into an extra large communications screen, both for taking orders from his master, and for consulting his master when something confuses him, which is often, because he has little in the way of imagination.


The Transformers cartoon

The Head Guard managed to capture Spike Witwicky, Carly and Swoop while the trio were distracted by a history datatrack. He immediately reported their capture to Shockwave, who ordered the prisoners be taken to the Cybertonium Pit, deep within Cybertron. Mission accomplished, the Head Guard had the three put with the other Dinobots. Unfortunately a fight soon broke out between Grimlock and Spike, and the Head Guard had to consult Shockwave, who told him to remove the humans. Of course, no sooner was the force field lowered, than the Dinobots attacked. Slag melted the Head Guard and his fellows into puddles of molten metal. Desertion of the Dinobots, Part 2


  • The Head Guard's animation model was recycled for a mass-produced Sentinel model in the later episode "The Revenge of Bruticus".
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