Transformers Universe MUX

Log Title: He Has Reasons

Characters: Aegis , Alpha Trion , Arcane, Autoceptor, Baud, Blitzkrieg, Deceptor, Dust Devil , Ghost , Incognito , Nightshade, Omen , Ravage , Soundwave , Salvation, Vector Sigma

Location: Kalis Sector - Northern Hemisphere - Cybertron , Vector Sigma Chamber

Date: September 14, 2021

TP: Liege Maximo TP , Fight the Future TP

Summary: Beneath the Decepticon-controlled city-state of Kalis lies an underground facility, home of the Salvation team. And now they've emerged, summoning an eclectic group of Cybertronians for reasons they will explain. Eventually. Part 1 of 2

TFU - Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Kalis Sector - Northern Hemisphere - Cybertron

Aegis emerges from the tunnels beneath Kalis. With her are two others, identifiable from Ravage's intelligence as fellow members of Aegis's Salvation team. The first is Arcane, an ancient-looking proto-Seeker with a long, blood-red cape and twisted white staff. The second is Baud, a tall maroonish-red femme with antennae sprouting all over her body. Aegis frowns while Arcane peers about intently. Only Baud looks calm and serene, a bright smile on her dark face.

"Baud," Aegis orders, "open communication lines."

Aegis sends a radio transmission.

(Radio) Aegis sends Ghost a radio transmission, 'You do not know me, but my name is Aegis. Alpha Trion has requested your presence, if available. Should you agree to attend him, please meet me at these coordinates in Kalis.'

Aegis sends a radio transmission.

(Radio) Aegis sends Dust Devil a radio transmission, "This is Aegis. Alpha Trion has requested your presence, if available. Should you agree to attend him, please meet me at these coordinates in Kalis. I have alerted Cyclonus to your approach. You will not be accosted."

Aegis sends a radio transmission.

(Radio) Aegis sends Incognito a radio transmission, "Hello. This is Aegis. Alpha Trion has requested your presence, if available. Should you agree to attend him, please meet me at these coordinates in Kalis."


And in Ultrix, in the bare comm tower there, Ghost looks up at a radio. A frown crosses her face, finials flattening as she considers. Slowly, she disconnects herself from the mini-frame there, sliding to her feet as a cyber-raven settles on her shoulder with a grumble. "What do you think?"

"Idiot should not go alone. Especially if old mech is involved."

"True. But I have you." Tone thoughtful before she nods and turns, heading out. "Why ask if idiot doing idiot things?" grumbles the raven.

(Radio) Ghost transmits, "Very well. I will not be alone, as I am not allowed to travel alone." to Aegis.

Aegis sends a radio transmission.

Aegis sends a radio transmission.

(Radio) Aegis sends Ghost a radio transmission, 'Bring whom you must, although if possible choose those with calm temperaments. I'd like to avoid confrontation.'

(Radio) Ghost transmits, "I am coming with one symbiote. Calm.. well, she will remain stowed unless she feels I am threatened. Or I do something stupid." to Aegis.

Aegis sends a radio transmission.

(Radio) Aegis sends Ghost a radio transmission, '*chuckles* I will trust you to keep her under control. I will control my people as well.'

[Con-Tapes] Omen grumbles.

Ghost descends from above not with a thunderous roar but with nary a whisper of sound.

Or visibility. She lands, gives the area a scan while Omen wings off of her, rippling part of the landscape as their different 'cloaking' systems interact before the raven's own kicks in. The two make their way to the given coordinates cautiously. Then, with a ripple of shadows, Ghost 'steps' into being as Omen backwings, landing back on her shoulder, the two now visible.

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Omen, report"

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "...frag. Hello Soundwave. Hello traitor bird."

[Con-Tapes] Omen grumbles then speaks, "Omen with Buir. Not alone per orders."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Ghost? Why is Omen upset?"

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "She thinks I'm being an idiot, sir."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "What are you doing?"

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "I'm- not entirely certain. Apparently Alpha Trion requested me."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Do you require my presence?"

The three Salvation team members watch the skies as they await the arrival of Ghost and anyone else responding to their summons.

"No response yet from Dust Devil or Incognito," Baud reports.

"If they don't respond, we'll just have to go without them," Aegis replies. "We can't wait much longer. Watch is about to have cyberkittens about the closing time window as is."

"All will proceed as fated," Arcane insists calmly.

Aegis tries and fails to hide her annoyance at his smug confidence. She then starts and reaches for her stun batons as Ghost steps into being nearby. Her arm cannons and those of Arcane remain powered down, however; Baud doesn't appear armed at all. Aegis straightens back up, slowly moving her hand away from her stun batons. "It is good of you to meet us," she says, quickly regaining her composure. "I understand things are tense between your people and mine, but if Alpha Trion trusts you, I am willing to do so as well."

Arcane bows formally with a crooked smile.

"Besides, if you double-cross us, we can always kill you," Baud chimes in.

Aegis gives Baud a dark look and then Ghost an apologetic smile. "Sorry," she mutters.

Ghost's finials give a flick as she folds arms across her front, expression politely distant as she takes in those there. Even as her stepping into 'realspace' startles them, her expression remains.. a lovely diplomatic mask. A single brow raise at the possible death threat and she offers a thin smile, "I've died several hundred times. What makes you think that's -even- a threat?" Tone cool, collected. The raven on her shoulder chortles softly, apparently amused over something.

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "I'm in -Kalis-. Which is an odd place for Alpha Trion to want me to be... To attend him, that is... odd phrasing.

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Do you need my presence? I do not wish to intrude."

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "Wait.. Wasn't there a report about... Below Kalis.. a lab.. hmmm.."

"Cool it, Baud," Aegis orders, and then turns back to Ghost. "There is NO threat," she insists. "As I revealed to Cyclonus, we maintain a small base within what is now your territory. Until now, no Decepticon has ever been allowed inside. We take a great risk allowing you entrance, but in the spirit of... cooperation, and at the insistence of Alpha Trion, I am welcoming you and your escort to join us below."

Arcane chuckles. "I have to admit. It's pretty cool."

Baud rolls her hot pink optics.

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Allow me to research"

Sometimes, it's best to fly -- at least, under normal circumstances. But these circumstances are hardly normal. And so, instead, Incognito has been on the road in his ground transport mode. There's reasons for that -- mostly having to do with just how to deliver all the bad news he's been getting lately. Alpha Trion, new body or no, will likely not enjoy hearing the news.

Soon enough, however, the sight of Cog's ground transport comes into view, and once he's close enough, he transforms into his robot mode. He looks around, optics first on the three Salvation team members, and then flickering towards Ghost. "I do hope you've calmed down from the last time we chatted. I know you have certain... irritations you want to deal with." He looks over at the ruined pit that was once the Kalis city-state and shakes his head. "Been a little while since I was last here."

Ghost tilts her head as if listening to something else. Omen snicker-chortles softly, "Can't lie to your cyar'ikaaaa (beloved)... Di'kut. (idiot)." Ghost reaches up and pokes Omen, "You're not helping." She peers at Aegis, finials flattening, starts to speak then tenses, listening to the movement of another craft before she offers Incognito a rakish smirk, "Well, fancy seeing you at the crossroad of -weird- and -why am I even here-, hmm?" A twitch of wings, expression darkening, "I was calm, I'm slowly getting un-calm as someone 'tattled' and my boss- " "Cyar'ikaaa!" " Shut it bird, my boss is asking nicely if I need back-up. Which is his way of informing me that I might be out of bounds with the expected orders I'm operating under."

Her attention shifts back to Aegis, "What does the old mech want from me? What -now-, rather? We had a bargain aand it's one he's not keeping his side up on."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "interesting"

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "it appears they are rebuilding Alpha Trion under Kalis."

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "Ah! Yes! Oh.. OH .. Oh no."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "this is something that must be investigated of course."

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "Why does he want me here for this? To keep the decepticons off?"

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "question is. Should it be stopped?"

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "I th ink its something more than that."

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "No.. no no, he has to close a temporal loop. That's why I helped him repair himself."

Aegis turns and smiles slightly as Incognito rolls into view. "Oh, good."

Arcane looks Incognito over, amused at something he doesn't bother to explain.

"Well, this is an interesting group," Baud comments. "Who next? Sky Blast?"

Aegis turns back to Ghost. "We're ready to move forward on the next step of Trion's plan, and he feels the two of you should act as witnesses. Also, he said he wanted to offer you a 'unique experience'. I'm not sure to what he's referring, since you've reportedly already encountered Vector Sigma."

Salvation members Aegis, Arcane, and Baud stand outside talking with Ghost and Incognito. Cyclonus's troops maintain their distance but keep optics on the small group.

"We'll see just how much time he has to devote to 'unique experiences' soon enough," Incognito murmurs. "I-- well, we, rather--" he gestures to Ghost "--have news for him. Bad news, I'm afraid."

GAME: Ghost PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of High difficulty.

Ghost raises brows, "Unique Experience'?" She blinks, "I'm afraid I'm what is considered a 'taken femme'." Some small moment of humor before she side-optics Incognito, then looks back at the assorted Salvation team members, "I.." Omen chortles as Ghost admits, "I should not be here without a full sized guard, I'm afraid. I can bend my restrictions here and there but not for whatever.." she waves a hand at the trio, "This is."

Dust Devil arrives to see what the deal is. Dusty does his best to stay undercover until he gets closer to Kalis and then he just hovers straight to see what Aegis and Alpha Trion needed from him.

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Be careful, Ghost."

Arcane frowns at Incognito's mention of bad news, stroking his long flowing white mustache in thought.

Baud guffaws at Ghost's insinuation.

Aegis blushes. "I'm sure it's nothing like that!" she insists. Frowning, Aegis continues, "Contact other Decepticons if you must, but please hurry. Our window of time is short. Including you is a courtesy, not a necessity," she says slightly sourly.

"Look! The troublemaker!" Baud chuckles as Dust Devil arrives.

Aegis gives Baud another glare and turns to Dust Devil. "Thank you for coming. As a favor for Alpha Trion, would you be willing to take us to the core? I can travel there myself, but with a group, we might need a more experienced guide."

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "I'm in Kalis. This isn't something I should be involved in without a full-sized escort. I can bend those restrictions you have me under but I won't break them without reason. And they haven't given me a good one. Here are my coordinates. We've a time limit so please hurry."

[Con-Tapes] Omen cheers softly, "Buir did something smart and asked for halp."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "On my way. You know I never travel alone."

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "I'm trying to follow an order I disagree with.. and.. apparently we're going.. to the core?"

Dust Devil frowns a little, "Can I ask what's up or is Alpha Trion doin one of'll see when I decide to tell you and that's only if you understand the weird phrasing and riddle that I've set up fer ya and all? A soft sigh escapes Dust Devil and he then grins, "Yeah I'll help lead yas in...There's a couple new transorg nests along the way if we're comin in this way but my forcefield is pretty good at repelling them." He sees Baud and makes a face at the mech. The cons are given a polite nod. "Greetings...."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Do not go without an escort."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "You may be important as their martyr or whatnot to their plans. But you are just as important to me, if not more so."

Soundwave flies into view, landing as close as he can to Ghost. His visor hides any expression. All business as always. "Soundwave arriving to provide escort." He says.

<<Con-Intel>> Ravage says, "Do you wish for my presence to be open or cloaked?"

<<Con-Intel>> Ghost says, "I'd rather not get into a fight with these. I suspect one of them could find you were you to sneak but I leave that to the Commander."

Dust Devil arrives, and Incognito gives him a brief nod and a bit of a smile, but that fades once Soundwave arrives. Lips purse for a moment in speculation, then he shrugs. "The sooner we do this, the better," he says, looking at the Salvation team members. "I fear you have far less time than you planned for."

Ghost flicks her finials, expression flattening. "I am bound by the orders I've been given. I can't.. I won't bend them more than I already have. I am reaching out for an escort now. Especially if we're traveling to the core. He should arrive soon." Wings rustling as the raven on her shoulder grumbles, side-opticing Aegis.

She peers at Incognito, "I thought you were going to deliver the.. news?" Finials flicking, her veneer of distance fracturing as she gets slightly agitated. And her attention shifts to Dust Devil. A shake of her head, "Hello Dust Devil. I have.. a tiny idea of what this may be about." Optics narrowing as she peers at Aegis and murmurs, "Vector Trion? is it that time?" Someone might know.. a bit more than she should, really. There's a slight.. relaxing as her escort arrives and she steps closer to Soundwave.

And skulking as always nearby is Ravage. Going to monitor the group going forwards with a sort of posture that might be read for the sake of very few as irritation. Along the mental link that those whom were beholden to it would be a strong sense of paranoia. As Incogito would go to speak, Ravage would note, "Then instead of summarizing the circumstance we should get moving. It's a long way to the center of the planet so we should make haste."

Settling in for trading a quick barb.

Aegis glances at Cyclonus's troops in the near distance. "I'll explain everything in clear terms once we're below, but I'd rather do so in private. Trust me in that you'll be helping Alpha Trion directly and the living timeline in general with your actions. Aegis starts again slightly at Soundwave's arrival but swallows her fear and gives him a nod. "Soundwave. Good. You're on Trion's approved list as well.

Arcane bows again with a sweep of his blood-red cape. "Shall we go, then?"

"This is going to end in tears," Baud mutters, glancing at Incognito. "Way to sound imposing and mysterious, 'Incognito,'. No wonder Alpha Trion likes you."

"This concerns Vector Trion, yes," Aegis nods, quietly. Her optics narrow in curiosity at just how much Ghost already knows.

This time it's Baud who jumps, as Ravage speaks from the shadows. "By the Matrix - can't any of you just make a normal appearance?" She shakes her head, slightly appreciating Incognito a little more for his non-dramatic arrival. Most of Baud's focus, however, seems to be on Soundwave.

Ravage would respond quickly to Baud, "No."

Soundwave tilts his head at the others. "Approval: Not required. As Soundwave stated. I am here to escort Ghost." he stays still, recording. "Query: Vector..Trion."

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "When we get underground, Soundwave. Vector Trion. Ravages report on the lab beneath Kalis. I.. I think that's his new body."

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "I don't know why he wants me here for his return to a physical form but."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Confirmed. I do not know either but I'm not about to let him exploit you."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "I have a theory which I do not like."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Elaborate?"

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "Do share."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "Ghost has showcased her abilities to link with Vector Sigma and to process the data. Trion's spark is.. Out of existence or whatever it is."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "I would presume that the likeliest reason is they wish for her to be present to act as a.. Conduit"

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "They need to ask her for /consent/ before using her for anything."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "One thing of Trion and his acolytes is they have never showcased any appreciation for niceties."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "They request her presence because they have need for her of some sort which they have justified to themselves."

"I'm going to have to have a very long talk with Alpha Trion at some point about certain things," Incognito mutters. He looks at Ghost. "That's still the plan, though I imagine you'll add in commentary where needed. Time's wasting, though. We should get moving, while we still can."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "And a.. Further moment of paranoia, if I might"

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "... They have invited. If they required such a thing, I suspect that this would be under gunpoint but.. It is.. concerning."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "When have Autobots used force when they can use trickery?"

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "As we enter to the depths we should use the link sparingly. I trust nothing."

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "Perhaps it is only just to let me see the end of my work, Ravage. A final frag you as it were."

Ghost's finials flick backwards then perk forward, watching the trio as Ravage enters, a faint smile on her face, "Where's the fun in -that-." she murmurs before side-opticing Incognito, "Yes, we should go now. If time is such an issue, we're wasting it on the niceties."

As the talk goes on of Trion's 'approved list' Ravage's expression would go back to a veneer of neutrality. He is going along several meters to the side of Soundwave. Spread far enough away to get a good line of optic on everything around and be in a good flanking position or to pincer. And if necessary to circle back around and engage anyone in the line with them all at such ranges. The spacing precise and present. Darting in and out just as the shadows and debris permit. Being hidden but very -obvious- he is there. It's the best sort of petty display that he can muster in the circumstances.

Baud scowls at Ravage as Aegis prepares to lead the team down into the tunnels beneath Kalis. Avoiding several traps, they've set for unwelcome visitors (as well as unseen sensors planted by Ravage), Aegis and the others take their guests down to their no-longer-secret base. Aegis glanced back at Soundwave. "As I said - once we're inside, I'll explain. Although with you here, Soundwave, the idea of any of us retaining any secrets any longer is a joke."

Arcane nods in agreement with both the suggestions to get moving, and Aegis's assessment of the remainder of Salvation's secrets.

Arriving at the Salvation base, Arcane waves and transmits a complicated signal, easily intercepted and recorded by Soundwave. The end of the tunnel opens to reveal a base dug deep into Kalis's foundation, carefully shielded from prying sensors. Arcane gestures to the revealed base with a flourish, having no idea that Ravage has already seen it. Aegis waits on the others... Baud just strolls inside.

Incognito follows the Salvation team down, and while he doesn't have any weapons visible on his person, he's still ready for most anything (at least, figuratively speaking). Once they get there, he walks in as well, his bearing a bit tense... and not for the obvious reasons.

Dust Devil grins faintly, "I don't know about that. I've kept secrets from Soundwave before.....of course having those songs replayin in my head over and over was almost more of a torture fer me than fer Soundwave probably...." He smirks and manages to scoot over closer to Aegis. He glances at her and signs, "Times like this I miss bein taller." He looks at Incognito and the others, trying to gauge the overall temperament. And despite his attempt at jokes and all, a frown keeps tugging the normal grin away.

Ghost hears Aegis mutter to Dust Devil, "There's someone here who'll be happy to see you again."

Soundwave tilts his head at Dust Devil. "So you think you have. There are no secrets from Soundwave." he says almost proudly.

Ghost flicks finials forward, spanning the panels. and upping her own not so inconsiderable sensory systems. her wings shift as well, segmenting into those 'feathers' of her as she moves after their 'guides'. She peers at Aegis for a moment, before ducking inside, Omen on her shoulder.

"Well." She does stick close to Soundwave, wary and tense overall. "What a lovely home you have, said the fly to the spiders." No visible weaponry out either unless you consider the murder corvid on her shoulder already bristling up. One finial flicks back, but she remains alert, wary.

The group going along has Ravage proceeding at a flanking position right over along with Ghost and Soundwave, maneuvering about several meters away so as to not be all in the line of fire if the group were to be strafed. Glancing right over at some of those 'sensors' put out for him he would just give a little smirk. ~Lovely little trinkets you have out and about here.~ Then moving to glance over at Baud, identifying him as the 'weak' point in the stations personnel. Musing to himself as he would go along and dart from shadow to shadow, right just on the edge of line of optic.

"You've redecorated since I was last here. I do like what you've done with the place. Moved things a few meters about.." That flipped out to Arcane. Just enough to hopefully needle and keep them on their toes. Processor-games went both ways after all and Ravage would take what small advantages that he could. A maneuver to put him now in a position with the Salvation base 'personnel' between him and Ghost's position.

Aegis smirks down at Dust Devil as she leads the visitors into the Salvation base. The base looks like it's been here for a LONG time, and the interior is an odd mix of very advanced and very old technology. Aegis leads them past a bank of computers that Ravage would recognize, and into a medical lab. On a table in the center of the room is what can only be described as a very high-tech upgraded body for Alpha Trion.

Aegis looks at Ghost and chuckles. "We're hardly spiders, although we do try to maintain the temporal web." She gestures at the body on the table. "This is Alpha Trion's new body. We'd hoped to download the old mech into it stellar cycles ago, but the second instance of Alpha Trion entering Vector Sigma entangled his mental threads and we were unable to extract him until the recent help of Ghost here. Hence her invite."

Arcane glances sharply down at Ravage's comment, frowning.

"Won't Solus be jealous of the upgrade?" Incognito can't help but comment mildly, before looking at Aegis. "So, does this completely remove him from Vector Sigma, or are traces of him still going to be present in the supercomputer? Just so I have an idea of what I'm likely to be dealing with."

Dust Devil stares at the still body on the table. Optics brighten noticeably but he doesn't move forward. He stays back by Aegis and only glances up at Incognito at the mention of Solus. "I'm surprised she's not here too. Though mighta been too crowded....or somethin. It looks different...but then the eddies in the time stream would cause variations....." The frown appears on his face again.

"Oh Good. I can punch him for real soon. Or stab him." Ghost mutters, giving the new body a look as wings flick now. "I owe him at least -one- stabbing." She narrows optics, "So I'm here to witness the rebirth of the old bastard then? Lovely. If I'd known I'd have brought some high grade." A sideways glance at Ravage, a shake of her head and a soft, "I shouldn't be here. This is.. Primes, and Autobots. I appreciate the invitation but he could just send me a thank you card and be done with it once the news is delivered which." She peers at Incognito, "I had hoped someone else had passed along already."

As the speaking goes on, Ravage would give a low nod of commiseration to Incognito. And another small addendum over towards the continuation of the conversation and elaboration. Going to give as full power scans as he could manage to -every- single bit of equipment and electronic in the place, presuming Soundwave was doing the same but trying to get up every single pico-giga of data for analysis and review later. He would give a glance over at the bank of computers somewhat meaningfully while giving a glance at Soundwave and Ghost to confirm and mark their presence in case action was requested later.

And all the while he just gives a -smile- over at Arcane. Now was not the time to be disruptive.. Just unnerving.

And then as Ghost is agitated, he would walk along towards her in a supportive position. To be there as an emotional anchor if need be, his presence a bit more overt now.

A small, tape-bot sized robot enters the medlab. He's dark blue and black, with a golden helmet. Like Aegis and Arcane, he seems to have descended from Quintesson military stock, not consumer goods like most Autobots. He looks from Arcane to Ravage, and his amber optic band narrows. "So, we did have a spy. Well done, Ravage. We'd avoided interception for stellar cycles. I'm impressed with your abilities."

Aegis looks at Incognito and smiles. "That's just the thing. There are two instances of Alpha Trion within Vector Sigma. The original, long merged with the super-computer, will be sent back in time to complete the temporal loop opened on Earth in 1999. This is Vector Trion," she says, gesturing again to the body on the table. "Then, the other, isolated instance of Alpha Trion intends to have a second body built for him by Solus Prime. With what he intends to do with that, he's kept his own counsel." At least to Aegis. At Ghost's comment, she frowns. "Well, Alpha Trion DID ask if you'd like to be connected to the body when Vector Sigma makes the transfer. Both to help ensure a successful procedure... and he just thought you might find the experience... 'Neat.'."

All cards are on the table - Arcane isn't even TRYING to keep Ravage and Soundwave from scanning everything around them. For better or worse, Salvation is trusting the Decepticons.

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "That one is tagged as Deceptor. The local intelligence officer."

GAME: Aegis PASSES an INTELLIGENCE roll of Average difficulty.

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "Oh.."

"I see," Incognito murmurs. He looks over at Ghost. "No stabbing, no matter how much you might want to, please? The situation is dire enough as it stands, let's not invite further trouble than we already have. And I'm neither a Prime, nor an Autobot." A brief pause. "Or Decepticon, either, for that matter. Primus knows I've been accused of both more than enough lately."

Dust Devil says, "If they're ever dumb enough to give me the matrix again, I'm giving it to Incognito...just to make things interestin'...." He smirks faintly before staring at the body again. "So...when does it start?""

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "I.. Oh.. I.. don't.. but.. the time line.. and.. oh."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Why do you think they contacted us."

Ghost blinks slowly, listening before sliding on a faint smile. However finials slick back and she sidesteps closer to Soundwave. She parses, considers before, "I hope the second body is nearly complete. He's going to need it for the news we have for him. As Incognito said, the situation may be more dire than the old mech is aware of."

She pauses, peers at 'cog, "One small stabbing? I mean, just a little one so he gets my displeasure at being used?" Another blink, "Neat? He.. wants me to.. be connected for his transfer? Because it's -neat- and help? Wait.. why me? I'm a -Decepticon-. I.. It's not required, right? He can do the.. voodoo.. transfer.. thing without me, right?" Nervous twitch of wings.

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Ghost... stay nearby."

Pending orders to do otherwise, Ravage will respect the circumstances. Something about Ghost's mannerisms has him giving her a glance of curiosity and also of support. As Aegis would go on Ravage would file it away over in what would be a sigh. How much he loathed that existence seemed so determined to avoid the concept of linearity. It made his data analytic and prediction systems ache just from having to start to add in predictors for temporal incidents. But he would just glance over at Deceptor and dip his head.

"OF course, Deceptor. A pleasure to meet a fellow professional." He wouldn't add anything further. Decorum and all that. But another little bit of dropping the name which.. Likely hadn't been known beforehand. Another little thing to hopefully unsettle the small circle if he needed it. He's then turning his attention now fully over to Ghost and Soundwave. And then as Ghost's agitation is increasing, Ravage is maneuvering closer towards her to be supportive.

Soundwave continues to remain expressionless. That is until Ghost moves closer. "The question is. Why contact us at all? This could be something the Autobots could keep to themselves."

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "On one hand... the data.. the. information, the -experience-. On the other.. I.. It would be directly aiding in returning him verses clearing polluted datastreams. I'm.. I'm just a field operative, this is crazy to ask of me."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "Permission to speak freely?"

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "Like you haven't before?"

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "On this matter, I request permission."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "As it directly pertains to this."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Granted. That is a good question. Why they chose you."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "There are too many unknowns. Too many chaotic elements they have introduced. Too many disruptions. Purge it."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "One less thing to have to account for and one less element that requires dealing with. Remove it cleanly."

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "Spit it out Ravage, permission granted."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "continue."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "Remove them as a foreign element and cut the tether."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "Clear the streams."

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "That's clear as mud, cat."

Aegis looks down at the tape-bot. "Deceptor - get Nightshade. We're taking Trion's body to the Core. We'll need the backup." She looks at Ghost. "Not your Nightshade. We have our own," she chuckles.

Deceptor nods, glancing at Ravage with a 'well played' nod. He exits the room, returning soon with a tall, slender femme the same flat light-absorbing black as Ravage. She nods to those in the room, barely reacting to the presence of guests. She appears unarmed, but somehow exudes an air of quiet menace.

Aegis studies Incognito a moment before shaking her head. "Yes, Ghost, please - no stabbing. Deceptor, have Autoceptor and Blitzkrieg ready the body for transport. We leave immediately."

Deceptor nods and departs once more, giving Ravage one last narrowed-optic look.

Aegis looks down at Dust Devil. "Whenever you're ready, if you're still willing, we'll travel to the Core now."

Soon two more Salvation agents enter the room - another tape-bot, and a pretty massive black and green warrior, bristling with weapons. The big one looks dangerous... but as he comes into the room, he yells, "A seasoned veteran!" and bellows a wall-shaking laugh. The tape-bot laughs, and then looks up curiously at the unusual guests. Together the two move the body from the table onto a small hover-platform for transport. As soon as it's ready, the big one moves close to Aegis. "Aw, come on, sis. Tell me you're not going down there alone! At least take 'Ceptor an' me along."

Aegis takes the big one's hands in hers. "Blitzkrieg, I need Autoceptor to prepare the portal, and I need you to guard the base. Can you do that for me?" she asks softly.

After a short pause, the big guy nods. "Sure, sis. I just worry. Get back soon." He picks up the Salvation leader in a crushing bear hug, and then drops her and nods to the others, giving Soundwave a narrowed gaze. "If she doesn't make it back alive, I'm comin' for you," he threatens softly, and then turns to leave with Autoceptor.

Trying to recover her dignity, Aegis raises her head and belatedly answers Soundwave. "Personally, I agree with you, Soundwave. I'd rather not invite in the Decepticons. But Alpha Trion has his reasons." Her tone suggests she doesn't completely agree with them but is willing to honor them. "Of course, your participation is voluntary only, Ghost. You are welcome to participate. But if you choose not to, you are welcome to simply observe, or even just leave. No one will stop you."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "This decision is yours, Ghost. Do what you think.. is right. For Cybertron."

[Con-Tapes] Ghost's link wavers a moment before it's filled with a steely resolve.

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "I will love you either way."

Ghost's finials remained pinned back, optics dim as she listens, and keeps track of those moving in and out without looking like she's head counting. Or letting her sensory systems cycle fully online, or anything other than standing quietly next to Soundwave, looking unnerved. She intakes air, cycles it, looks around with a frown. "Well. Let's get on with it then. The sooner this is handled, the sooner we can work on the next disaster awaiting in the wings. Closing this temporal loop is.. paramount to -Cybertron's- safety and the continuation of those that live in this here and this now." Steeling herself, voice low, thoughtful, even. She waves a hand, "Lead on Dust Devil. Let's get your pops a new body, shall we?"

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "We will always be here for you no matter the circumstances."

Soundwave nods "Her decision is made." Soundwave says. "So be it. We will assist." he says simply, nodding to the others. "Let's this."

Vector Sigma Chamber

With Dust Devil's skilled guidance, the small group makes its way to the Chamber of Vector Sigma, where both the supercomputer and its speaker Alpha Trion are patiently waiting. Alpha Trion's optics visibly brighten when he spots the body. "Splendid!" he says enthusiastically, his voice emanating from everywhere in the room at once. He turns to look at Incognito while Aegis and Nightshade prepare the body. "You had something to tell me?" he asks curiously.

Behind Alpha Trion, the great yellow ball starts to rise and spin. A louder, commanding voice booms through the chamber.

"I AM VECTOR SIGMA," it thunders.

"Yeah, yeah. We know," Alpha Trion grumbles.


"Yes, yes," Trion sighs, visibly annoyed.

Dust Devil can't help but slightly grin when Alpha Trion is annoyed by Vector Sigma. At least the trip down was pretty non-exciting compared to some trips. He stares at Alpha Trion and then the body, still trying to figure how he feels about all that is about to happen.

Incognito huhs. "Where do I begin?" he muses, though there's more than a bit of a sarcastic slant to it. "Let's see... she--" pointing at Ghost "--isn't too happy that we're gonna be closing down the Chamber for the foreseeable future, something about some deal you and she made, something like that." Sidelong glance at Ghost. "Remember, no stabby."

Another brief pause. "What else... oh, yeah. The "Chaos" is active, and it's been spying on Earth for the last twenty years or so. Safe to say Liege Maximo knows you're coming and how. Speaking of... location of the Hub, where he's based, all that fun stuff. I'm still waiting to hear back from the Decepticons as to whether they're willing to loan me a warship short-term, long enough to take the Chaos out from afar, but I'm not holding my breath there; I haven't even bothered asking the Autobots, because I'm half convinced that Optimus will either laugh me out of Iacon, or not have the resources to allocate a ship to try and destroy the Chaos." Another brief pause, then another sidelong gaze at Ghost. "That about sum it all up, or am I missing anything? I think that sums it up, but I've been a bit scatterbrained in trying to figure out how to deal with all these piling nightmares."

Dust Devil says, "Ya fergot that his one bro is gonna kick yer aft once ya get a body fer screwin with the whole time continuum thing. Still don't like what parts of the plan I've been allowed ta hear....This whole thing sucks exhaust."

Soundwave pauses. "So long as this is for the good of Cybertron. If Ghost is indeed your chosen one..." He pauses. "Who am I to interfere?" He asks, remaining oddly... distant as he records the whole conversation and scans the area.

Ghost moves through the underground with the body-toting party with grace and skill. And working herself into a calmer state of being. Still, she does remain as close to Ravage and Soundwave as possible, keeping to the back as well. And entering the chamber, she stops, head slowly tilting, peering at Vector Sigma. Finials prick forward, wings rustle and she heaves a sigh, "Look, just one stabbing. It wouldn't even be fatal." trying for humor but her expression darkens as Incognito lays out the bad news.

"The ship pulsed back all of the data when I was -in- it, I wasn't able to block the data push, I'm not a comms-tech. I'm impressed we didn't get run over by the mechanibals actually. That was a slagstorm of a situation. . It's either sentient or a very advanced AI." She shudders, optics flickering gold, "Felt -alive- to me, and that's a very.. -weird- feeling, another's unexpected mind." A shake of her head, "And it's controlling everything" she air quotes, "'Living' on it. So whatever your plan is with Liege Maximo, you might want to hurry the frag up with that as he knows we know he's been watching Earth. So... one disaster repair at a time, what.. do you need me to do for you, old mech?" She blinks, glancing at Soundwave, "Oh.. I'm not his chosen anything, that's someone -else's- job."

Along the way Ravage has mapped the ever-twisting tunnels that lead to Vector Sigma, the myriad of passageways and traps. Of course by the next time the transit is attempted the computer will have moved and hidden itself away from those that would scry. But patience and professionalism demanded..

And then for the first time so far he would 'break character' and wheeze, "On that, Sage, we agree. Something I never particularly expected. And yes.. If circumstances are so dire as you state, then let us drop the niceties and get on with the ceremony."

And there's a twisted look on Ravage's face as Incognito would go on, as he would just narrow his optics to -listen- and file information away. The bit on Optimus would get a low little sneer that would quickly vanish. Then he would be torn.. Torn on some things. Looking to Ghost and to Soundwave, his normal frame of sadism and all knowing present. And he would wheeze..

"I thought you said that the circumstances were horrifically -catastrophic-. This seems to be merely -dire-." As if a slight on the ongoing suffering the planet had taken in the preceding half vorn was not enough. Now was the moment to drop little things to hopefully draw out the ever so minute distraction to let Soundwave scan, Ghost work.. And hopefully make someone else go to -correct- him over on his displayed ignorance. Because of course one of the goody goodies would hopefully be ever so willing to take the time to showcase their superiority after all. And he had been baiting them ever so much throughout the transit and meeting so hopefully some of that smugness might now be paid back at so obvious an opening..

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "I'm not his chosen anything. I'm simply a good tool to fix his frag-ups. But I'm not going to -risk- this Cybertron's timeline, not now, not when I have.. something more than simply -duty- to keep me living."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "Your -duty- is to yourself."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage cannot bring himself to ask on 'this Cybertron's timeline' by the emotional sensation.

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "My -duty- was to the empire, Ravage. Before /he/ stripped me of my oaths and cast me adrift. My duty.. I'm.. it's complicated now."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "This is the only timeline we know for certain. I have to agree with you, Ghost. The question of what he has to gain from using you and not their own still bothers me.""

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "We cede the playing field to them by going along with their schemes, to better understand them or not."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "I do not like having to engage on someone else's battlefield."

Alpha Trion glances at Ghost before addressing Incognito's news. "Will you be participating, Ghost? You are the only native Cybertronian I've encountered with the capacity to safely experience the transfer." Turning back to Incognito, Trion nods, sobering up slightly. "As for Ghost, all promises will be honored. Even if I leave Cybertron, I will remain in contact with a chosen few - Dust Devil, Ghost, Optimus Prime, and you, for instance - to provide my meddlesome counsel when needed," he smiles. "And even when not."

Frowning again, Trion continues, "As for the Chaos and Liege Maximo... that is the original reason I traveled back in time in the first place. To prepare. I'm not sure what we did to delay his assault, but it was coming the moment the Chaos contacted what he sees as the ancient remnants of Cybertron's 'lost' civilization. He needs to be handled, and if Orion won't, I will myself."

Trion glances down at Dust Devil. "I intend to contact all of my remaining siblings before I leave Cybertron. I'm sure many of them aren't happy with me, and in some cases, it's mutual." He glances back at Incognito. "But we will work together, and Liege Maximo will be defeated."

Looking at Ghost, Trion smiles. "I definitely deserve a stabbing, but not THIS body," he requests, referring to Vector Trion. "I need it to save time. You'll get your chance," he smiles. "If you could help make sure the right mind gets transferred into the new body, I'd appreciate it, but it's not necessary. I THINK VecSig can handle it. I mean. It's pretty smart."

Glancing finally at Ravage, Trion smiles. "If you saw the destruction Max unleashed in the original timeline, you wouldn't be so cavalier. Think Megatronus... without the core of twisted honor holding him back."

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "All I wanted to do was to insure that we, the empire, my Decepticons, could still access Vector Sigma when needed without it dissolving into violence again like it once was. but now.. I'll see this to the end, to insure that we maintain our edge and as much of a chance as we can."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "And I will be by your side as you do so. You are not alone."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave sends a songfile

[Con-Tapes] Ravage would just go quiet but for a lingering mental hiss.

[Con-Tapes] Ghost says, "Be perfectly understandable if the lot of you washed your hands of me after this, you know. This is.. some crazy as frag stuff. And I wonder if this is -real-."

[Con-Tapes] Ravage says, "To quote a poet 'is this the real life, or is this just fantasy'?"

[Con-Tapes] Ghost is quiet before.. she giggles.

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, "Why would I? You do what is right for the empire in the absence of our Lord."

[Con-Tapes] Soundwave says, ""

And as Alpha Trion goes on about all of his own certainty and that if he was going back in time to send himself data on what had happened -again- then he had already failed in the first place with this same exact plan.. That did not give Ravage any sense of reassurance in the matter. But the self-righteousness in the matter seemed to at least have settled him back into a sense of normality. And so he would narrow his optics, murmuring, "Let me know when this is -done-." And then he would go to ever so quietly vanish within the Vector Sigma chamber, optics dimming, dancing in the shadows despite the signature and powerful aura of the supercomputer.

And a quiet Ravage was never a good thing as the feline would maneuver through the shadows reflecting, cascading through the chambers in harmony as preparation and plans to prevent a dangerous calamity all too inevitable, perhaps ahead..

And Ravage is maneuvering along the periphery, not cloaked but -very- hard to keep track of no matter what.. Circling around to stalk.

Soundwave remains silent, but who knows what he's transmitting. "Why does it always come back to this room." he comments, shaking his head.

Incognito nods slowly. "You'll pardon me if I don't still worry, regardless," he tells Alpha Trion. "This has been a lot to take in -- far more than the Fallen, which is saying something." He pauses. "I think, however, this might be the only chance I have for one thing, at least."

He turns, moving over to Arcane and withdraws a small device -- something of the storage variety, from all indications. "Once you're back in the past, keep this handy. If you've been told what I think you have--" a sidelong glance at Alpha Trion, this time "--then everything on that will make sense, and following the directions shouldn't be a problem. Otherwise... well, let's just say this kills two cyber-birds with one stone, if you know what I mean."

Arcane turns from helping his teammates, and nods solemnly, taking what Incognito offers. "Thank you," he says seriously, and stashes it away somewhere on his person for later perusal.

Ghost flexes her fingers, tilting her head to peer at Omen with a brow lifting. The Raven grumble-warks before giving a fierce bite at the closest finial, muttering 'Idiot.' Cycling air, checking fuel levels, Ghost begins the process of.. stepping down her systems: Weapons offline, extra-sensory systems dialing down their sensitivity, phase systems parking, never truly offline, just quietly simmering, combat reflexes stepping down and cycling offline as well while archives cycle up. "Omen I'll need you to be my optics and audials while I participate in this." The raven huffs, before shifting, partially transforming to dock externally between her hosts wings.

Ghost slowly extends her datacables, all of them as she steps closer to the body. "Fine old mech, I'll stab the next one. I know the flavor differences between the remaining versions of you, which is not something I thought I'd ever say to you of all beings, I will endeavor to do my best to monitor that the correct version of you makes it intact into this vessel." A hrmph, trying to maintain a certain calm as she finds a spot to settle onto the floor, cables curved around her, poised for instructions. "Right, where do I need to stick these things?"