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This page is for the wife of noted Activist Anwar Assan. For the wife of Sheikh Saud, see Sheikha Hana.

Hanna Assan

If I abandon my country, I am no better than the tyrants who wish to overtake it.

Hanna Assan is the wife of human rights activist Anwar Assan.


When Sheikh Saud first came to power, Assan's husband Anwar endured months of brutal treatment at the hands of General Alawai, Trucial Abysmia's head of military. It was only after a lengthy campaign by Amnesty International and world leaders that Assan was released from prison.

On February 12, 2013, Sheikh Mohammed was declared victor in TA's first free and open elections in generations. Numerous human rights organizations are calling for investigations as vast reports of fraud were reported. But Mohammed's legitimacy was almost immediately confirmed by the military wing. Mohammed quickly moved to have some of his rivals arrested and ordered his parents to vacate the presidential palace and prepare for permanent exile. Assan's husband Anwar's fate was far grimmer as he was arrested almost immediately following Sheikh Mohammed's victory. He was then moved to one of Trucial Abysmia's infamous "off-site detention facilities". 

On April 22, 2013, Hanna Assan and her husband were rescued in a daring, covert mission involving G.I. Joe and the Autobots. EDC coordinator Marissa Faireborn personally saw to Hanna's rescue, with the assistance of the Autobot Throttle. It was the first "official" mission of EDC. Although severely dehydrated and weakened by his extended captivity, G.I. Joe doctor Lifeline projected a full physical recovery for Anwar, and he was finally reunited with his wife.




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