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Autobots within the territory are in a tense local truce with the Decepticons, Decepticons within the territory are in a tense local truce with the Autobots, and Unaffiliated Inhabitants are increasingly welcomed.
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Harmonex is a city on Cybertron.

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Harmonex is known as the Singing City on Cybertron, where it once served as a center for art and learning. It holds within it lithic crystals that sing in perfect harmonic frequency. With the rebirth of Cybertron, it has become a tensely-guarded neutral haven, with a shield that prevents a lopsided number of Autobots and Decepticons to enter the city unescorted. Several old city structures, including the Crystal Library, have recently been unearthed and are slowly being restored. It has also become the center of Cybertron's peace-making process.


Since its destruction near the beginning of the Great War by Trypticon, the ruins of Harmonex have been in decline for Mega-cycles. With the recent restoral of Cybertron, however, Harmonex has started to sing again. In 2018, Dust Devil and Soundwave brokered a tense three-way local truce between the Autobots, Decepticons, and the Dominicons.

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In 2019, A few of the more technically minded Dominicons are spending time in and out of Harmonex, working on the underground generators that power the shield. The shield remains up... so far. A bit of soil sampling and measuring the atmosphere and harmonics is also taking place as they investigate and document growing conditions for the crystals.

Starlock wants to try and get a repair and government project for harmonex started, with Autobot, Decepticon and Neutral factions working with her to get the city back to its once former glory and make it a truly cybertronian city again.



  • 1/3 - "Asking For An Incident" - A fight between breaks out between Imager and Soundwave, and spills out of control when Starlock tries to stop it, and get them to talk civilly.

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On the MUX, Harmonex is located in the foothills of Ibex.

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